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    I've been trying to really nail profiling recently and I compare my results by recording double tracked parts of the the amp with all the mics (or just one) I'm using and then track the KPA profile of it.

    The drums are just a reference and have not been mixed in any way and the first tone is the amp tone and it flicks through both sounds. This is what it sounds like…aSXVCNGs/view?usp=sharing

    Profiling Signal Chain:
    KPA direct send > TS9 > 5153 > Zilla 2x12 V30

    SM57, E906 and MD421 > Clarett 8 Pre > Cubase > Each mic has it's own input and track > summed to a mono group > output 6 > Return Jack KPA

    I've checked the phase of each mic and they're as good as it gets, I also have tried one mic directly into the KPA and it's not the same sound as the amp. Any ideas?

    Have also tried lowering the volume going into the KPA considerably.


    It's hardly optimistic pricing. £1,000-£2,300 amp going through a £3000 pre-amp with around £350 worth of microphones plus all the years of their experience? £4350-£5650 worth of stuff and £10 is too much for 3 profiles?

    I get that everyone is used to the cheap prices but maybe everyone is charging too little?

    As the title suggests, what is the chain for me to profile my amp with my DAW EQ baked in? I understand how to profile but when I tried just going from SM57 > Microphone XLR into preamp (instead of straight to Kemper) and then into Cubase then back out to the return jack of the Kemper it said the volume was too low. I assume this was not the correct way?


    They are, even my EQ presets are there which were created a few days/weeks ago. I don't understand :(. I tried to restore my backup through the KPA and when I hit restore and choose the right one, it just goes back a menu. Any ideas for any of this?

    Edit: FW: 4.06, already done a startup with 'rig' button on

    I do backups often to save my performances, I did a backup on the 22/10/16 before I loaded in some JST IRs and I then played around with them for a day or two and everything is great - no problems.

    Turn on my KPA today and all of my performances are ones from months and months ago, I don't know how this happened but it's fine. I have the backup right? I check the most recent backup performances on RM and they're all the same ones as the ones months before?!?!?! What's worse is that I check my backups prior to 22/10/16 and they're all the same as well!!!

    What the actual ***?

    Getting Kemper DI's from Direct Send and SPDIF:

    I'm interested to see if I need a really high quality DI box (I have less expensive ones) or if the Kemper can do it properly. I recorded an 8 bar bass riff through various different inputs/outputs and them re-amped them all with SPDIF (to see what the final results would be).

    Bass into my Saffire Pro 14 (Instrument mode switched on, on MixControl) as a reference.

    Bass into Kemper going through the Direct Send into my Saffire Pro 14 (Instrument mode switched on, on MixControl).
    Bass into Kemper going through the Direct Send into my Saffire Pro 14 (Instrument mode switched off, on MixControl).

    Bass into Kemper going SPDIF directly to my Saffire Pro 14's SPDIF.

    Now after listening back and A/Bing them, am I right in thinking (in a technical way because I appreciate you haven't heard the recordings) that the order of clearest should be:

    Direct Send
    Saffire Pro (I'm sure higher quality interfaces can produce better)

    Thanks for all your time, sorry for the long post - just trying to understand my Kemper better!

    I'd like to have a pad like feature, like the EHX Super Ego. At the moment with my reverb set to 100% wet it eventually fades, so for background ambient bits I would like it to last for however long I wanted it to. And just before someone chimes in, I'm aware that adding delay will infinitely increase the length of it but I don't want that pulsating texture, just a pad.

    Was literally about to post this suggestion! It would also be really useful whilst Reamping, you could have the plugin to control the feedback of delay or reverb or whatever parameter and for me that would make the whole process easier. +1