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    Yes..he has created his Image and this image is of a eccentric,little bit psychotic genius who does not know about music theory and all his sound "just flows out of his chaotic mind"..

    But I hear hard work.Most of all.Hebknows exactly what he does.In every way.

    The songwriting,the vocals,the harmonies,the guitar work,always playing double beat to give his music this big,nervous epic sound..

    This is very hard work.Well thought,well produced..talent and a "crazy genius" are not enough to achieve this huge sound we hear on his records.All his albums have a clear,unique concept.You hear any song of him and you know from the first notes that this is Devin Townshend.

    He is a great musician.One of the greatest of our time.No matter what.

    Yeah I was aware of him on Sex and religion and knew he was crazy but not really listened to strapping or his solo work. Great stuff, hence why I love this thread!!

    Although he denies it Devin knows about modes and makes extensively use of them.For sure he learned a lot about this issue from Vai and ofcourse he is a huge Zappa fan.

    He is definitely a great musician but what most if his fans describe as "strange" and "unique" is just great song writing beyond the major/minor/pentatonic limits.Orchestral,big,heavy rock sound..

    For sure Townsend is a great musician and not half as crazy as he would like to be.He knows exactly what he does and he does it great.

    I am a big fan of him.

    Very expensive.

    I am very happy with the triple play together with my kemper.

    And one other thing..all these features on this midi guitar..I dont know..

    For me this is not "the job of the guitar".A guitar loses all its magic if you put digital tools into it.At least I feel so.I have a custom made strat with the triple play interface on it and I feel quite strange about this.

    All these features should be found in a next generation amp/tool with its fitting floor control and some EV pedals.Because this is how we as guitar players work,think,feel..

    We don't want pads on our guitar.

    That being said..I see more and more guitar players searching for new sounds.This is a fact.The developers should really take this fact serious.Specially the digital modeler developers.

    I have a premonition:

    One day I'll stand before my maker...sitting on his heavenly throne...

    my last bad joke about bass players still echoing under the sky...

    and while HE is calling me to step closer, he is currently putting down his bass guitar and saying: "Well, my son... now we should finally talk..."

    I remember a nice lad in this forum who couldn't make bad jokes about bass players at all because he was married to one..^^

    Glad the culprit has been found... as always, the bassplayer ;):P:D

    At some point in time (long,long ago..) I started to shoot them.

    But for some reason all of them survived and came back louder than ever.There are some things in life we musicians have to accept I guess..?(

    I really think this is the biggest gift to a musician.Adding something to a good song which makes it eternal.A melody,a vibe whatever.

    Comparing this ability to "wildest shred" ..I have to say I would easily let the shred go.

    no no..

    We dont talk about popularity.At least not me.I was talking about being recognizable.With the way we play.As I said..with Slash I had this often.With each of his project after GnR.

    Sitting in the car.Hearing never knew it was him.But I was like "hey..this sounds like Slash..".

    And it was indeed him.Everytime.


    Another guy in the early 90s was this guy who played these lines on motorcycle emptiness.Manic street preachers.Forget his name.But these are musicians which I prefer over guys who have to fight the shred demon all the time... for example...😆


    It is all about preferences.Some lads just freaking want to impress other musicians.I know many of them.We all know many of them.And you know what?For me this is perfectly fine as long as this is really satisfactory for these guys.As long as they are happy (and I mean really happy!!) all is good.Even if they have to play hilarious well known children songs melodies to make their audition laugh for a few seconds to keep their attention for one more minute of their shredding.. its ok..🙃

    But in my experience most of the times this did not work out forever.It is a thing of young players.And only a very few continue with this (impressing other musicians) and are fine with that beyond their 30s.I met so many guitar players who shredded their whole live but are somewhat unhappy that they never learned to play a melody straight,with nice vibrato,tasteful bendings and and ofcourse the right intonation.And truth is..there is no good player without these attributes.If my vibrato and my intonation is shit..all is futile..all is for nothing.

    I guess this is a truth most of us will not deny.

    You won't like this statement but for me he is not a guitarists guitarist, he's a peoples guitarist.

    You we have it.This is all about.

    For me personally this was somewhat a "life long issue" I want to impress other guitar players or do I want to develop my own voice?You hardly can do both.As Satriani said it some months ago..when ever he goes into "full practice mode" learning new techniques he loses feel and expression.Most of us would wholeheartedly agree I think.So..

    Shawn Lane or Slash?

    Holdsworth or Santana?

    Guthrie or Jeff Beck?

    It is completely impossible to answer this question.

    But I know that all the pro musicians I know hide the "impressive" and play very disciplined for their clients in the studio and on stage to play for the song.And only for the song.This is how money is earned in music.

    Ofcourse you have Nuno,Malmsteen and all the others who have "everything" but let's be honest..most of these guys are "leftovers" from better times of the electric guitar.It is a difficult issue to judge in 2021 who is a "musicians musician" and who "plays for the people"..I mean..John Mayer could just stand naked in a corner with no strings on his guitar and still the chicks would make him a superstar nevertheless.

    Most people can't hear Malmsteen for more than 10 minutes.I belong to these people.And I LOVE!! him.."normal people" turn away after 30 seconds.

    But I can hear Slash,Santana,Chuck Berry all day long..same as my girl friend..😉

    It is all about good music in the end.And who likes what kind of music.If some one likes this shredding(guitar or whatever) stuff 24/ my each his own.

    The fun part is that I hear a lot of good things about the neural SLO plug in.Have some friends using it and are full of praise.It has "the voicing" and stands well in dense mixes.

    Plug ins are getting better and better.I wonder when we will see the first plug in combined with a good guitar synth.This will make me very,very excited.If this synth sounds organic and stands well in the mix together with the guitar..then..

    Man :). What's wrong? Leave Hodor alone, he's my friend.. I would say, you are distorting completely what I said: I said, there is a word in German for making music that does not imply "playing", that's all I said. I did not point to what you answer when being asked which musical instrument you "play". We use "play" in this case only because of the absence of a better word, not because we literally compare the biological behavior "playing" with "using an instrument". And yes, people use "musizieren" in Germany a lot in various cases, for example in school language or when people describe social activities. It is not "stiff" at all by itself, it is how you use apply it. Don't blame me, blame those .... German to the bone Germans.

    All good.But you will not deny that you have to freakin' play this freakin' guitar/drums/bass or whatever to "make"/create music..will you?

    We play.This is what we do.Everywhere.

    I will agree that there are different approaches to name instruments.In other cultures they call them "organos" like extensions of the body parts or in other just "toys".

    But everywhere play to make/create music.And please stop denying that.

    The verb is "musizieren", my friend. Sure you speak German?

    Oh.I understand.So if someone asks you "was spielst Du?" you answer is "Ich musiziere"..

    That's fine.A little bit stiff.Hordor style.But in any case it is not wrong.

    Well, no, without wanting to get too philosophical. Otherwise everything you "possess" except food, clothes and shelter are mere toys (wifes included).

    "Play" in musical terms is something different (for me) than "playing" with literal toys for the sake of playing (which is biologically spoken learning). Answer to your question: in German, for example, there is a verb for "making music" that does not contain "playing" ;). I cannot imagine that the ancient Greeks did not have such a word.

    Welches Instrument machst Du?Oder spielst Du?

    Sure you speak correct german?

    Good summary. What you call XL would be a real II for me already. Yes, everybody should distinguish between real tool and toy for himself. You can make a lot of money with both.

    Every music tool is "a toy".That's the reason we "play it"..

    Actually I don't know any culture/language which does not describe music tools as "toys to play" with..😉

    A little bit overhyped.And most people don't like this.Anyway.

    Yet would be a great time to announce a "KPA XL" with dual amp,more fx,more I/Os/touchscreen and wifi..for whoever thinks he really needs all this.

    And for the rest of us this would give @CK the time to decide about a real KPA 2 which is as revolutionary as the current one was during the last decade.

    Alex Skolnick shreds on LP type guitars with no problems. He is the first that comes to my mind. Others can shred a Les Paul too, like Al Di Meola, Neil Schon, Zakk Wylde, Randy Rhoads, John Sykes, Matt Heafy, John Norum, Rik Emmet, Doug Aldritch, Buckethead...

    So it is possible ^^

    A les paul with active/highoutput PUs is not a les paul.At least not what I understand as "the les paul sound".

    Sykes uses a combination high output HBs(dirty fingers) and also a maple neck which gives a more direct attack.Zakk..well 81/85s..and so on.

    It is not that easy to shred on a vintage les paul.Thats what I said.You have to play very cautious to be accurate.And still unbelieveable in his accurate..even "percussive" playing on a vintage style Les Paul.Actually he was a real "full ability shredder" even in the early 70s.And he is still impressive.