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    Wouldn´t the simpliest solution for such events be an additional FCB1010 or something similar plugged into the QC?

    Not in my case.First of all I want a simple,small solution.One guitar.One small rig I can put in my backpack..and then you'll see me in the subway instead using my car or an expensive cab..

    For the Quad, get yourself a 2-gallon size ziplock bag. All done.

    At a rainy festival, if the area at my feet was exposed to the rain, but the area behind me where an amp/rack/etc. would be located was covered; sure. I did a lot of festivals, bars, college events, ect. over the years. On a few less than ideal occasions, I threw a towel over my pedal board and made due without having less ability to toggle stuff. In fact, just did an outdoor event at the church in October on a day that was 45 degrees. I had my KPA head and remote (now sold) and my biggest aggravation and fear was figuring out where to sit the darn head safely and run the cat-6 cable to and from it to the remote in a way that wouldn't get it damaged by myself of others. The same fear of condensation from the cold existed regardless of where I set it, and the same vulnerability to rain. If I had my Stage that day, I would have had fewer concerns, the biggest that day was my expensive acoustic in the cold.

    Thing is disaster gigs don't happen often.But they happen if you play a lot of gigs.Which I do not anymore.But when I did in the past I had several really disaster gigs.And each of them made me "rethink" my concept of gear/backup etc.Good lessons.I learned a lot.Bit ofcourse this is a very personal thing.

    So yes..I understand completely why many guys would mark my concerns as "over exaggerated " problem..

    But imo modern gear should reflect the "lessons learned" solutions we had over the last decades.Not only for certain groups of musicians but more "common sense" style.And when it comes to modelers..indeed only the kemper stuff includes what I mean.I said it in a post above.Automatic leveling between rigs,seamless switching between presets etc..the toaster format is made for gigs,the remote is built like a tank.Expensive but not exaggerated..and so many other clever and useful stuff.

    Now..common sense says to me that a huge sensitive touchscreen could be the weak spot within a great concept for a small,powerful floorboard.How difficult is it to find a solution to protect a touchscreen on stage when you don't tweak?

    Questions like these (same with finding a solution for seamless preset switching) make me doubt the whole concept.Obviously the folks behind this product don't know much about the needs of the common musician out there.Or they dont care and try to impress bedroom nerds with dsp graphs,fancy UI or whatever a working musician does not really need when he is on stage or in the studio.

    I doubt that there will ever be a "one size fits all" device. It´s always a balance act between size, weight, functions (I/Os), features etc.

    If someone wants/needs a super robust floorboard for gigs in purgatory, I don´t think that a floor profiler (!) is the perfect device to go with. I guess that the idea behind the QC is much more to provide a super portable & lightweight device which enables musicians and studio professionals to recreate AND create sounds with ease everywhere they go (1.6KG vs 5 KG (Kemper)). At the same time it wants to be a device for home & studio usage which even can be used in live environments as well if needed.

    Today every serious recording studio/producer has a KPA.It is studio standard like the U87 or the NS10.

    So..all you need is a USB stick..;)

    I am perfectly fine with my KPA head and the remote.Plus one ev pedal.This for any "more serious" gig.

    I am looking for something small,affordable to put in my backpack for jams and freakin dirty grab & go gigs ..that's all.

    And I know I am not the only one.Most lads I know already have the l6 stomp.For me..I dont like how this stuff sounds.

    Fears of placing gear on the floor are over exaggerated. (Granted I say that as a primarily church musician who doesn't have to worry about people spilling beer on my Stage.) You can look at the Kpa stage, Quad, Helix in a similar way. All three put something expensive at your feet. All three (probably) if damaged, could be fixed for a few hundred dollars. And that's a big IF. So if you want to minimize risk to these units themselves, you'd place these somewhere behind you and spend additional money on some sort of foot controller, probably in the $300-600 range. In other words to minimize the risk of breaking them, you spend more money than it would cost to fix them for a midi controller, remote, or on the more expensive purchase of a head/rack version + the cost of the dedicated controller. this foot controller itself also being at risk.

    And of course, this doesn't eliminate ALL risk, as your pricey gear can get damaged when someone, including yourself, trip over the cable running between IT and the foot controller in front of you.

    There are reasons why pedals and floor stuff in general have always been "cheap and affordable" tools.Under 1000$ in any case.Much less until the 90s.For decades.Now this may have changed.As have venues and frequency of having live gigs.Thats for sure.

    I never played in a church.I really envy you for this nice (and clean) environment to make your music and earn a few bucks(?) are a lucky guy.

    As for me personally.. recalling how often I played in places which you can describe as "the opposite of a church" and also all these rainy(in the past) and hot,dusty,sandy(last years) outdoor venues,festivals I played I can't exactly agree on the "over exaggerated" part of things.

    You really want to put a 1500$ tool on a festival stage where rain is puring on the floor all around you?Be my guest.I won't do this.

    Thomas Blug will give his ampx floorboard a nice protection shield which opens up "magically" if you want to tweak on stage.And then closes down.Nice.

    And I really don't get why this guy is the only one who understands it.Some will say because he is also a hard gigging musician who took his lessons in Nashville.. ok..good reason..

    His amp1 does not have such a protection.Again.Lessons learned.Good job.

    I´ve actually never heard about broken screens with a Helix, Headrush, AXE/FM3 etc.

    I have.Actually quite a lot.

    And don't let me even start about older floorboard stuff.All the gear you mentioned is rather new and a few years old.And most owners will not care much in a few years about a broken screen or bonkers electronics because they "upgrade" to the next hype every few years anyway.

    Sadly most musicians I know are not in this favourable position..everything above 1500 bucks (which is in my experience the working musicians pain limit) just hurts a lot.

    The idea to construct a super stable floor modeler with super stable buttons and no other knobs made of plastic is a great concept.But I still don't understand how this big,unprotected touchscreen fits into this concept.

    Kemper forum and the most discussed topic is neural cortex. :S

    Most people are playing their kemper..the desired upgrades (delays,editor,reverb,drives) are done.

    Mission accomplished.

    And for those waiting for the kpa2.I would not expect this any time soon.Maybe I'm wrong.We will see.

    So yes..for discussions in this forum.."other gear" it is..

    CK does things differently in that he developed the actual programming environment from scratch for the 56k Motorola inside the Kemper and thus has this thing as close to the metal as you can possibly get. It really is all about implementation and it helps immensely if you can code in Assembly too.

    As an example, guitar players don't have a requirement for a powerful multicore processor, they want it to start quickly, switch quickly, and have lots of available etc.

    All the modelers which will appear from now on will show what a genius tool the profiler is.

    Actually it is a very,very complex piece of tool in all its simplicity.

    Great response to different guitars.

    Seemless switching.

    Automatic volume leveling between all the rigs.

    Great surface UI for live gigs.

    Well though concept for connecting.To everything.Who has a second kemper can confirm this.

    All this above are the secret weapons of a modeler which can be chosen by tube amp freaks.And I don´t even speak about the sound quality.I don´t need to.

    Again..Every modeler which will be thrown at the market from now on will be better a real tool for musicians and not just "one more modeler which can do everything + more" but not the basic things a guitar player needs in the studio and on stage.

    The thing is, the FM3 costs €1,200. Also it is something like half the processing power of its larger format.

    Thing is...

    Though there are no profiles of axe/helix I like in the RE (which honestly surprises me) this is not the same with the neural profiles we have on the RE.Some of these are quite good.I like them.So..I have an eye on this quad cortex.But it has to be really,really outstanding to make me think "further"..there is only a 1% chance I could change my mind on spending over 1500€ for a floorboard.

    High end modellers are a niche market. It is kind of amazing how much creative energy gets poured into them. I guess they are cool things and attract the interest of guys with music and IT skills and we end users profit from their efforts.

    What's not to like?

    I love high end modelers.I just don't like expensive gear on the floor.

    Or to put it in another way..I have a kemper rack and a kemper head..but never ever I would buy the kemper stage..;)

    As I said ..I would buy a small floor solution like the fm3 or the quad cortex if the price would be in the 700-900€ range..but only with the quality of sounds like the kemper profiler.

    And no..from what I have played in the RE with axe3/helix profiles they are not close.Not for me.

    Personally I dont have doubts about buttons and switches on the doubts actually are about this big fat(and expensive?) touchscreen.

    In the video above this huge heavy guy had big problems NOT to step on this screen.

    Anyway..such tools better don't cost much.They will break.Sooner or later.Something heavy will fall on the screen..or something nasty will spill on it.

    Alcohol & gravity.Never a good match.

    Just trying to work out why such interest from Kemper owners.

    For me it is the form factor...the old idea here in this forum of a kemper profile player looking not that that much different from this quad cortex.This neural product looks interesting.But it is in the same price class as the kemper and I don't have any plans to change my main recording tool.

    Don't remember what discussion in particular.

    It was on the peak of the editor wrestling period and what to expect from modern gear like modelers.And today I would expect a modeler which does not have any gap between changing presets..

    We had this interesting discussion before,remember?Long ago..

    After all these years with all these fine modelers it should be clear for everyone what to expect from each product.

    This new neural tool tries to to "everything" ie catching everyones beloved own amp as well as amp sim.So..doing the profiling thing and using it as we use the KPA there should be no gaps?

    Sounds that logical?

    Depending on how big your feet are, it seems that you can push all the switches at once. On stage I drink beer. Should become funny near the last parts of a gig.

    The history of rocknroll is full of exactly these funny little moments on stage..I mean..this is the reason why musicians are the only ones who never laugh when they watch spinal tap..:|

    the meshdown it's crazy!

    (how do you call it? meshdonw/mixdown/pout pourri???!??) whatever!

    and it's also difficoult to play those riff in a wrong way! Genious!

    honestly a bit disappointed there is no ''TD - /'' tone here but.. Cool Rigs anyway!

    He played these riffs in a way not to be blocked because of copyright infringement..keep it easy my friend..;)


    Not that I believe that this will work..but anyway..

    Well, they work differently than kemper, with different demands on the hardware; and many people don't use presets, but scenes, other categories, pla pla.

    Yes.But I guess most lads just want to change between amps.And switch fx on/off.

    Just a step on a freakin' button and this thing changes from rig A to rig drama..I dont want to make a two hours movie.I just want to play a song.Or two..