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    Hey there,

    I have managed to reproduce some things now (it took me a while to figure out how exactly you import the performances).

    If possible, I would really like you to use Drag&Drop to import performances for the moment. There is something weird with the "Import Performances.." option, including some sync problems even after RM/Profiler restart and so on for me right now, but I have not investigated further :) So be safe, we'll be looking at it tomorrow.

    Dude, you rock.

    I dealt with that news several years ago, but then fortuitously, my old computer started to fall apart and I had to get a new one...

    Morgan PR12.

    But why not have a Headrush 108 and your lunchbox?

    Because I've been through the firedrill enough times to know that my Kemper set up is too cumbersome and time consuming to set up and break down in this scenario... First, its in a heavy Thonn flight case which means that has to disassembled/reassembled, and I have to find a place to store the doors while I am on stage. I have to take out the Remote and run the cord for that, which is usually a challenge since rolled up CAT5 isn't really flexible and forgiving in situations that call for speed and accuracy - and the connector at the back of my Kemper lost its latch so I have to clothes pin it to my monitor out cable. I have multiple speaker options, but normally I use my Tech 21 PE which is fine and easy to set up and the Kemper can sit right on top of that, but that means having to carry and set up multiple things.

    A small combo amp and a guitar cable is much simpler, lighter weight and easier to set up and break down. Yes, adding the M13 or other pedal(s) adds some complexity, but its still simpler than the Kemper set up, and takes up less real estate which is always a challenge in those circumstances.

    Don't get me wrong, this is not a 'professional' level compromise. I have a couple of projects in the formative stage that I will definitely use my Kemper rig for if and when they get off the ground and gigging.

    This is for those times when you have a defined set of time to get set up on stage as fast as possible so you can bang out as much music as time allows, and then get the f__k off the stage so the next guys don't give you a wood shampoo. =O

    Since my regular project broke up, I have found myself playing a lot of jams and 'open mic'-type situations where hauling my Kemper & speaker(s) to and on and off stage to play 2-4 songs at a time is just too much. A friend has a Fender Blues Jr. III that he uses and I like the tone he is getting, but not sure its for me. I am hoping some folks in this community may have some other recommendations, especially if its not 'the usual suspects' - but thats ok too. I have done a few searches and will probably start going out and doing some demoing but like to get some opinions first if I can.

    I generally play clean, to edge of break up, although I have a Line 6 M13 gathering dust I can throw in front of it. Wouldn't hurt if it offered tones I would want to profile and share with the community. Thanks in advance.

    Switching slots takes longer when Rig Manager is connected. The reason behind this is, that all changes need to be stored when switching to another slot. This didn't happen before and for obviously reasons, it troubled loads of users. We assume that when you have Rig Manager connected, you want to edit things and keep you edits.

    If you want the slots to switch fast (and not store changes) then you need to disconnect Rig Manager.

    That explains a lot of latency I noticed with Rig Manager connected. Good to know!

    Could not reproduce that. Is it the same with newly created performances? Maybe the rigs are slightly different, even when the tags are the same.

    Did you save to the current Performance (the word slot is pretty confusing) before the copy operation? Otherwise you only made your changes in the edit buffer and copied your old Performance #1 onto Performance #2 with the described result.

    For the first issue, I will try to take a video to record it next time I am sure it is happening. This was definitely the same rig in each slot, dragged and dropped.

    Yes, I save every time I make a change and before I move to another slot or performance. If you want, I will try to make videos when i find things moving forwards.

    Definitely judgmental and I just clearly accepted that I am an ****. As if I need you or anyone else to tell me that... ;(

    BAnyways, back on topic, since the form does not work for me, here is some additional information:

    1) I never removed my USB Flash Drive before starting my activities.

    2) I had my 'monitor output' in use to a Tech 21 Power Engine, but no other outputs were engaged.

    3) I was using a good USB Cable to connect with my mac.

    4) Went to a jam session last night. Stuck with one performance but used all five slots and effects with no problems, no pauses or delays that I could see. Next chance I get, I will be sure to minimalize all interfaces and see if that makes a difference... Not sure if any of the above matters, but wondering if leaving the USB Flash Drive in confused the KPA?

    Also, can the CAT5 cables have issues? I have more than one - one for the studio and one for gigging. Is it possible there is an issue with my cable? Maybe will try to test that out but it will be a pain to run it in the studio.

    ok, downloaded and installed latest RM and KPA betas. Started to go back and tweak my performances, and started having lots of problems again.

    Activities: copy/pasting Stomps/Effects from one performance slot to next corresponding performance slot.


    1) Rig Manager crashed. Error log attached as text file in pdf format.

    2) When storing either a Stomp or Effect section, the KPA either starts to slow down like it cannot catch up with what I am doing, or acts like it is locked up while storing. Eventually it comes around.

    3) Remote buttons are having problems. When trying to assign effects, it doesn't take. I have to release the remote button and try again.

    4) OR using the remote to navigate from one performance to another causes remote to completely reboot its connection to KPA.

    5) noticed a distinct change of sound (minor but there) when changing slots of a performance even when each slot has the same rig.

    I will submit a support ticket through the form with between 10-30 character subject line.