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    Since I read about how many guys here have "best results" with their Tele/neck SC..same here..

    Seems like the hardtail has some positive effects on the end result.Just saying..:)

    Use acoustic amp profiles, with acoutic sim and the result will be signyficantly better, especially the woody resonnance wish comes out better ("body").

    Since yesterday I am experimenting with the Baldringer acoustic E profile on my Kemper Rack and the SIM on my Kemper head..mixing both within the DAW.

    Today maybe I am adding the fishmann triple play into this game.

    With a good strat(single coils) I have a "hard bassy piezo" kind of thing from my rack and a "softer brilliant bronce" sound from the head.

    I like the result.Sounds like an acoustic but with "more push" and without the

    annoying trebly piezo kind of attack.But it is work.

    You should check then if your favorite clean amp sounds are too week as well, compared to gainy sounds.

    In this case you should readjust Clean Sense accordingly for your guitar. This will also affect Acoustic Simulator Rigs.

    thanks Christoph..'will try tomorrow..

    Okay..not what I hoped for but still very good..I like the SIM.

    But there is one big problem to be solved:The SIM needs "more output" ..even if I turn up the rig volume it is not enough.Right now I solve this problem with some boosts..

    As for the "noise issues" will be a good idea to look into this also.

    I am sure these issues can be solved quite easily.In general this is a very good beta.No other problems yet.

    My Rig Manager ( isn't liking the 7.5 update. It keeps saying 'oops something went wrong :(' along the bottom of Rig Manager, where the profiler controls should be. Am I doing something wrong?

    Mine does not work at all.

    Needs time..but with my guitars(Strats right now)..sounds weird..also with the first impression:I think the parralel path is the right way to go with this whole thing but I see some problems to integrate stomps & FX the way I would like?

    Let's see..

    First time I ever install a beta(right now)..

    But because I am a little greedy punk who can't wait and does not care about what the instructions takes me half an hour more..

    The problem is that the rehearsal space doesn’t have a real PA system capable or handling both a singer & a guitarist. It’s very bad - the singer is barely audible between the wall of sound from the loud drummer & tube amps.

    If you can't hear the singer..this is bad..'big problem.At the next rehearsal you should ask your band mates to sit down to discuss a few things..

    Every band formation beyond the "trio" needs a good,large (high ceiling)treated room..a good frfr/monitoring system which is not only for the singer but also for some other purposes (mainly kick,a little bit Dibass, and also a little bit one of the guitars etc)..

    It is so important for a large formation to work together IMO..bringing down volume in general.Trying to get at least some "control".Starting from the drummer who can hear his kick effortlessly,playing in result more relaxed making the bass player also "more relaxed" which in result will leave more space for "the rest"..

    I have quite some bad memories with "two guitar bands" and "bad communication"...singers dying from asphexia fighting against two loud guitars in the middle of the rehearsal....;)...anyway..

    In your case..maybe I would let the Mesa mk guy do the ampintheroom thing while you could try going into the FRFR system.If your band has a sufficient system.The problem may not be solely the profiler into the transistoramp vs tube rig.Just saying..I don't know.

    I guess we can say it is 99% confirmed..for example @HW "tonejunkie" has said in one of his latest videos that "btw..they are working on it" since he is quite a serious source for Kemper stuff with a good relationship with @CK..yes it is confirmed.In my book.

    And please don't forget that in the big "feature request" thread about the od/dist/boost pedals upgrade..some of his employees have repeatedly asked for "suggestions" from our side..I don't believe that this "interest" was solely a "hypothetical survey" out of the blue but a lot of these customers suggestions will go into the new pedal upgrade.Lets be will come.

    ^^^^^ wowser thanks for sharing...

    smells like spirit tengri 8)

    I could post so many crazy stuff like this..

    Actually there is a lot of "electrification" going on right now in....what we call in the western world "ethnic/world music".Which is in my opinion a little strange naming..I mean "blues" is what exactly if not "African ethnic music"??And we still hear it day in day out in every kind of style from rock, pop to "gangsta" everywhere on yt and the need to derail this thread.Sorry folks..

    I said it some weeks can do a lot more with an acoustic sound than rock intros and ballads..;)

    Right now I see a lot of guys playing bouzoukis,ouds,lutes, and any kind of traditional string instrument plugging in with splitters parallel into FOH,acoustic amps and Marshall's to get "their mix".In the Balkans,Africa,middle East,Asia..till yet the "market" was to blind to see all these musicians.

    I hope @CK takes all the time he needs to deliver something which will have a great impact also on this steadily growing market.A great acoustic simulator in the Kemper (which already has the parralel routing option)as stomp will give a lot of options in a all in one package.


    Lately I have noticed that there are even special overdrive pedals for acoustic guitars.


    'was laughing loud reading your last comment..^^

    Both are right?

    Personally I believe that the Profiler only makes sense with a good frfr..Sam "learned to love it" while Ingolf has just discovered his pure Rock'n'Roll passion again?^^;)

    I don't know..

    Personally I am in the FRFR/studio monitor world for to long now and I really love all the detailed information I get immidiatly while changing many rigs helps me to understand better in milliseconds "why I choosed this rig" for helping me to play this specific line..which seems to be a big deal for me personally with the Kemper.

    But I will get a powered Kone cabinet in the future for "special purposes"..I hope it can play a huge role for my own profiles of certain "pure Rock'n'Roll animals" I still call my own.There is nothing like my Dual Recto or my Steavens Poundcake with my orange 4x12 loaded with vintage G12Ms..:)


    right now I have only one KPA in my place but yeah..I can try this when the restrictions are eased.

    Should be nice to get the option of a parallel path. If acoustic sim is a stomp effect, only this acoustic stomp dry on one path and in parallel the normal chain for a normal profile.
    a blend % and that’s it. At a profile level and why not at a global level ? With a clean profile you can get this Petrucci blended tone of the intro of Pull me Under, but the most interesting should be with overdriven profiles. My 2 cents.

    I put this idea also in feature request section


    "Blending" could be indeed the key and I hope also that @CK will give us a great solution since he already gives the simulator as a stomp which is really really a great solution already which gives us huge possibilities for blending and mixing acoustic with electric sounds in one rig.

    Btw..I already use morphing to achieve "blendings" of two rigs with two KPAs and in my mind I already contemplate about what I could do with two KPAs,the acoustic SIM as stomp and "internal blend" within each KPA..

    If the new acoustic simulator can help me to mix basic sounds(a convincing acoustic sound with the electric drama) and most of all to change extremely fast between them..I will be very happy.For me personally this would be a really giant step.A quantum Leap.Jimmy Page and Rory would have burned all their Strats, LesPauls and Teles for being able to do this.And Jimmy anyway..;)^^