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    Is is really all about the right profiles..keep on searching..

    I would recommend to look for profiles of carr and matchless amps.For some reason all of the mid-gain profiles I use are from these amps.And for some reason..guys who own these amps do plenty of great profiles..

    I am happy to see some people here at least try to stay positive..but me personally..I can't..

    Having friends all around europe and north america the big picture I see is rather a huge catastrophe for everything connected to music and arts in general.Adding to all this the general economic tsunami coming until winter..I dont know..

    Things are not easy.Lets just hope for the best.


    Okay..with regards to the exchange value $/€ the Stage is not more expensive in north America than in europe..if my math are right it is even cheaper.

    With the same math the fm3/fc6 in europe is 55-65% more

    expensive than in the USA/Canada.This is to much.

    In north America you can have the fm3 and the fc6 for 1500$..actually I believe that this is a very fair price for this combination.

    But again..2000€ is to much.

    Actually this is all what I wanted to say.How much is the stage in the United states?

    If you need the FC6 it's quite a cost for many surely. Personally I've been after a small unit so the fm3 is attractive for that reason (no need for FC6). But I think we may see a more direct successor to ax8 at some point.

    To be honest I dort understand the concept off the fm3.It is not "small" is big enough for at least two more buttons..

    But again IMO Fractal decided to go the way of "max the profit out" sane player will go on stage having set up the fm3 separately for 20 different songs using just three buttons which have double and triple functions..

    So an additional floor controller for gigging is a must.Cashing in at least some more hundreds of bucks.


    I believe that Fractal knows very well that as long as as the € is 15-20% stronger than the $ there is no way Europeans will prefer the Fractal stuff.So they concentrate almost fully on the north American market.In europe the helix is half the price of the fm3/FC and the stage is 400€ cheaper.

    In europe the FM3 is1266€..add to this 633€ for the FC6.

    2000€.That's to much.

    I mean not only for me but for most potential customers in Europe..and from what I have read during the last weeks in several gear blogs the FM3 is faulty with many bugs.They should have stayed with the Ax8 and evolve it as they do with their rack stuff.

    Dont get me wrong..I also wait (eagerly)for the overdrive updates.I really love me some pedals for certain sounds and voicings..

    It is just that I dont believe in the "magic pedal" thing I have seen with so many guitar players during the last 20 years.Thats all.

    hehehe.. sorry folks..but yes it is true..

    Band chemistry and a fantastic voice..what's better than that?Nothing!

    No magic least not for me..


    Just recently I tried a britt fender profile and put a green scream in front of it..and this "nice little clean profile" took dont get me wrong.I like good pedals.;)

    To be honest. The only "magic pedal" I ever got in over three decades of music making ..the one that enhanced my tone and the way I play..was all the great singers in my know..the ones with the built in "interaction" thing..

    The only difference..I never kicked them before I started my solos..:S

    For everyone having a profiler..any GAS should only involve additional high class guitars IMO..

    Maybe this is the strongest point of the it reacts to different guitars.Which is (imo) very unique.Not really like a real tube amp but also not in the slightest way like any other modeler.Very strange issue.But also very interesting.

    Lately I had an interesting experience with a friends Jet city 30watts combo..very nice..low volume,SLO voicing..'was pretty impressed and still am tbh..

    These things can make you think.

    But fact remains that with the Kemper we have the whole history of tube amplification at our hands.Nothing less.Ready for recording and gigging.Priceless.

    Saying all this..I never understood the "should I return to tube amps or keep on the kpa" kind of conflict.This is far beyond me.I just enjoy all of it.."absolute power" ..I am drunk of dozens of sweet spots I just can't imagine to be without anymore.


    I will profile this Jet city amp..'glorious little SLO clone..

    I never tweak.I "clean up the dirt" making a nice profile adjust to my guitars.Definition/presence/FX..that's it..

    What we have here are snapshots of amps.Some of these indeed catched the sweet spots of the profiled amps.Others don't.Why bother with these..;)

    Like ninety-nine percent of every guitar tone we’ve ever loved has at least a pedal or two in the signal chain. Boost or distortion or a goosed eq or a fuzz. Comp.

    99% since when?

    In the 60s and 70s you had fuzz and wah..did I miss something?It was all about power amp saturation and a lot of deaf guitar hereos..In the 80s the blues guys got the TS since SRV made it popular..first dist pedals in the 80s must have been the "most hated subjects of the decade"..preamp distortion became the big thing.An with it a whole army of amp modders everywhere.

    It was the 90s which brought the pedal madness.And yes..since then it is 99% of every guitar tone I don't like which has a pedal in it..

    Anyway.For me right now the green scream and the boosts & shapers are more than enough to get what I want pedalwise..but for sure I am very curious what the pedal upgrade will bring us.

    Since I read about how many guys here have "best results" with their Tele/neck SC..same here..

    Seems like the hardtail has some positive effects on the end result.Just saying..:)

    Use acoustic amp profiles, with acoutic sim and the result will be signyficantly better, especially the woody resonnance wish comes out better ("body").

    Since yesterday I am experimenting with the Baldringer acoustic E profile on my Kemper Rack and the SIM on my Kemper head..mixing both within the DAW.

    Today maybe I am adding the fishmann triple play into this game.

    With a good strat(single coils) I have a "hard bassy piezo" kind of thing from my rack and a "softer brilliant bronce" sound from the head.

    I like the result.Sounds like an acoustic but with "more push" and without the

    annoying trebly piezo kind of attack.But it is work.

    You should check then if your favorite clean amp sounds are too week as well, compared to gainy sounds.

    In this case you should readjust Clean Sense accordingly for your guitar. This will also affect Acoustic Simulator Rigs.

    thanks Christoph..'will try tomorrow..

    Okay..not what I hoped for but still very good..I like the SIM.

    But there is one big problem to be solved:The SIM needs "more output" ..even if I turn up the rig volume it is not enough.Right now I solve this problem with some boosts..

    As for the "noise issues" will be a good idea to look into this also.

    I am sure these issues can be solved quite easily.In general this is a very good beta.No other problems yet.

    My Rig Manager ( isn't liking the 7.5 update. It keeps saying 'oops something went wrong :(' along the bottom of Rig Manager, where the profiler controls should be. Am I doing something wrong?

    Mine does not work at all.

    Needs time..but with my guitars(Strats right now)..sounds weird..also with the first impression:I think the parralel path is the right way to go with this whole thing but I see some problems to integrate stomps & FX the way I would like?

    Let's see..