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    I for one, have no interest in the stage sales numbers. The thread is about the editor so we should keep it at least close to the topic. I realize that after 2,304 posts there may not be a lot to say, other then some cathartic bitching and moaning about the delay. :|:rolleyes::thumbup::saint:

    Okay.I have nothing against this approach.I even agree and again have no idea what brought me to "contribute" 5 posts in this kindergarten of a thread..I guess all I wanted to say is:Let this thread die.The editor will come when it's ready and Kemper has absolutely no need to listen to anyone who wants to tell him how to do his work..his stuff sells like crazy and we should play our guitar instead to feed this freakin' apocalypse of a needless discussion..


    For me it's bizarre to read poems about the missing editor.This whole drama here is bizarre.

    It is funny that none here answers me to the simple fact that the Stage is out of stock because it sells like crazy.

    I tried to give an explanation for the huge gap between some guys here going mad about the editor while it is selling like crazy.This is the gap between reality in the shops and back orders and the drama we see here in this thread.

    You have to allow me to at least talk about it..


    Do you mean the Kemper Profilers is a "new product"?Really?I always thought it is 5 years older than the helix..but..hmm..ofcourse this is just my reality..^^

    Or do you mean the "form factor"?Well..speaking about categories and putting things as we like..

    Like it or not.Most customers getting right now the Kemper (which form factor does not matter in this case) are obviously okay that the editor is still not there.The whole drama in this thread is funny.And sad.And this is my opinion.

    The most and really only ridiculous thing is to deny another person's experience and opinion.

    I don't know how many guitar players are this or that.I know that most players in my experience are ofcourse "tube only" players.Now live with that.

    Besides my very first post about this snissue I definitely stated that "I don't know but.." don't make me quote myself.

    Stating that despite the pending editor and first qc-usues the product Kemper stage is a top selling product is nothing but the truth.I don't know why you and other people are so mad about it this simple fact.But for sure you will get over it..

    Look guys..I don't even like the Stage..I would never buy into this "form factor" which has no real benefits for me.A huge pedal board is completely useless for me.

    But it should be allowed to state the obvious.

    It is a "sold out product" despite qc-issues with the first batch and a pending editor.Reality.Not?Presenting "alternative truths" is not hip anymore btw..


    Excuse me..which again is the "relevant category" for the stage;If it is not "guitar preamps" I're one of the more intelligent folks here..please stop playing with words.


    Again..I could not care less about the "success" of anything.I don't care about the stage.I only stayed that Kemper reacted " to the market" and took a huge part of the competitors of the competitors announced a floarboard and fukced up.Still.The other big competitor despite being cheaper,having the "worlds best editor/UI and whatever eats dust..

    So important is the editor to potential customers;The answer is obviously "in the charts"..if this is good or bad I really don't care. Just a fact.

    Maybe it is another Thomann?From mars or the Venus?

    When I Google "Thomann Kemper Stage" I get this:

    Number one in the category of "guitar preamps" is not that hard.And it is there since it appeared.Out of stick everywhere..

    Twisting reality is the last resort for the desperate..

    If sales numbers speak the truth... for example about good taste... you should not look at music charts ^^

    I agree with you that the charts(are they still relevant today;) don't say much about good taste but gear is not as much about good taste as it is about sound,reliability and ofcourse personal needs..I just don't believe that people today spend double as much money for the stage as they could save buying a helix Lt or whatever half the price and with "the world's best editor/UI" because they "don't know" that the editor is still not ready or that some kpa-stages have qc-issues..

    Obviously most customers don't care..and there must be some reasons for this..;)

    Look at the further comment is needed..

    No matter the real teething problems the stage outsells the helixlt which is half the price..they ditch the nonexistent fm3..people out there still are buying the stage like crazy..

    So is it "my impression" it is a fact.;)

    All this while all gearblogs are full of threads about the missing editor and "broken foot switches"..well..:/


    Strange,isn't it?All these talk about qc-issues with the stage but this thing is "out if stock" everywhere because it sells like crazy..still after months number one from Thomann to Sweetwater etc..

    I don't know but maybe the best explanation for this is that Kemper is not for customers who come from "other modellers"...Kemper has its customer-pool within all these 90% of guitar players..who play tube amps.. folks who give a @#£& about an is all about sound for them..

    So..there are still a few days left to talk about the missing editor but in reality the (obviously rushed) release of the stage met all the objectives..Kemper won this war..and let me ad that they don't started it..


    Is it possible to have an update on the acoustic simulator?Is it "ready" and will come soon or is it still far away?Some information would be nice.

    I am really trying to be patient about this one but I can't hide that some info would be nice since I "really need something like this"..

    So again..please dear Kemper-team..some update would be nice.I was on the verge to get me another acoustic SIM since the end of 2018 but I did not proceed when it was announced early this yyear.I don't need an exact release date.Just something like "it is planned to be released this year.." etc would be nice.


    I should have added in my previous posts that Glenn for me is legend.I absolutely love him.Like I love Freddy Mercury or the old "bluesy Coverdale" or Tina Turner and some is just that I my world I would (and always tried so with "my singers")to have some sort of "balance" in my recordings (at least for my own ideas)..the three hughes/Coverdale purple albums belong still to my all-time rock albums.Love their interaction and how they fit together.

    Again..Glenn is rock history and not a serious person on earth will try to take this away from him.

    As much as I love Glenn (since I was a kid hearing my brother's Deep Purple album) as much I can't stand him "alone"..for me he will always be "the other higher pitched soul voice/counterpart" of David's deep soul voice on these legend three Purple albums..

    Male singers like him need "a deeper counterpart".Ofcourse always in my very personal opinion.But I can't stand such high pitched male voices.One reason I could never really dig Rush or Pawlov's dog.

    Reading some posts here lately brings one conclusion:

    The editor is ready for years now but @CK worries about the sexual health of his customers and keeps it away ..don't believe me?Just watch the video again in which he said he stopped hanging around with pc-nerds because there were no women around..

    You think I am joking?Well..:/


    Stability first!!!

    This is all that counts.As I said often before..the editor will just be a part of the whole new upgrade package and I hope it will all work as good as it should as soon as possible.

    The KPA has become a highly complex "system of systems"..the Kemper Team better takes all the time they need to make it work perfectly.And ignores all the kindergarten..