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    You might start here, but with the caveat that the ones you find for auto-wahs are probably more geared on Garcia's use of an envelope-following-filter, which Mayer was definitely emulating on Fire On the Mountain, but not sure about Rosie. With the exception of Weir's backwards wah: Kemper Wah Settings.

    Also, keep in mind that everything matters (pickups, attack, rig, compression, signal chain), so start raw, and build from there.

    Ok, today I tried multiple times to create a new performance filling each of the five slots with the same rig (Michael Britt Taylor K4 3). First, it would not allow me to save it local or to the Kemper using the orange buttons at the bottom of the main screen. Then, most or all of the slots were reverting to crunch when I changed slots. Then, it started crashing and giving me an error message when I tried to drag and drop the rig onto new slots in a new performance. I shut down and rebooted a couple of times. Will submit to support but attaching the error pic here for reference.

    I am on a Macbook Pro running OS 10.15.1. I successfully downloaded and installed both OS 7.1.6 and Rig ManagerOS 3.0 without any issues. Its been a while since I updated either, but I *think* it may have taken similar, if not less, time than previously? Can't say for sure.

    So far, I like what I see. I played a lot with the presets in existing performances, tweaking, changing etc. Saved presets are pretty much just names and don't give much information, so I hope someday we can look at saved presets without having to bring them into a rig/performance just to see what the settings are. But, it is definitely a much easier way of seeing the parameters of existing (individual) effect/stomp presets. It will be interesting to see if I either overlooked, or in the future, you can look at saved banks of presets - that could be very handy.

    The only *bug* I encountered is that in the right hand panel that shows the rigs in the performance, I tried several times to copy/paste one slot into another, and save to the Kemper. To no avail, it would not hold. Later today or hopefully this weekend, I may try to create a performance from scratch and see if I find anything else out.

    So far, I give it a big thumbs up given that it is in still in beta. Very cool, and very appreciated. It does NOT address all of my issues with presets and preset management, but it goes a long way towards giving me workarounds that make it much easier and less stressful to deal with. Cheers Kemper team! :):thumbup:

    I have some errands to run, but plan on coming back and diving in. I am on Release 6.something. Can someone please confirm that I should update the Kemper to the latest version first, and then the new Rig Manager beta, or should I load the Rig Manager beta first? Or does it matter? Thanks in advance! I will try to take good notes and screencaptures if I can.

    Show me a functionality the editor will bring that isn't currently available directly on the unit. Or using Rig Manager as-is. (edit for nit-picking).

    Getting 'everything' out of the unit is possible as-is.

    Way to dodge the question, but you bring up a good point. Functionality does not necessarily equate to efficiency. But, my example, based upon a real scenario:

    I have (at least) 12 performances, with each of the 5 rigs using a different version of an 'Auto-wah' based upon 3 different 'templates' (up; down; phase). Tell me how fast you can go through 60 different rigs, go into the settings of each 'Auto-wah', determine which template it was based upon, tweak each on to a new setting, and save it, and then save the rig. While you are at it, save out three new templates with the new tweaks, with the same name, and go back and delete the ones you want to replace since the Kemper doesn't let you edit and save to the same file.

    While you are doing that...

    I don't know that an editor will make that easier, but I sure as hell hope it will. Sure, you can plod through the above task ( which I have done, manually, using a notebook), but an onscreen editor which could give you quick access to the settings in each assigned stomp preset could make it a lot easier.

    This is such BS. As if the last 8 years of Kemper owners have left something on the table. Which they have not.

    Sales numbers mean exactly squat.

    I guess it depends on how you define full potential. For chucks and giggles, please tell us how you use it to its full potential?

    I used to tweak and rename my favorite effect presets in a way that they showed up first in the browser menu.

    Eh, if you mean you used to tweak and then save a new copy with a new name, that makes sense. If you mean you actually edited, (including renaming) and saved back to the original file, you are either delusional or need to share what you are smoking.

    Wrong, but hey! Thanks for playing!

    Man, sorry to hear that prsgary . For various reasons, once the new editor comes out and (assuming I am able to) I have updated to the latest, I am thinking of wiping the slate clean and start building performances from scratch, but I would hate to be forced into that situation if I ran into the same, or similar issues. I may have to wait a bit more until things are stable I guess. Fortunately, I am sort of in between projects and looking to reinvent myself, so maybe timing is everything...

    Well, this just happened. Wow! Mike is a class act, gracious host, and phenomenally nice guy who went well above and beyond my hopes to share some time with me. The band was hot, (and funny as hell apparently)the sound was well-mixed, and I had a blast! Thanks lonestargtr !!!