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    I never said I didn't like the dude :)

    I know.Sorry if I sounded like you would not.

    I just saw George Lynch doing "ain't talking about love" evh tribute on a les paul.He sounded like slash doing randy rhoads..

    Somehow Les Pauls are not for shredders.At least not in their classical form with PAFs and without EMGs 81/85s..and indeed Slash with a mockingbird is a much more accurate player.

    No man..don't shut up please.. we are just lads discussing a guy who lives the "nice boys don't play rocknroll" thing.And this by real.No fake.He is mean.And his band was called "the most dangerous band in the world".Also no fake.Cheap stereotype of long haired,tattooed,useless punks having fun.This is great.And sells like crazy if young angry kids sense that this is no fake.

    I remember him being asked about Michael Jackson a few years ago and he just said "He is a freak..and strange..but that's ok because I am a freak and very strange too"..

    How not to like him as a person?🙂

    As a player..I guess he knows very well that he sucks in many ways.Lately I read that he was asked to work on his intonation during bends and vibratos and he said something like "yeah I should do that"....great guy..

    Yea I know what you mean.He is not "innovative" and did not "change the way we play" or "the way we see guitar" etc..

    But he is mean.

    He is also quite a bit punk and has as I said before this true "I don't care" attitude.Very traditional and to the point but with a lot of modern punk attitude.

    Is this cheesy?

    Definitely.Rock guitar is cheesy.One big stereotype.Slash symbolizes that perfectly.He is the poster boy of this brand.And I like that.^^

    Well, on recording he sounds very nuanced, I give him that, but live, I think it is underwhelming, sometimes is like slash is trying too hard to play like slash LOL, I am also on the camp of it being good, not great. But to each their own.

    Yea he is great on recordings.Absolutely.If he likes it he shines and gives this certain thing.And if he has a great producer by his side he does legend stuff.

    I have seen enough early days concerts of GnR which he played insanely good.With unbelievable passion.

    But ofcourse I admit he had a lot of "bad days"..specially later on.He often really just do not care.Not at all.This attitude of him is not theater.It is real.He is really a all or nothing player.I can respect this.

    I was thinking the same thing Nicky....yuk......but then I'm not a Slash fan so I'm not that interested in what he says.

    He always sounds like shit when he plays alone.This is him.He should never play without a band.Alone he sounds awful.Every single note is a waste.

    As he he sounds unique and "like him" when he plays in a great band.Then he is fantastic.One in a million.

    I don't know how often I heard a new rock song in the radio and said "hey..this sounds like Slash"..and you know was indeed always him!

    There are only a very few players left like him.


    Seriously now,guitar players have been to long mostly "rehearsal audio" type of musicians.As rock musicians in general but in opposite to drummers,bass players and ofcourse vocalists electric guitar only and exclusively sounded good under inhumanely loud conditions.Ofcourse this is the same with bass players and drummers but we guitar players always had this "cranked" thing which most bass players I ever met did not have.Only a few.

    So the volume knob thing is really a serious issue.One channel,many,many sounds..this was the classical tube thing.Together with one,two "essential" pedals.

    But today even plug ins..have become good with the volume knob.It is only a matter of time until this discussion ends once for all.

    I say this since years now.We guitar players still live for the biggest part of us in dark medieval ages.Still most of us hunting the holy grail.Monty phyton style..burning witches,doing crusades and other "more traditional" stuff.Spinal tap style.

    This volume knob thing...How can some pro guy who obviously has no clue about the matter (since he obviously never tried it seriously) talk about this issue when you have THE volume knob player of all the volume knob players of the universe using the KPA on his tours and everyone agrees that his sound is absolutely the same every night.Same as it has always been.With his pinky on the volume knob.All the time.Untill the last note.

    But here the crusaders come in and tell me again again for some time now that I should not mention Mark Knopfler.And all the others.Or they will burn me like as a witch/magician/warlock?

    It is REALLY all about to have an open mind.Dont listen to anyone.Dont believe anyone.Just your ears & fingers.THIS is the "science of music"..admitting what you hear and what you feel.If you hear and feel it..all is good.No reason for denying.Do the blind test again.Relax.Do the blind test again.Acceptance takes time.But then you will be ready to leave 10 tons of tube rigs at home..😉

    Yes.This and the "growling" are my favs.Have both together with the green scream on my fusion style leads..vintage fender & JTMs..freakin' good with just a little bit of tweaking if the rig is right.

    A good start would be a Profiler without the Pure Booster but another booster with secret sauce.

    And SPDIF that would only deliver 96 kHz.

    Ambivalence..I told you..

    We guitar players look for the "cleanest dirty sound" and for the "most defined distortion"..

    There are no other instrumentalists which such permanent schizophrenia on their is inherently in electric guitar.A total mess.But sometimes it sounds great.^^

    We are ambivalent.We as guitar players.It is not funny.It is often just very sad.As soon as we see a glowing tube we feel better.Or s8meone whispers "new old stock tubes" or "old germanium"..Still in 2021.I am no exception.I have to admit this.

    Take these new fuzz machines here.They sound great.Fat.Organic.Great vibe.Nice inspiration.They fit to everything within the profiler:amp gain,drives,boosts,eqs..with everything under control of the noise gate and the other tools.It is great for recording.I mean GREAT!

    Who ever tried to record extreme fuzz guitar into a dense mix will know how hilarious difficult this is.But with the fuzz machine it is just freakin' awesome.

    Yet after a few days we have like 7-8 pages on this thread with only a dozen or so posts which express their delight about this new tool.Lets compare this with other silly threads about the editor..

    Ofcourse I like allnthe guys here with their "constructive whining"..I would not expect something different.It is good to name the weak spots.Makes good things better.

    But seriously..these fuzzes are so good I would have expected more "rejoices" to be absolutely honest.And I have the feeling I am not the only one.


    Sorry for that.

    I will rewind and put my business hat on.

    Truth is that no glassy sound is doable without the "True Impedance" feature. One need to update to a Profiler Stage for that.

    Christoph you better start to understand the psyche of guitar players:Religious minds.Glowing shiny tubes being the "holy grail" of sound and old germanium or whatever cheap transistors & fets in colorful stomp boxes fit perfectly into this myth.This is hard to fight.Myths are hard to fight.

    I suggest patience.;)

    I liked the new drives.I did not like the ac sim.But this fuzz generator is great.

    The new fuzzes deserve to be seen as a new approach to this effect.Fuzz 2021.

    Now let's ad the last fine tuning.And everyone can use it as he likes.No reason to argue about it.

    I should add to this that it is not just a matter of getting this glassy clean tone but also all the tones you get between a germanium fuzz at full and progressively rolling off your volume pot. Using a germanium fuzz this way has something very organic in the feel and is a lot of fun to play.

    Creating a rig with this behavior using a morph pedal would be absolutely great!

    Yes.I know.But @CK is right that there are many ways to get this sound.And maybe even easier than with the fuzz and the volume knob.

    It is really to each his own.Nothing less,nothing more.We just see so many of this "pedal drive/volume knob" request that it would be nice to have at least one such preset for the fuzz machine.For the folks who just feel better with it than using any other way.

    You say it's easier to take an analog fuzz and turn down the volume pot, than taking a KPAs treble booster?


    I,personally believe and say the most easy thing is to have the right rig with a nice tele or strat for this glassy sound.I have a nice mbritt vintage fender rig with a treble booster and this is all I need exactly for this thing.

    But for some people..obviously they "feel better" with the fuzz and rolling back their volume knob.This is how they get this sound for a long,long time.Some lads for decades now.

    As funny as it sounds dear @CK (and I say this without irony) some lads in this huge guitarverse will never change the way they'll get their sound.Give them what they want.

    This is all I say.To each his own.If it can be is just one more preset.

    I agree fully.

    But we have to admit that it is far more easy to take a good fuzz and to just roll back the knob of the guitar to get this sound dear christoph.

    It is also a matter of "feel" for many many guitar players which either don't have the experience to "build" such a sound or they are just very used to do this with a fuzz-pedal and the volume knob.

    In any case..if there is a possibility to create a preset which "comes very close" to this kind of effect/sound you guys should create it.I know it will not work for everyone and everyones fingers/guitars but at least lads will have a chance to see the direction ..some kind of example of how to create such a thing.I believe you can do it.

    Other than for this fuzz.It is freakin' awesome.