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    Hey guys,

    Haven't posted in a while, but I thought some of you may be interested in this video. I used Top Jimi and Michael Britt profiles for the sounds, and was pretty pleased with the results.

    If memory serves, the M Britt profiles I used were the /13 JRT915 84 3 profile and the 3P Plexi Klon 2.1 profile, and from Top Jimi I used the 68 Superlead profiles.

    I am looking into getting some more of Michael Britt's profiles - can you guys recommend which ones in particular I should get? My favourite of his profiles so far are the Fried Man 4, 3P Plexi Klon 2.1-, /13 JRT915 84 3 and the C Ton SRV 5 S. I used the Fried Man 4 profile at a couple of shows last weekend and it kicked ass!


    Hi guys,

    I've seen some people commenting about Michael Britt's profiles being dark sounding, so thought I'd just post this clip up. IMO at first they do seem a bit dark compared to most profiles, but if you just play for a minute you realise that they sit just right. The 72 Marshall profile I used in this clip has a nice midrange bite to it like you'd expect from a Marshall, and I really dig it. I'm eager to test them at a gig up nice and loud and see how they sound!

    Anyway here's a clip of the 72 Marshall profile (Les Paul) and a Top Jimi Superlead profile (Telecaster), so see what you think.

    Take care :)

    I do not believe in paying for instructional videos. However, if you made a few profiles for sale that included FREE instructional videos on how to shape the tones. I would buy it.

    Similar to what Slate has been doing with his plugins. Free instructional vids on how to use the plugins.

    Interesting viewpoint, since you're happy to pay for a profile of other people's amp designs. If you made instructional products yourself, perhaps you would change your mind

    Another way of looking at this is that if he simply made the instructional videos and offered them for free, it would raise the Kemper community's awareness and respect for him and his talents, and in so doing create a more-ideal platform from which he could offer commercial Profile packs.

    To be clear, I've no doubt that everyone who's heard him play or speak would automatically respect him. I was generalising, as one has to in this case, where the overall awareness of him in the community's concerned.

    Funny how we're debating / nutting this out for you here, Jesse. I hope you don't mind; we mean well mate!

    I don't sell profiles, so spending many hours working on something to give away for free for 'exposure' doesn't really make any sense.

    I just wanted to run the idea past everyone, and thanks for all the feedback!

    If everyone (well, most people) wants me to put this together and then give it away for free, I'll pass.

    To be a bit more clear - I was thinking a paid product, not just a free video on my youtube channel (that would be one damn long video!). I wouldn't be wanting to charge very much for it though, probably $10-20 or so.

    Hi guys,

    Would anyone be interested in a course that shows you how to operate the Kemper, how to create tones, make your own profiles, record with it, how to use it live, etc?

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated!


    Hey guys, just thought I'd share this with you. I've taken a Top Jimi 68 Superlead profile and changed the cabinet and a couple of other tweaks. I think this gets in the vicinity of the VHI tone.

    I hope you enjoy it! :)

    Hey guys, Michael at Big Hairy Profiles has kindly sent me some of his profiles to check out - I'm sure some of you guys have already got them, but if you haven't I suggest you check them out.

    Particularly for 80s rock and metal tones, they are on the money!

    In the video below I demo some of my favourite ones I've found so far

    Jesse :)

    Hmm ok, will have to change the name and reupload it when I get a chance. You can easily edit the profile though, just do exactly as I show in the AC/DC tone video and it will sound identical! That's all I did

    Sorry to drag up an old thread guys, but I did some tweaking to this profile and I have been really liking the tones!

    Here's a clip of the tweaked profile with my SG.


    Hi Drog, thanks for the reply and sorry for my delay in responding.

    The CC16 method may not really work for me, since I have my rigs all set up with a chorus, delay and phaser/alternate effect. So I wouldn't want to switch all of those effects on at once.

    The morph option sounds like a good choice, I'll look into it - I wasn't aware you could morph with a button push, I thought you had to use an expression pedal


    Cheers guys, yep I suspected there wouldn't be a way to do it with a single stomp.

    I got through the last several shows just by boosting the volume for leads, if I really need more distortion I just press the second stomp.

    Hey guys,

    I use my Kemper for live shows with the Behringer FCB1010 controller (uno4Kemper chip). When playing with the Kemper live, I would like to be able to press one stomp button and increase the gain and volume of a particular rig, at once.

    If I switch on a tubescreamer, I get the gain boost I want, but the volume doesn't increase much at all. Alternatively, I can switch on a graphic EQ in the X slot with a volume boost, which increases the volume level but I don't get the gain boost like I do from the tubescreamer.

    So my question is - is there a way to do both things at once by only pressing one stomp button? I can press the 2 separate buttons, but it can get complicated having to press 2 switches for every solo or lead break.