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    . My mother lived through the Depression and WWII and nothing phases her now. She's 97 and not worried

    same with my parents..war,occupation,civil wars,military coups and migration..they don't fear anything..

    It is our (50 and younger)generation which is used to "security" and "convenience"..

    My father told me yesterday something very wise and true:Any "crisis" can be used to either loose your mind and do horrible things or ...doing something very useful.Discovering yourself, showing more live to your beloved people,making art..

    Now is the time for music.Get all the gear you really need(and not all stuff you want because of pure GAS) to make your(!!!) music because indeed maybe you will not be able to buy it tomorrow if money becomes (maybe) nothing else than additional toilet paper.If it really comes as bad as they tell us right now in the mass media we will have shit papers,food and medicine delivered by the governments(at least I hope so)..but I doubt they will care a lot for guitars and cabinets..

    And if (hopefully) after some weeks it turns out to be to much panic and overblown mass media least we had a few weeks for doing all the music we always wanted to do but never had the time for.I will happily close myself in the next week's in my home studio recording a lots of stuff with my happy to have all the gear I need now.For me making music with good gear expressing myself is never vanity.Rather a question of spiritual survival..I will not be useful to the ones I love in these hard times if I am all day in misery,out if balance and grumpy because I can't do the music I want.


    It already sounds wonderful.Take all the time you need and give it "all improvements" one can imagine..and for sure as you will read in all these threads about this matter..there are a lot of ideas..

    Take care you and your team.You do a great job,thank you..


    Indeed..I hoped we would get nice toys like this "resonator" or "sympathetic strings" with the SIM.I believe such "gimmicks" should not be to hard to implement.But right now it does not look like this.Lets hope that the Kemper Guys do not stop to upgrade this acoustic simulator.I really would love to have such a nice tool in my hands.The basic sound in the last video sounds indeed incredible.Well done..

    I even purchased two..and really love them..this was for sure not my issue..

    As I said.I am sure that the guy who did the virus series can do better with an acoustic SIM than just creating "another very good one"..

    As ST said in the post above..

    It would be nice to have more "colours".

    Even the first digital modeler I ever tried in my life(axsys212) had an acoustic SIM which was not that bad.That was back in 1995.

    Few years later L6 did the Vetta with sitar and dobro Sims..

    20 years later..we should have Sims of several different acoustic instruments which sound miles better than the axsys/vetta stuff back than.And by "miles better" I mean lightyears..

    As I said some days ago in another thread..I am disappointed.Not about the sound ...for sure it will be very good and I will use it a lot.

    But I still have the strong feeling that there is know how I nnthe Kemper Camp for having this SIM delivered from the start with more options.

    As it will be I will still need a Octaver to get the double string sound.Also I will need to "get messy" in the fx section to make it sound more "experimental"(sitar etc)..

    I still hope there will be some upgrades in the future for this SIM.

    The vids sound very good.

    Ad a little bit of overdrive or an Octaver and you will get very interesting sounds beyond the "sufficient acousting SIM within the recording/live-mix" an overdriven dirty twelve string acoustic for example..

    Still I have the strong feeling that a big chance for doing something very unique with this SIM is wasted.For example I bet it should be possible today to simulate different body sizes of an acoustic guitar.Or to ad some specific features (double or sympathetic strings for example) with a push of a button.

    I hope there will be some upgrades in the future which will make this SIM more interesting.

    Installed yesterday the new editor and checked out the new profiles in the RE which I checked last time in january last year..

    I did not liked any AF3 profile.Sound horrible to my ears.Sorry to say this but like there is "no blood in the organism".I liked a few helix profiles but to my surprise I liked amplitube and 2-3 neural nolly profiles..much more than I liked the AF3 & Helix profiles..strange this..I checked it out for a while but I stay with this claim.

    Saying all this..nothing comes close to good Kemper rigs.Not even close.And something else..

    The "new profiles" now in the RE are very good.Many,many of them.A lots of guys who already did some profiles in the past added some new stuff.Many rigs of these sound really good to my ears.In the past (untill late 2018 or so..) I liked some 10-15% of all the rigs in the RE.The 2019 profiles I checked out are good to my ears to 25-30% now..

    Today I see no real reason to spend hundreds of bucks for buying profiles anymore.You will find whatever you need in the RE these days.

    Same with me.I have both in daisy chain with midi send from kpa1 to kpa2.Works like a charm with one remote.

    Problem with this..whatever you do in kpa1 will be repeated exactly the same way in the second.

    Let's see what we can do to use the editor for doing individual morphings on each of the two KPAs...using one remote/ EP...I hope there will be a simple way without all the midi-setup work.

    I have not installed the new RM yet so I still dont use the editor.So sorry for any "studpid question"..

    How will the RM/editor work with two/multiple Pfofilers?Do we need to activatre one RM/editor for each KPA?

    With the competition going full modular Kemper has no choice..I guess we will see something like this in the future.

    But to be honest. The head and the remote are just fine for on the road..even for jams and small gigs.No complaints..

    Almost everyone with a L6 stomp or another mini floorboard also carries around a ton of other pedals.This is what I see..Most guys would want the "profile player" as part of their huge pedalboard.I am not wrong about this,right?This again..would not make any sense for replacing the KPA head/remote combination.

    A profile player which could do everything a player need for jams and small gigs..obviously more tricky as it seems..for morphing again two expression pedals would be needed.So,somehow it always "gets big".For sure the idea of having "something to put into the pocket of the guitar bag" will remain just a wishful can't cheat physics..

    I guess it would be a much better idea to introduce an huge upgrade for the current Profilers stomp section..specially the od/dist side of things..for sure it is in the works as it is the last one(?) on the "to do list" for the big upgrade packages.

    If this is done we will have more really good overdrives and modulation pedals in the stomp section..and for sure most guys will leave all their beloved fancy vintage and boutique stomps at home.

    Just the head and the remote with two EPs..maybe it can't get better?

    Anyway..I WOULD want a clever small profile player solution.But a real tank-like build little beast.Just 4 stable switchers which could not be destroyed even if you play in the zoo and a dozen drunk elephants decide to "tweak it"..No buttons and knobs.All controlled by the smartphone app/editor.Yeah..I would buy this..

    In my opinion it really depends on the player.And thats all about it.I have rather small hands.I also have a light touch.At fast alternate I never get in touch with the PU covers even if I pick right above a neck SC..since I started playing I always tried to control things like these.

    As kid I started with blues..I fell in love with imitating the bends and Vibratos of my light strings were my choice back then.And then I often read that all these guys using light gauges also play heavy picks of all kinds.This is a good combination to do great weird stuff."Squeezing" the tones..harmonics,overtones..Gibbons,Green stuff.This is all about Brian Mays playing.

    Later I also fell into the "real man play heavy thick strings" trap..and yes a trap it is..for vivid "squeezed tones" anymore.I sounded "like everyone".Aweful..

    As most guys I also play 009 on Strats and 010 on Paul's today.But often enough..I remember the pure fun of playing 008-038 and what nice harmonics and subtle things you can squeeze out of the strings with these light have to be a player who was "fed with the blues-spoon" from your very beginning and Waters,BBking,Buddy Guy,Gibbons,Hendrix,May etc should be much more than "just an influence".

    A death metal guy who never ever played something different in his life.. using 008-38..I guess this will be a funny experience.

    I believe that this is what Beato wants to say in this video much more than "you have to play light gauges"..

    Play what is best for you.Not what the hype says.No matter what the Luthier says.Ni matter what yt says.Personally.."back in my days" I used to play SRV stuff with 008 and I never heard "this sounds thin"..actually everyone thought I was using 011-012 to 58-60s because I really picked hard.And many other guitar player could not understand how I "stayed in tune"..

    Today I know that I could because I started playing like this.I was used to light gauges from the very beginning.I think this is really all about it.

    Saying all this..I will put 008-038 on my Tele again.Squeezing deadly overtones out of it.With all the down tuning low freq shit going on in the guitar world today this is about time.

    There is nothing more "wake up" than a hardtail guitar with a nice bridge SC doing Armor Piercing pinch harmonics..hehe..ouch..


    Funny thing is so many guys using heavy gauges..but thin picks.This is the funny part for me.Makes no sense at all.

    The Anderton's video is interesting.As the "captain" says ...the sounds are "very tight"..

    I heard this tightness in all videos about the QC yet.