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    Have Kemper been criticised in the past for not giving advanced notice of new functions? Yes. So now they do and its an endless stream of impatience. Please note I was one of the people pushing for an editor, so I do get it. I also keep looking in the hope its been released, but I'm not losing sleep over it.

    You expect fairness in a world which has become 100% narcissistic and full of negative energy.Dont do this.I live my life much better learning with time that each good deed will be punished with no remorse...if not instantly shown off & advertised on Facebook,Twitter & Instagram to get the clicks and the add money..


    Which makes me think the stage release was rushed (for financial reasons ? ).

    I am a digital dummie but even I know now in 2019 that everything digital/computer-like tool/programme is "rushed" when it is thrown out into the world market.

    Whatever teething problems the stage has will be solved.Make no mistake.This is out of question.

    I remember reading that the editor is already working and the whole (OS7) thing being tested for release.

    The editor will be part of a very huge upgrade.

    It is only reasonable to do this release only after being tested intensively as such:As a big package which is OS7.I don't understand this hurry of some of you guys here.

    Let the Kemper Team iron out all possible issues before they release it.

    I rather have an upgrade-package which works as a whole (new reverbs,Kone,editor,AC-sim maybe new/better od/dist-pedals) as good as possible than to have a rushed release of a part of it(editor).

    I am in need for a great acoustic SIM much more than any of you of the editor..still I understand that it will be only part of the whole thing and this means a little bit more patience..;)

    The first video I see which is really as much about "the feel" as "the tone" of the profiled rigs and I like this.

    And while we are at it..@CK once in a post some months ago said "if the tone is the same as of the profiled amp the feel is also the same"..

    I thought about this for a long time.@CK is (indeed) the only technician on earth whom I would believe this statement without to question it any further but..but..but..oh my fingers..guys like these in this video would also disagree with "same tone,same feeling"-thesis.The tone may be very similar or even the same while the "feel" could be completely "off".Or is this just psychoacoustics of us guitar players?

    This is a discussion I would like to see to be honest.Indeed this is the "last question mark" for me ie Tube rigs and the kpa.

    The problems with a "cheap pocket profile player" for customers who already have one,two KPAs and a remote..are a lot...

    Maybe it is not even feasible.Yet.

    The sales of the Stage show that the market for big,full version floorboards close to 1500$/€ is not saturated yet.And this some years after the appearance of the helix/ax8.

    I suspect and assume that it was probably easier to keep all the same functionality than fundamentally change i.e. have as just a profile player...


    I read some sarcastic posts about the stage like "minimum risk maximum profit" but I don't understand this sarcasm.Ofcourse Kemper needs funds for their coming projects and the stage will bring these..low risk?I would say a proven concept.Many,many people asked for this for years.

    It is easier to innovate when you have some safety net under your feet.For sure the Stage will help Kemper to create this safety net.The Kone and whatever Kemper hast in mind for the next years will be innovative and for sure not completely without risk.


    I understand all this.And as I said before I am very happy for all the guys who asked for exactly this..Kemper will sell a lot of these and this is good not only for them but for all of us who use their gear..for many reasons..

    I expect we will see more "solutions" from Kemper and now with the stage further floorboard solutions are not "unthinkable" anymore.A smaller "profile player" has been much discussed on this forum.Christoph for sure has seen this discussion.

    As for the Stage..for me "to big" (and much to expensive) for rehearsals and jams but also for small,crowded coffee house gigs.When you have 1.5 square meters for three musicians in front of dozens of drunk dancing students every cm counts.And for more "serious gigs" I need the toaster right next to me which btw for me is "no weight"..small,light...perfect for live.Same as the remote ofcourse.

    But again..I am happy that Kemper did this.

    To be honest I don't understand the advantage of a big floorboard against the toaster/remote combination.Specially if we talk about small stages..a big floorboard(like the KPS or the ax8),2-3 expression pedals and a pedaltrain full with stomps..this is a huge rig.Just on the floor instead in a big rack next to you..

    For small stages all I want is a small controller (like the remote) and a small,light head (like the toaster) which fits everywhere.Maybe a pedal (like an expressionpedal for morphing) and a wah too..

    Only a remote sized "profile player" would be a real advantage over the toaster/remote combination when we talk about small gigs.

    I think that dual amps isn’t all that people make it out to be.

    Indeed it is not.You need to be more of a good producer than a good guitar player to make this work.With this I mean that you need to know exactly what you want to do from the start of the production.Not only for the guitar but also with the whole mix in mind.This is tricky.Choosing just one new sound track by track makes much more sense for the "average player" with no producer-skills.For many reasons..let's not forget that all these "wall of sounds" rock and heavy albums were made track by track and each addition of a different rig was made under the supervision of a star producer and a top engineer...

    I use dual amps with my rack and toaster almost exclusively for creating interesting "non-rock" sounds..for example like a acoustic profile on the right and a bass-like sound on the left.this brings very often amazing results.

    Again..I can't wait for the new acoustic SIM..

    Hi, I remember that Kemper team spoke about a acoustic simulator (I thought it would came with the reverbs).

    Is there any news that i missed about that ?

    Spring reverb,Kone,stage & editor..all nice and sweet and most of all I am very happy for all the people who could not wait to get all these during the last year's..

    But for me this accoustic simulator will be the most important KPA-upgrade since I bought it in 2015..some news about it would be indeed great.

    thats the job of a floorboard..taking hits and being exposed to everything nasty you can find within a place where people get drunk and the "cleaning woman" next day is a fat bearded alcoholic who is much better in serving cold beer than cleaning up the floor for the next gig in the evening..anyway..

    The kemper stage obviously is built like a tank.The metal knobs will "take a lot".The softbuttons seem to consist of a much harder plastic than the ones we have on the rack/toaster..nevertheless it is a floorboard.

    With the size of the Ax8 and the weight at 5kgs it is big but not heavy.But the toaster together with the remote is just 2-3kgs more.Thats nothing.And the way I transport them(with Thomann Kemper bags) bears the question for me what I have to gain with this floorboard.

    Although I have zero desire/need for a floor unit (so my money will be staying firmly in my pocket), and only marginal interest in a software editor, I am delighted for those that do want/need these.

    Indeed this seems like a very "traditional" floorboard concept and maybe some of us(me for sure) expected something more innovative.

    Anyway..I am happy that a lot of customers from the "digital modeller pool" will get this and not something from the competition.Good for Kemper.

    I will stay with the toaster/remote for live gigs,jams and rehearsals...No way I would put a 1600€ tool on the floor of a shabby night club.

    Seems like another " watch me get them wound up"...

    Not worth responding, if you are happy with what you have, great...

    I had a Pandora....

    Yes..this forum lost like a hundred nice & friendly members but at least we have such threads like this one here..that's something too I guess..