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    You will never see anyone who dares to cover "where were you". Never.

    Yeah new big screen and more fx..

    In the meanwhile the competition has left for the guitar synth thing and most likely soon most players will just follow this path.

    That the guitar synth thing until yet was a "niche-thing for a few fusion guys" will not mean anything in the future. Things which sound great and are easy to use can become very,very fast "mainstream". And suddenly you see everyone asking for it. like it is the most normal thing. Suddenly.

    Stupid question..

    What other upgrades are desperately needed? we have seen upgrades for everything except modulation.

    The KPA as it is is "almost perfect" and I guess the next step will be a new product. But there is absolutely no reason to hurry with this new product,the kpa and the stage are still selling like crazy. Reliable and workable like never before.

    So ..most likely except a few upgrades (like a modulation upg) we will see absolutely nothing until they will be ready to present a working,reliable new product like a kpa2. Maybe 2024. If sales numbers of the kpa/stage don't drop significantly maybe later.

    Somehow laney Amps do that..

    For some time I was "addicted" to these kind of unforgiving sound. One of the greatest "challenge" I went though.

    Laney,Orange,Hiwatt.. whatever made me "think twice" before going into that fast alternate run..

    But you can't do that forever. It hurts. Only Gilbert can..

    At that point, where you’re profiling individual components - that’s modeling and you may as well use a Fractal or Helix, no?

    Good point. I don't know .. it depends maybe on how good this idea would work.

    If it is "non-tweaker" and brings good results why not.

    I will say that one of the most terrific features I know in the "history of modeler gear" for sure I would put the definition function in the KPAs amp section right on spot 2 right after the profiling feature.

    If Kemper could do something similiar "magical" with a power amp sim..

    Same amps from the same series sound different. with the same cab/speakers..

    Same guitars from the same series sound different..with same woods and same hardware..

    So where does the sound come from;

    Steel,wire,wood,,dirt,attrition,cables,heat,cold,malfunctions,tubes,humidity,batteries,voltage...fingers,ears,muscles,daily condition,taste,smell,drugs,booze,adrenaline and a lots of testosterone if you're a young lad..bad karma good karma.. positive vibes,negative vibes.. jing & Jang.. I could go on for ever..

    So where does the sound come from;;;

    The answer is very simple:

    Τά πάντα ρεΐ.. or as you would say: No man ever steps in the same river twice..for it's not the same river and he's not the same man..

    If we accept that we will play more and tweak & talk less.

    I'm not going to talk about a video you haven't watched and listened to. Use your ears and develop your own opinion based on that.

    He never says no difference. It's all about what makes a noticeable difference based on your ears.

    Actually like most other musicians I use my ears and don't need clickbait videos to tell me where the sound of amps and guitars come from.

    So.. In some way we agree I guess..

    It simply can't be that nothing really matters in the tube amp with respect to the sound, otherwise you would simply need to tweak a

    fender black face to get a Mesa triple rectifier sound. As I said, I have actually been in a room with both these amps and can unequivocally say that it is not possible. It doesn't matter if you send the output of each amp to the same cab either (I have done that just to be silly).

    All these kind of videos say nothing about tiny little details and 00000,1% differences which are "the whole world" to most players.

    Maybe if they (all.these guys trying to say amps and woods and "all these things don't matter" would play brothers in arms or the intro of the dark side of the moon we would hear these differences.

    But there is ofcourse a problem..

    Strumming three chords says nothing . It is crazy even to discuss this.

    I think the point of his videos are to let people hear differences rather than talking about them. I rate his skills and ears over most people, so waving a dismissive hand at him is a bit arrogant I think. 🙂

    It is arrogant to claim that myriads of (legend) players who work for decades on their sound are all idiots.

    2) Any differences I think we all knew were subtle when it comes to tube bias and even tubes. Strumming a couple of chords is not going to show that BUT I also think so much is our perception than reality - we can't always trust our ears either

    Finally someone mentioned this..

    Sorry folks.. imo all these videos are click bait. Funny,entertaining etc but they say absolutely NOTHING.

    I was a teenager in the 80's, so I went through the first wave of keyboard music and love it. 🙂

    It was the time of "more is more". Decadent innocence..MTV.. And ofcourse there was no fear of kitsch and hyperbole cheesiness.

    But then came Kurt Cobain and killed it all..including the bombast keyboard sounds,shred guitar and himself..

    Just because something can be done, doesn't mean it should, even in the hands of one of the greatest guitar technicians in history. I prefer him on guitar (and when he's not cramming 32 notes into every bar).

    The time has come to do it.

    Some things.. we just can't stop..

    I can't see a single reason why I would ever want to use a guitar synth when both on stage and in the studio I can grab any usb keyboard and trigger a VSTi or even internal sounds.

    I do use a Boss SY200 to layer my guitar sounds in my band, there's a few moments in the set when the synth is louder than the guitar but it's still all pads/fuzz-octave stuff to accentuate my guitar parts.

    Of course, your mileage may vary but outside of virtuoso playing, this tech is unlikely to have a significant impact on music.

    What about live?

    First of all ..the beers are always on me. Old family tradition.😉

    The "reason" why anyone would "need" a guitar as a trigger instrument is IMO very simple.

    Everyone has one. Everyone can play a few chords on guitar. I can imagine so many situation in the studio or ofcourse on stage where it would be a huge advantage to do keys stuff with your guitar rig. A band with two guitar players using these possibilities.. easy answer,think about it..