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    Just downloaded the latest version for Mac. When I click the connect button everything goes swimmingly until I get to about 15% of the stack preset transfer. ToastMe stops responding and I get the “green screen of death” on the KPA asking me to contact support. My KPA runs just fine after pulling power and restarting. Any ideas?


    I totally agree with your point that the interaction in the EQ stack is a formidable challenge to duplicate. After reading your post it occurred to me that another serious flaw in the parametric solution would be that, especially in an amp that places the EQ post gain, the effect of boosting or cutting the frequency range also affects every component in the output section.

    How about an even simpler start... An option that allows the user select the frequency and Q for each EQ control. A little internet research would very likely turn up everything we need to know about the behavior of the EQ section of our favorite amps. That information can become various presets for the block. This, combined with the already available pre/post option, might get us headed in the right direction without having to redesign the profiling engine. This approach could also be applied to the Monitor and Main output modules to further enhance our ability to fine tune our FRFR’s and FOH EQ. If this approach is well covered territory, I’m often late to the game, dinner, doctors appointments, family gatherings, work... But never to the gig!!


    I been using it with a few different profiles from Mike Britt, TAF and Top Jimmy. I found that if I like the feel of a profile it will get me good results with pedals. I go mostly for profiles that are in the slight breakup variety but I’ve also use some pristine cleans as a base as well. My factory go to for experimenting was the AS Sure Badge with the definition rolled off a bit and a little less treble and presence. It always gives me a good base for hearing the personality and feeling the response of new drive pedals. The John Mayer stuff from @norburybrook is wonderful as a pedal base, too. They’ll tell you a lot about the pedal... and your touch, too.

    For acoustic guitar try turning the stack section off. Do your sound shaping and FX as you would with any other rig. This works just fine for me. The old Fishman Prefix system in my Taylor 414 is more than enough to get a great sound this way. I also have the Aura preamp for some extra help if I need it, but it’s not even close to a necessity. I use the Mission G2 FRFR for monitoring so I have a full range stage mix as well as FOH. Give it a try!

    @db9091 Classic OD’s like that yellow pedal of yours are the bomb. It’s funny how with all innovation over the years we keep going back to yellow/gray/green pedals and muffled rodents living in scoop zones for our baselines.

    I’m going to snag an EP Boost. Nothing but great things I hear...

    How about one of my all time favorites? The original Tech 21 SansAmp! Rediscovered mine after I gave it some TLC ( it didn’t want to power up) and, damn! I’d forgotten how versatile it was... if ever there was as a game changer from that era it certainly was in the running. It’ll tweak to sound great into just about anything just barely at, or just past, the edge of breakup.

    Fulltone OCD, it will give you the growl of full fat tube overdrive. It will easily push any amp into extreme high gain territory if needed, if you want something similar but much cheaper to know if you like it. Try the Joyo Ultimate Drive for less than $30 shipped.

    Love the OCD! Working tones with the Elektron and the KPA is simple and the programming capabilities are fantastic, but the OCD always goes with me and my Bassbreaker 15 for old school pedalboard situations. I built a JHS 808 clone that turned out nice, too. For darker tones I like the TC MojoMojo and Dark Matter. Some combination of these and sometimes my Wampler Sovereign are always on the board.

    I would love to hear about everyone’s favorite drive/Distortion/fuzz machines and why you love ‘em. We all know why we have KPA’s but drive pedals are magical little boxes, too!

    My latest girlfriend is the Elektron Analog Drive. thanks to @Allenhuish for the demo, it was one that helped me decide to pull the trigger.

    Whatcha got and why?

    Nice vid! I have been using Bias Distortion Pro (did a review in a previous thread) and enjoying it very much... I’ve dialed in some fun stuff on it for the last year and it will stay in the loop. That being said...

    The Analog Drive arrived a few days ago and I can’t stop fiddling with it! It’s almost impossible to make it sound bad. I spent about 4 hours last night playing around with different guitars, profiles and just the Clean Boost setting. I’m amazed with the thing! Ease of use, 100 preset locations, expression/CC control and amazing tone and feel... All for a few bucks more than your average “boutique” monsters... So...

    Further confessions of a known pedal junkie...

    Guitar>Kemper>Loop>Decibel 11 Loop Expander(4 loop programmable)>Bias(heavy drop tunings and 7 string)>Elektron(everything else)>B.K. Butler Tube Driver(some things can’t be duplicated)>Various(A closet full but usually a Boss Adaptive Distortion)>Kemper>BLISS!!

    Between the available options in the Kemper and this virtual pedalboard I can’t think of a missing option. I don’t use a fuzz very often but when I do it’s an EJ Fuzz Face in front of the Kemper.

    I obviously need therapy...