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    Yes, this would be indeed a very interesting question for CK himself. At least I would like to know the answer. In interviews I feel like he always remains quite vague. My own understanding of human psychology and my realy basic understanding of marketing lead me to conclusions like above. In my personal understanding a company like Kemper should present clearer plans for a Kemper2 in times when "profiling" will flood (I claim) the next generation of digital amplification. It is only the silence that many people hate. On the other hand, yes, maybe from his standpoint t really IS difficult because... with no capacities at the moment you cannot be more precise in interviews (?). And if you are not clear you create room for speculation. With Kemper we are well trained for waiting. "Let's wait and we will see some day" said the blind and fell into a hole.


    People always want what the famous ones play..

    The famous ones..being permanently in recording studios and on many different sizes of stages..want a professional tool which is great,highly reliable,fit their needs and can be found everywhere...

    Maybe @CK knows this?And does not care so much (with exceptions aka stage) about other approaches?

    In any is never professional musicians who want desperately new gear just for the sake of it.

    Not impressed either..sure ...maybe I am biased..but still..sound a lot like what I hear from their plug ins..


    Traditional instruments indeed doesn't have changed a lot..but this(changing,developing) is not their job,right?I mean..they call them "traditional instruments" for a reason.One of this reason is that these instruments are "basic sounds"..the root of all.Where ever you are..developing fast,trying new can always relate to these sounds when you loose your way..

    And I fully agree with not always bad at all..but please let's allocate the surplus in a way which is beautiful and inspires us musicians to be in the future while to have all possibilities to "do it the old way.."

    That being said..I have seen and heard great and experienced musicians who played very "modern stuff" but went really nuts (in a positive way) mixing their guitar sound with "something else" from the traditional arsenal of is inspiring.

    I just wanted to say that this aspect is completely missing from all the new digital tools.And there is no real good reason for this.

    Anyway..sure OT..sorry..

    Will it have an acoustic SIM?Synth?


    I want new sounds.Since the Axefx3 I am waiting for something that will rock my world..

    I am so fed up with all these new "moarrrr-machines"!!More amps,more fx,more I/Os.Faster and better.Routings..Editors..all this for using sounds we know since decades.

    So little fantasy out there..

    Anyone remember the Slate thing where they said "we have profiling technology"? Turns out they didn't.


    Thank you..I tried to remember all morning "who was it"..

    Let's not forget some others..Mooer etc..

    I mean..all good..but can we hear this first please?I just don't like big claims and no evidence to back it up..

    Looks great, but I'm not really hyped because I have tried their plugins. They are much worse IMO than Kemper profiles. They have great endorsers who make professionally produced tracks. But that is all. Based on my own experience I can say that Kemper sounds and feels much more like a realy amp. I would go as far as saying that NeuralDSP plugins are not even the best among plugins.

    I agree.

    And I would also like to ad that machines like the Kemper are proven live-/recording tools..used within the biggest productions..for years now..

    The Kemper it self is the new standard in every serious studio and in use with many top live productions.

    I listen to some yt stuff from neural..

    They have some great players as endorsers..but it is all some sort of new metal shred and chug-stuff with Fortin Sims..

    I am not impressed.

    I have not heard anything clean & midgain that I really liked.So..when we finally (when ever this will be)hear something from this wonder-tool..we can talk..

    Is it me or are they right now only trying to get more funds for R&D;

    I guess we will find out soon..but "available in September"..does not sound like they know yet how to finish this journey..the concept appears very interesting though..


    Ofcourse it is only a matter of time untill the next big thing appears on the gear-horizon..I just have my doubts that this is it..

    I believe the future of modellers for electric guitar is even more "back to the roots"'s "in the woods"..;)

    There are new markets out there in this world which noone of the big companies till date has ever touched yet.A lot of people out there today don't have the means to get an expensive piece of gear..but for sure some day they will.

    And stringed instruments will remain the big thing in the future.The world will not stop to play guitar,bass and any other stringed instruments which are still used around the world.The electric guitar became big because it had several breakthrough advantages over the acoustic..louder,easier to play,new,more modern the 50s..

    Out of these three breakthrough advantages the first two still remain.It is good to hear yourself.Whenever you play.It is also good to have an instrument which is really easy to handle.

    But the third "advantage"..ouch..

    The sound of a electric guitar as we know it...the big distorted rock star out of has become a cliché for most people out there.Lets be honest.Kids want to become a rockstar through gangsta-poetry these days.Or some talent show on tv.Or in instagram..So be it..

    I agree with those who say that the future of the Kemper lies beyond the classical rock/pop/metal kind of thing.Synth sounds..yeah..for sure..but it is also easy today to achieve these sounds with your modern daw.You play a line with your guitar..two minutes work with several functions and plug ins.. voilà..

    @CK brought back "the old way" (not only because of the chicken of using gear.The Kemper can be used as a simple tube amp while it has also the option to be used in a modern environment.Loud,intensive,Rock'n'Roll but also connected,silent,user friendly..not to say "convenient"..

    Maybe a further step back (ie different acoustic string sounds) sound wise will be the future.Mixing old sounds..with modern sounds.I really hope the new acoustic SIM will show a little bit of this...a glimpse of this future.It is a big chance.In the end the stringed instrument is just a piece of wood.The pickup is just a tiny fraction in this whole history.Anyway

    Playing the electric guitar as "I know it" while being able to bring in "more sound of wood and more-/different strings"..would be a huge thing in my opinion.Many people ask frequently for the sound of a violin..this is a good example.of what I mean.

    Let's just imagine the sound of a soaring electric lead sound mixed with a sound of a nice,organic violin played by all the harmonic minor shredders out there..need to say more?

    I am sure a visionary like @CK understands the real potential of this ac-sim..if it will be a good,more complex and feature-packed SIM it will be the only really serious,meaningful acoustic SIM to be found on any modeller.I understand this will take time.


    I do play a schecter C1-FR with Evolutions PUPs in a Matchless DC30, sounds lovely and you can dial your tone nicely with the volume knob :D

    Are these high output HBs?

    As I said ...I never felt comfortable doing it this way..I always felt something is very wrong.

    But as always it is different for everone of us.

    I once recorded a blues band with both guitar players using shred style Ibanez guitars over Peavey classics 2x12..well..I didn't like it(IMO the guitars sounded thin for this style of music)..but they did.So all good.

    Interesting topic..

    It is one of the Kemper-issues which still have no final "files closed" stamp..

    In general it is all about the profile.Like so often when we talk about the profiler.I found some profiles which really work like an amp with different guitars.These are the ones I use.They work with all "character tones" like Strats and Les Paul's.

    That being said in the past I never played my dual rectifier with my Strat.Like I would never play a ac30 or a matchless with a Floyd rose superstrat/hot output

    Improving tone?With the KPA?

    Good monitors.Good well treated room.This helps a lot.

    As for your playing?Vibratos and bendings.As players we should never stop practicing these..there is no better way to "improve your tone"..

    The whole Win 8/10 thing is counterproductive for Kemper IMO. Think about it. People have only so much disposable income. If they have to buy a new computer when they otherwise wouldn't need to, that is a chunk of change gone west that they could have used for something else. How many people would have to buy a new PC instead of a Kemper Stage to cancel any advantage the they got out of not having to support an OS still used on 400 million PCs?

    Consider also you could buy a second hand PC with Win 7 for $100 US or less if you didn't have one or more of them lying around.

    What about a potential switcher who currently edits patches on his/her GT1000/ Helix/AFX box from their Win 7 PC. Should they switch now that there is an Kemper editor? Well, hmm - they willl need a new PC AND the KPA. Suddenly, that is a steeper hill to climb. Hmm, maybe later.

    Most users who really need the editor for extensive use in their semi-/pro- recording studio or live jobs will already have latest upgrades for Windows and OS.There is no way to avoid this anyway.

    For all the much does a new tablet cost...afaik you can get them for 100-200 bucks..I mean..win7 indeed is old junk.And will be gone sooner or later in a few months.

    I have the current RM on my oldest win7 lap..and indeed I am no wealthy guy..but tomorrow or Friday I will start to look for a new small tablet which fits into the pocket my KPA bag.It is a must now.

    Morphing is very important if you have "this rig" you love...

    I have some profiles like this.Nice breakup/crunchy stuff with tons of character..and a green scream in front of it..

    With morphing I change the volume/gain of the amp always together with the green it goes from rather clean breakup for rythm with just a little fx to a nice fat midgain with more fx for juicy leads..can't wait for more od/dist-pedals..this will be a party..

    Also..if you have two really can do very nice things between two profiles..but it is work..the new editor will do wonders here..

    Morphing is a very powerful tool.And the good thing about it is that it is "all about ears" and good taste..senseless tweaking will not bring results but only confusion for the listener.To much information.Changing to fast.I always try to keep in mind that the listener is not in my head and does not hear what I "want there" but only what comes out of the speakers..'big issue and another discussion..