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    Such a nice way to tell ourselves we are getting old (it is true tho), jajaja

    Most folks nowadays do even rock music with samples and vst drums, so I wonder if in the future, with MPE enabled instruments and the sort, would it be a matter of just having a instrument, your computer, interface and a TON of samples for doing just about anything. I mean, I get pretty convincing strings from most sample tracks I have tried, use vibrato with aftertouch in the pads or the keys of my novation sl mk3, and that was unheard of in the past.


    As for my post above,I was thinking out loud.You said it much better what I tried to say.

    The future guitar modeler at some point in time will just become a modeler.

    Or as they say in my parents village:Everything changes but still remains the same.

    Rock music was still (as I call it) "tribal music" while during the last 20 years or so we went through a more "urban sounds" kind of thing.

    I really dont know how music and guitar will develop but for sure the kids will not limit themselves to just one sound or one genre. They will compose & play instruments/using tools for music far beyond what we old farts used to call "multitasking" with all their new possibilities at their hands and they will not show any kind of remorse to one dimensional tools which do not sound good and are too limited. The kids right now are already completely "data fusion" on a level I just scratch my head..

    My fav profiles are very very versatile. And bring out the best of every guitar I work with.

    This is what I mean with "organic ".

    The kemper in these cases works like a real rig in every situation just without the negative aspects of the real rigs. Fx where ever I like them,no noise etc..

    A good profile always remains a good profile. All the work is to find/create it. Once you are there everything is just wonderful.

    It's the little things really. Like note decay( the sound of the frets and wood under your fingers in a vibrato style as it decays). High gain articulation with the amount of tweaking. How for instance in some cases I liked the cortex through fm9 cabs. String definition and pick attack on the kemper is still unique. I could not capture that on the cortex and the very clean and clear well defined low end response of tight boosted high gain on the cortex could not be profiled 100 percent on the kemper( not suprised with either not did I expect it too when capture/profiling digital units with digital units and yes I did DI setups lol) user interface experiences. The way things are named.

    The physical ins and outs have different outcomes for example, running the units in each others effects loops while bypassed to hear what each in and out sounds like. I'm probably gonna get roasted for this but probably not by anyone who has all 3 and runs them in out of each other haha.

    The fm9 sounds great and the effects are really really nice. Cortex has the best pitch tracking and best high gain that's easily obtained. I still feel like the Kemper really holds down it's bold and robust feeling and sounding cleans to mid gain though. Also the routing for FOH and cabs is still the best, for ease of use and cab sim placement.

    This is interesting because I get the same comments about the high gain sound from another guy who also records a lot of metal bands.But he is also very deep into plug ins..he loves the neural SLO plug in and uses it all the time now.With amazing results.

    Also the guys I know who prefer still much the kemper have nothing to do with high gain/metal and say exactly the same:pick attack/string definition is still the best with the profiler. Which is obvious. Also for me.

    That being said fractal was already "better" for total shred sounds because of its "deep tweaking" capability.

    The kemper can do great high gain sounds but you need for sure much more work to get it done.I am not interested in high gain shred stuff anymore and for fact I love the low/mid-gain stuff you can do with the kemper profiles 100% like the real amps..and this is fav sounds for some time now are matchless & fender tweeds with the older green scream and the new drives/fuzz plus the treble booster.These sounds are just too organic for me..and I would not trade it for anything else even with the "real thing" ofcourse because all in one toaster is just to good to be true.

    The covid lockdowns have been a real "amp in the room-killer". That's a fact.

    Modelers/plug ins/Sims have now a place in the studios even with the most hardcore tube fanatics.

    And Kemper has proven right with the Kone-concept. Also fact.

    All that being said the future is a guitar/synth modeler hybrid.There is no doubt about this. The "cliche rock sound" has already become more of a bass kind of thing in many music styles for example..and that's just one example.

    Kemper2 will come. And it will be like Dr Malcolm said in Jurassic Park2: First big ohhs and ahhs and then running and screaming..

    I mean the competition.

    I had my profiler rack (umpowered) still on 5.6 upgraded first to 7.3.2 and then to 8.6.6..

    Did not worked out well.

    All my performances had one single preset with no stomps and fx.

    Installed 6.0 again and now everything is fine again.

    As far as I can tell for all work above "serious"-level the kemper sits alone and lonely one the throne and nothing can touch it.It is just to established with all its reliability,support and the army of big names using it does the rest..

    If we said some 1-2 years ago that it is "industry standard" right now I have the feeling that most musicians/producers I know (not only guitar players) are just very relaxed waiting for what the kemper2 will bring into the future and expectations do vary about the innovations it will bring.Nevertheless the expectations are very high.

    But the neural plug ins do rock and everyone I know loves them specially the SLO.I know quite a bunch of folks who did very serious recordings with it.

    For me it's very easy..

    Hardrock is mainly blues-based.Dirty,lyrics about sex..if you're a good blues player(phrasing,intonation,bending,vibrato) you can play in a good hardrock band even if you are not the fastest gun in town.

    Heavy metal not blues based..

    Heavy metal seeks for more chromatical exploration,is much faster and as a guitar player nobody cares about your vibrato as long as you can do hyper fast arpeggios and insane speedpickings in all variations.It is much more "sports" than hardrock which is much more "music" in terms of how you use melodies and dynamics.

    Sorry if this is to "simplified"..but I think it is true.In general.

    Nice cover. Steve's a great player.

    As far as the technical aspect of guitar playing goes, I might be getting old but I see some great technical players with performances I compare to self indulgent 6-string masturbation. It hurts my ears and ruins my mood - but they show great technical skill and speed. I can't connect and it really doesn't factor into my enjoyment of a song. I want to hear the magic. If it can penetrate my soul and carry me away to a special place that's all the technical skill they need. It lives in every genre. Gary's got a knack for that.

    I love Gary Moore..all of it.His phrasing his amazing vibrato..he was a huge influence for me.But Prince also.I also love Lukather.

    I have to say that I never could and I never will understand why so many people out there have to "compare" musicians of this level..these guys all have "it"..all of them in their own way.And they worked very hard to find their own style closing their eyes for every hip,fancy playing style which does not express them.

    I hope will never see some a youtube of Prince doing tapping on stage.. I mean this would be a bad day..

    A few mentions of this on TGP. The release was supposed to be "2021" but it could be something that will show up at NAMM in January. Component shortages are making lots of problems for electronic device manufacturing. Not sure if this is an issue.

    For sure.

    But I guess Blug has things in his mind with the ampX which are not as easy to achieve as he thought.

    It would be interesting to learn about who is buying right now top of the line guitar modelers like Kemper,Fractal,Line6,Neural QC etc.

    Are these young kids;;Or mostly older guys who go digital for obvious,very practical reasons;;What I want to say is that for most 16-22 years old kids I know guitar is just a color of many colors.And a very "vintage" one too..the music of the last 20-30 years have taken a toll on the way kids perceive sound.

    Maybe we will soon reach the point in which instruments and most of all the guitar are just the "interface" to trigger any kind of sound kids want to collect/capture with a single tool.A profiler for everything.

    And the guitar is by far the easiest instrument out there to learn.There is no point to argue about this.How many piano- lessons do we have on YT compared to guitar..So..for sure the market for guitar modelers will be heavily disputed in the future.

    As far as I understand yet in august 2021 the Quad cortex will never achieve to be seen as industry standard and replace the Profiler on this matter which is industry standard since years now.

    What I mean is that in most pro-level work the kemper is already established and well integrated in all kind of networks & production chains.

    Most engineers/producers/musicians I know change never a winning team until it is really "better,cheaper and even more reliable" and this by miles.

    Saying this the Quad Cortex helped Neural a lot to get more spotlight and will sell them a lots more of their plug ins.

    I think the Kemper 2 already arrived, they called it the Stage, now I’m just patiently awaiting the hardware upgrades to be applies to the head and rack.

    Why not.Playing safe is always a good thing if your product is still selling like crazy and also has become the industry standard..A head/rack version with more amp channels,I/Os,FX etc would then be named KPA3.

    But since we are talking here about competition and how they have/will spit out new products every few months I believe time (and maybe technology) is ripe for the electric guitar to leave its comfort zone of "classic & usual clean to distortion with more or less fx" type of paradigm.

    I believe this will happen.And I believe it would be a good idea to think about this seriously before the competition does.

    Modern digital music gear has the same problems like all other modern high tech..

    Things have become to big.To complex.For many small companies this is the biggest problem:

    Creating a promising prototype of crazy,fancy high tech seems to be no problem anymore.Everything seems to be indeed possible.

    But have to put it into mass production & the follow on support/service has to work flawlessly without to eat up all the gains...

    We start to see a lots of hubris in the world of high tech.Many monsters were created during the last few years in many ways.


    I love my Kemper.It sounds great.It works.It is proven.When I bought it I never believed that software updates would work that flawlessly and that it would be that reliable with all the new stuff we got during the last years.

    A kemper2 will be as revolutionary as the kemper1 and most of all it will be as reliable and still have the same genius philosophy as the kpa1.