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    Some people clearly live in their own "alternative universe" in which "their personal alternative reality" is not questionable.

    I often have some guys here in this forum told me (and others) not to mention that biggest names in business are using the profiler and not any other modeler?And thus as their amp.Not for fx.

    What should not be..obviously can't be..for some people out there it is that simple..

    Also.. countless blind tests?Never happened!

    Kemper being industry standard to find in every serious recording studio used by the most famous producers?Not real!

    This looks often more like actual methods of handling political discourses than talking about music gear.Sign of the times..

    So the discussion is again about a better UI,more cpu and more fx?

    New sounds anyone?

    The KPA was a revolutionary tool ten years ago because of its ability to profile everyone's personal rigs.And putting these into a box together with fx and multiple controls.It was also the first "real life modeler" (seamless switching,automatic volume control etc,etc..).

    A possible kpa2 should be the same revolutionary as the current one.And this in matters of sound.Not gimmicks.Leave the "moaarrrr"(cpu,holographic display what ever) other ones.The Axefx is and will be fine for that.For sure the qc also.Everyone has a right to tweak himself into oblivion.

    But I want to make music and need some inspiration.Give me new sounds.

    I'm no engineer, but I was thinking, most of these companies including Kemper provide software updates which helps keep things fresh and relevant. For the kemper it has been out for a decade and is still very relevant in it's consumer class.

    I have wondered though, why wouldn't engineers of such devices be forward thinking and try to plan a device that could also be upgraded with hardware? Maybe the forecasting of technology is too difficult, I don't know, but think about it this way, if a unit could have a motherboard or even processors that could be upgraded or even additional devices added such as a wireless network adapter or even io's that would allow for the Kemper to be used as an audio enterface for direct recording.

    I may be way out of my depth here, but I see how PCs and different types of hardware/software systems are updated and I have wondered, with the sturdy construction of the Kemper and similar units, what would be the odds of developing some type of plug and play interface, where parts are simply unplugged and new parts are plugged in?

    I am also a tech-dummie but I could I imagine that this is difficult for many reasons.The older the tech the more difficult to replace only certain key elements.It is always a matter of cost-effectiveness..

    Maybe it would be more effective to keep for example the Profiler as it is and just ad fitting tools around it.

    A synth module.A I/O module.A module for multiple amps/cabs..this would be easier and save costs?Does it?

    But what seemed once a good idea(we had such a discussion years ago here) right now seems uneconomical.The fx are already upgraded.Many new features have been added(morphing,kone,drives)..

    In any case it could be that the kpa has reached its limits.And a follow up is already in the planning.Not to appear to soon but who knows.The competition is strong.The "digital modeler community" has always (D)GAS in it's most extreme form and as far as I can understand ..10 years for a digital tool with no hardware upgrade..this is to much to bear for most guys of this community.

    Indeed both the virus as well the profiler are already "legendary tools" for musicians.

    Would it make sense to combine or use both as inspiration to create a new tool?

    Technically impossible?Unprofitable?

    I hope not.

    Is there a chance that we will ever hear @CKs opinion on this?

    For sure the "tape generation" had more work to do.

    The yt generation has much less work to do getting information for learning the instrument but it also has more decisions to make.Today kids have no false hopes and dreams to get "signed by a big record company which will make a MTV clip" with them..

    They have less work with getting all the information learning their instrument but they have much more work creating their social media presence.They have to do it all themselves.And as far as I can say this is a very time consuming job.

    As for being a teacher today..nothing has changed.Many things are by far easier than years ago.Teaching with the help of internet and all the technology in our hands..its good.Specially if you are a teacher who is "specialized" in a certain issue which certain people all over the place are interested in.This can be a lot of things.Certain use of music theory,teaching a certain style etc.

    In any case nothing has changed of what a good teacher is supposed to do.And this is most of all one very certain thing:Initiating this spark in his students heart..the love for music.The rest comes from alone.And this will never change.Sounds cheesy.But that's it.

    It is always good to have a person who listens and watches and respond immediately to the student.

    YT will not do that.

    I mean a good teacher will say things like "take care of being melodic,create nice music first,try not to shred from the first note" and such things..

    Also YT will not react ofcourse to sloppy practicing.A teacher will.

    But..if the student once reached a certain point and has developed a good mentality and also love for music..many,many tutorials on yt are really,really great.A lots of information.

    And if someone can already play and is just looking out for a certain thing..tutorials all the way..

    You don't need to pay a teacher just for learning tapping or arpeggio sweeping.Just go to yt.


    pretty much everything is controlled via the big touchscreen, almost no physical controls (knobs, buttons) to be found. And many find this very unintuitive and difficult to use. Nothing beats dedicated knobs and buttons for quick adjustments. The way they do it really makes it impossible to do anything without being distracted from the actual driving.

    Recently I read something about touchscreens in a new super jet and pilots hating it.Something like "it endangers our lives in certain situations" ....But they can't say it publicly know..

    It is interesting to see that everything is a cycle.Humans love to repeat things that went wrong in the past again and again until "it works"..or so they hope..

    In music we had all these 19" gear stuff.Many years ago.FX.Preamps.Power amps.Midi.Screens.

    Guitar players used all this and everyone was like "this is the future"..for like 1-2 years.And then they returned to gear with knobs.

    Let's see how much better touchscreens will do in the hands of guitar players.


    Because a fancy colored touchscreen on a hardware device doesn't help much. On the hardware, you want knobs and buttons (which we have plenty of) for direct, immediate access with haptic feel. A fancy screen UI could easily be done without a hardware revision (e.g. via a differently styled editor app on your computer, smartphone, tablet).

    As always, just my 2 cents.

    There is a communication gap between the "typical modeler user" and the tube rig guy looking for a digital device to make things more easy.

    A huge one.I mean communication gap..:/

    Or to put in a very populist way:

    A game changer is way above everything else before.

    You see it.You hear it.You feel it.And one left denying that "this" is different from everything else before.

    We are not there yet.

    I don't insist.

    If I learned something from the quad drama than this:

    People deep into digital gear and specially modelers are already a community I don't have any place in.

    I really don't care much anymore about this or that modeler also don't believe in any "game changer" nonsense after so many blind tests with various modelers.For me the kemper is more than I need.

    BUT.They are all good!

    Me personally..I am only interested in this:which will be the modeler which will deliver "new sounds".

    And by this I mean just plug my guitar into this thing and go from a slo sound straight into a violin kind of thing and next a nice ambience/orchestra kind of sound..dang..

    Doing all with my guitar in my hands without to change anything but with just scrolling through my presets..

    Yeah.. this would be "my UI" dream.This would be "workflow" I need and in opposite to the typical modeler guy who needs strange routings and more reverb and delay than Gilmour & The Edge together and being able to control this with funky scribble LEDs on their floor controller.. that's really not me. each his own.

    But for inspiration and doing unusual stuff I need also sounds I cant create with the usual electric guitar sounds.And my dream would be doing all this with my guitar plugged into my modeler.

    Trying to foresee anything related to guitar and amps..

    I start to believe that with all the possibilities talented kids have today..we will see much more multi instrumentalists in the future.Maybe they will choose "one most beloved" instrument but this will also quickly lead into learning other instruments as well.

    Yt is full of these kids already?And as I see it many big names are supporting these very young talents.Which is a good thing.

    What does that mean for guitar gear?Any future modeler?

    Imo that it will become much more of a "personal production tool" with any kind of old dogmas disappearing.

    Disappearing old dogmas also mean more flexible music instruments.Guitar gear=bass gear=synth?

    The drums are already in each daw ready to use.

    I believe that.

    New generations sitting in front of their personal home studio connected to each and everyone being able to handle several important instruments while in the same time they are also perfectly handling their image on social media.

    This is not just "multitasking" this is something more advanced.And I see this already in many forms within kids 10-14 years old.You can learn everything in this age.You just need parents or some one else to support you.

    So many, if not not most of the younger, new to guitar, don't go to the local music shop and buy a practice amp. They get a sound card and install amp sims instead.

    So true.

    But right now(!!!!) the guys with the bucks are like 40-60 and are still into the tube rig thing.Which is logical because this is what they grew up with.


    First of all I would like to admit that I don't know anything about how things work in places I have never been or don't know anyone making music there.

    I would claim that I am a very interested person in music and also in gear ofcourse .I also like to "contemplate" about this.A lot.Anyway..

    But..I would never dare to negate someone else's experience.


    Before we continue this discussion about a possible kpa2 its competitors,modeling gear and guitar gear in general I would like to make it clear that I always talk from my very personal perspective.Which can be dead wrong!

    Okay..saying all this..

    As for the kemper..a simple look into the social media of the place I live now from FB to instagramm to what ever..the very funny "christmas wish lists" of every single guitar player here you would have seen throughout November ...included Santa claus bringing a Kemper.Not joking.For most still a question of price. And it is a place which in the last 1-2 decades has been a mekka for heavy metal,rock and blues.Actually there was some sort of "big export" of guitar players to very well known acts around the world.Things right now are totally different in places I lived before in europe.

    So..this is what I say "my experience".This can be completely different any where else.

    What do I believe about modeling for the next years?

    First of all if this covid crisis continues we will have a much different approach for making music than we had ever before.

    Musicians will come "together" and play over the internet.All the platforms which till yet were used only sparsely may grow in the very next years.With g5 and all this new developments finally they will get much more attraction.Less latency.Much less.

    How does all this affect us guitar players?

    I don't know!

    But I have my thoughts.I believe that guitar players will have to go also digital to be able to participate.Native/plug ins may become much more important in the future.But I also believe that most guitar players will never let the "ampintheroom" thing go.They just can't.

    I already talked to so many players who think about selling all their beloved heads and cabs to go for smaller tube rigs.And I also thought about this.Selling my 100w mesas,marshalls,my steavens..

    So..Maybe most guitar players will feel the need to change more into the digital kind of thing.Because they can't do differently?But keep at least some tube stuff at home for their "personal fun"?

    Personally I hope things will not change to much.Still love my tube amps,still love to be on stage "for real" and feel the energy of doing music with other musicians next to me.

    As I said nobody can predict things right now.

    Also one other important thing I believe nobody can predict how this will influence guitar gear (and gear in general) in the next years..

    There was a time before covid.And there will be the time after covid.

    Maybe this will have a much bigger impact than we all understand right now.


    I guess we all talk about what we see,hear and experience from the world around us.

    In my case it is my buddies musicians,friends,people I have worked with in the past and still have some "insight" of what they are doing.This is true for the countries and places I lived during the last 30 years.

    As for the guitar players(vast majority of them tube rig fanatics) amongst them..they all want a kemper.

    But ofcourse for most of these lads..they are not ready to spend like 2000€ for any digital gear.They rather would buy another tube rig or buy the next guitar.

    Kemper is a tube rigs player tool.

    It is not the love child of the "digital modeler community".Actually,and let's be honest about this,it never was.Most Kemper users did not care for an editor.Because they came from the tube rigs.Just one example.

    I don't believe that the typical tube rig guy who finally has found his digital tool which helped him in many situations at home,in the rehearsal room,during recording and ofcourse onstage will jump ship.

    All of these guys spent to much time getting their profiles,building up their rig (cans,monitoring,power amp etc) and for sure don't feel the need to do this all over again because there is another new tool which comes "also close to tube rigs"..

    This is (if some guys here allow me) wishful thinking of people who do not think like life long tube rig players.

    If a kpa2 will ever appear the kpa1 will be on the second hand wish list of many,many tube rig guys.Better believe that.

    As far as I have understand this whole issue with dsp and cpu and all..the stuff..(and please correct me if I am wrong) is that you have by far more horsepower to do many,many things at the same time.And more of these.

    This is nice.

    A good thing to have.More Amps simultaneously, more top class reverb,more delays..and ofcourse the UI.Just using your forefinger throwing,beating and stretching the [email protected] out on the touchscreen.

    Thus is also a very nice thing. far as I understand the sound and the way the kemper profiles any amp is based on a human made algorithm?

    As far as I can remember @CK has said in the past that this algorithm is still so good you can't do it "much better".And indeed 10 years into the kemper profiling there is a big question mark if more horsepower and AI and "training" and all these nice new stuff gives us the ability to just let a newbie put any tbone 10€ mic in front of a 4000$ matchless and this super modeler will do a super profile/capture..magically and with "no efforts"..somehow..

    Sorry.I don't believe this.Sounds like bollocks to me.

    Profiling(or "capture" or whatever they will call it in the future) will always require at least some basic knowledge,good gear and ofcourse and most important a good ear,taste and all the other voodoo things you need for good sound.All the talk about aliasing,cock of wah(fog of war?) Is in most cases bad profiling,bad EQuing,bad taste and insufficient experience how to handle a guitar sound.

    And this will not change.

    A kemper 2 should be build with new sounds in mind.If there is a way to make it sound a little bit better or make it more easy to "get that sound"..ofcourse..but I doubt it is possible.If it would the maker would have it already done.I mean a new and better algorithm during the profiling process or afterwards refining processing.

    A better UI..ok..who ever needs it.I understand that it is important to many producers in their recording studios.

    But let us not forget that the kemper1 was the modeler which took the digital fear away from many,many actually countless tube rig players with its amp like UI and the years long resistance to software editors and other "typically digital nerd" stuff.

    That being said.I believe that a kemper2 made as a top line "producer tool",modular (with several synth,multiamp,top class fx standalone,multi I/O etc tools being connected into on system) would make it industry standard for the next 1-2 decades until the kemper3.

    Just because everyone who has the KPA knows that it is a serious tool and has helped a lot of working musicians in many,many difficult situations.Always sounding good.Always reliable.Ofcourse a kpa2 will come.Maybe sooner than later.

    Ich habe einen "Herausforderer" bereits viel früher erwartet.Irgendwie aus China.Preiswerter,"besser" heißt:zwei-drei-vier rigs parallel...Touchscreen..mehr von allem(fx) ....allerdings Rack für das Studio und dann "modular" irgend ein kleines Floorboard das man "ausser Haus mit nehmen kann."Bin überrascht das wir jetzt 2021 haben und das gedauert hat.Gibt auch kein Rack sondern geht direkt mit diesem kleinen Floorboard zu Sache.

    War anfangs sogar angetan von der Idee component modeling und capture in einem Gerät zu vereinen.So weit so gut.

    Ich muss aber sagen das mir das Marketing zu aggressiv ist.Weiss nicht ob die das so von Anfang an wollten oder ob das im Laufe des Geschehens jetzt ein wenig aus dem Ruder gelaufen ist.Direkt ran an die Konkurrenz.Knallhart.

    Aber da werden ganz bewusst negative Schlagwörter aus den letzten Jahren aufgegriffen und "ausgeschlachtet".Stichwort cocked wah.

    Das macht man nicht.Das geht so nicht.

    Zu dem Gerät selber..Ich weiß gar nichts!Irgendwie 1000x Videos.. aber nur eines erwähnt die Drop Outs beim Preset wechsel.Unglaublich.

    Ich glaube das da noch einiges auf Neural zurückschlagen wird.So Basis-Dinge muss man erwähnen.Wie reagiert das Teil wenn man es an ein Interface anschließt,Presetwechsel,Lautstärke Angleichungen..dann geht man in die Presets und scrollt da mal ein wenig durch..erste Eindrücke..Marshall,Fender Twin,Rectifier blabla..

    Und das war ja auch bei allen Modellern der letzten Jahre so.Da kam immer irgend ein "Influencer" und hat das Ding so in einem 20-40 minütigen Video erklärt.Je nach Genre dann gewichtet.Die Heavytypen mehr auf 5150/Friedmann und was weiß Ich gecheckt usw..

    Von den Presets haben wir jetzt noch so gut wie gar nichts gehört.Irgendwie nicht existent.Da ging es direkt in den QC vs Kemper capture/profile vergleich..und sorry..das kann man nun sehr genüsslich verbiegen wie man will.Ist so.

    Ich meine Ich habe aber genug gesehen (speziell bei diesem Rabea) um zu checken was da los ist.

    Na wie auch immer..dieses Marketing war teuer.So viel ist mal sicher.Die Neural-Leute haben da mit Geld um sich geschmissen.Und Ich frage mich ob die sich da nicht ein wenig übernommen haben.

    Wird man sehen.

    Ich kann aber nicht sagen das Ich denen "Glück wünsche"..und das hat nicht damit zu tun das Ich ein Kemper "Fanboy" bin.Sondern eher damit das Ich auf Fairness bestehe.

    One common things that I have noticed with all of the QC stuff online lately is that it is getting put up against the 10 year old Kemper over and over again and still only gets a slight edge in a couple minor areas. This confirms to me that the Kemper as is, is still VERY relevant.

    Personally I believe this will remain like this.

    The concept is sound.Everthing fits into everything.. every tiny detail.

    For example...When I bought my second KPA I was prepared to dive deep into midi and that I would disappear from the outside world because of programming two KPA s to work together flawlessly for days & weeks..morphing,volume,fx..

    And then I learned that it was concipated from the scratch to "cooperate with its kind"..5 minutes..all done..

    I guess every experienced musician loves this concept..from seamless switching to automatic volume leveling to using multiple KPA s..and still going strong..

    Nothing of all this can be found in any other modeler.

    For me this is the main reason why the Kemper will stay on top.It does not only sound good but it also just works and responds to every problem instantly.Like it has indeed little green men inside asking "what can we do for you today?".

    A KPA2 with the same philosophy but new abilities to create new sounds in a easy and musical way..why not..