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    Well I have a very strange personal view on all of that.

    For me there is no "music theory".

    I always thought that only the idea of "theory" in connection with arts is very ...funny?

    How can it be "theory" when we hear,feel and play it?

    Steve Vai or Zappa for example use a lot of "theory" when in fact they always create certain feels which are not a really deniable in my ears. They just knew/know what they do. They don't like to be in a "dark room" hoping that "somehow" they will find the right way to express themselves.Some people say music is "the mathematics of our feelings" and if this is true(I like this idea) the modes/scales are just some variables. Like "minor=sad/major=happy"..and in most cases this is true. The modes have their own "feel" in between what we call "major/minor/". So nothing special really. No theory. It is very practical. If you know what you are doing in a split second. It has to he a natural thing.

    The same thing about our guitar sounds or our work flow.

    Some people try to create sound purely by gear. If the feel of the song is not "right" they will try to rectify this by changing the amp,putting more fx on the sound etc until their ears get tired and they give up.

    I would try to change other things. If I have a song which has a major feel but something is not "quite right" ..yes I would try the MIXOLYDIAN mode. Just one note different. Just one note away from.the major feel,one note more minor feel. Just an example. The older we get things start to exhaust us. We want more melody instead of energy,we want more harmony instead of rage. Gear will not help with that. Gear is not the right way to "re-fresh" our ears to revitalize them. At least I think so. This is my experience. Anyway..

    Humans are complicated creatures. And musicians even more so. There us no "rule" for anything in arts/music.

    Was about time,no;

    We guitar players believed to long we are the centre of the universe without working hard for anything else than doing the guitar hero stuff..

    Time to wake up. The KPA is a great tool to push us beyond our comfort zones.

    psycho acoustics..

    We are evolving as human beings with our experiences and tastes. Our ears get "old",our way we perceive our stand alone guitar sound within the band changes a lot and so on..I can tell you another 1000x things.

    The most interesting thing for me is how I perceived highly distorted,"trebly" sounds I loved for decades doing recordings. Today I hate them. Cant use them anymore. I don't play my beloved rev f anymore for that reason and so on.

    In the end I realized that doing only recordings over a long period of time while doing no live work changes EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING. The "balance" get lost and we as guitar player in the recording studio or alone at home doing our parts on the DAW evolve right away from the casual rock guitar player into a different sort of musicians more in the direction of being also our own "producers" (working on the drum sound,bass,keys etc).

    First the kemper for the biggest part did that. And in a way covid/lock downs did the rest.

    This happened to a lot of guitar players. Believe me.

    Dont get too comfortable, Allison Russell is getting more popular by the day...was just on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert :D

    She is beautiful..and a really great musician.

    And since I already reached my limit today of immature and childish comments about this really nice instrument and the clarinet in my country is also the synonym for even more immature and childish jokes ..I will just leave it there..peace..:)

    it is not about "playing another instrument ".

    It never was.

    It is about creating new sounds. You can mix several instruments where "on top" still your usual lead sound is clearly the main sound but "with another vibe".

    If I want to play clarinet I ask a clarinet player who does that all his life.

    Tube rigs will always be seen as "vintage" and "the heart of rocknroll" and this was and maybe will remain the biggest "attitude problem" of the digital guitar modeler. Sorry for stating the obvious.

    It is just not enough for digital tools to have become "as good as the originals" even if they offer "easier handling" and all that great things we KPA users enjoy so much. I have met so many guitar players which were obviously extremely impressed by the KPA but way they would use it. Just no.

    Still many many players will tell us that "ok..sounds great,easy to use but still I feel better with my small boutique tube rig and my fav 5 boutique pedals.."

    The good ol' "rocknroll vibe" most don't get with a digital tool. You can't change that. For many folks sitting all week long in their office behind the desk with their laptop the tube rig still remains the last line of defence for their hidden rocknroll dreams.

    But give them new sounds,new vibes,new crazy experiences with sounds and things will change.It is very long ago that guitar players had that "jimi does his feedback orgies"-shock and all that "real electrification of the electric guitar" revolution.

    This was a very big thing in the late 60s. Maybe the biggest.This was the moment that whole distortion/overdrive/feedback thing started. That was the moment we still live today.Think about it.Its true.And this happened over half of a century ago.

    That's a long time.And it still is what it is until someone comes along and makes good use of modern technology to change that.

    It's not about more delays and reverbs as much as it's about all the rest of them and more of them at the same time. Some people are a front noise gate and a good dirty amp profile kind of person, some are more like, an input eq, another gate, boost comp and dirt stomp or 2 or 3, another gate, another eq, amp stack, post eq kind of people. This doesn't leave a lot of room for pitch, wah( which are many in wonderful uniqueness), wham, maybe some modulation in the front or multiple modulation in the back plus or minus potentially. Some also like delay and reverb in front too.

    Very fine. Obviously some folks need a KPA XXL. Many others wanted the stage. Let's give them what they need. Dual amps and 100x noise gates & OD pedals..go ahead!I hope the KPA XXL will come and I wish all these people a lots of fun and a good time with it. As I do with all the guys who wanted (and got) the stage..

    Where is the problem;

    All I say is that I (!!) hope for a real,revolutionary step ahead. New sounds,new abilities of using them with a stand alone tool which I can bring into a studio or on stage and use it as comfortable as I do already with the toaster/remote/EV pedals.Playing "vibes" I never could achieve before.Adding new colours.

    [email protected] one day comes along and says "sorry folks..synth not possible"..that's fine too.I have the triple play and will continue to fight with it and the whole laptop mess on stage if I have to and at least this laptop does not weigh a ton like the tube rigs I used years I am already fine.More or less.

    100% correct.

    Talking about guitar we have right now a very talented generation of kids like Mancuso and many others being influenced by Holdsworth and all the other fusion/jazz legends.

    Fusion players will seek for fusion sounds.One does not need to be a smartass to foresee this.

    And personally I have tons of fun and inspiration to mix (just as an example) 60%-40% a fat Dumble style mid gain sound from the kpa with a very realistic saxophone sim from my triple play system doing my fusion leads..

    As you said. The rock guitar hero shred sound of the 80s has come so far,same as all the drop tune stuff of the 90s and today young musicians are free to ignore all that cliches and stereotypes and can do their very own thing just like the musicians in the 60s and 70s..only with more modern technology.This is good news.

    Now please..someone give these kids the tools which weren't available in the 60s and 70s.

    I think those peeps' requests have been more about distortion pedals and chorus / other mod FX since the new delays and 'verbs dropped, Nikos.


    Let's drop the idea with the synth.

    Let's continue with the next modeler and the next 1000x versions of the 5150 with a lots more of od pedals then..


    I don t believe that "more people have asked for a synth"..

    For sure most people here and other blogs want more fx etc.

    I said that many players I know would love to have a synth in their guitar modeler.. And that's a fact.

    Other than that I use the triple play and it is perfect for my needs. It is just that I have it on one guitar and have to change between this guitar and other ones as well as I need to have a laptop and all that stuff.


    Van Halen & Ingwie happened..

    Everyone wanted to sound like them for many many years and styles like Jazz and even blues were "out" for many years until the mid 90s when they came back very slowly but steadily.

    Just right now for the very few last years you see all these holdsworth/jazz/fusion influenced kids coming up.

    We have right now a lots if young talented kids experimenting and trying new things like never before. They will not stop before they have tried everything new technology offers. That's for sure.

    I have to confess that I don't get the desire for "guitar synth" capabilities, to be honest.

    Get a synth (and a keyboarder) and you'll get better (and more versatile) results.

    Absolutely. 100% agree..

    But here is "the thing"..

    What about bringing all this to the rehearsal and ofcourse live on stage; I don't need keyboard players in my projects. I need more "different sounds" (mostly lead stuff) for myself.

    If I can't get that I will never ever buy another guitar modeler. My KPAs are already great for my "guitar-needs" as they are. No complaints

    It is just before I spend the next 2000-3000€ on a kpa2 or whatever future(!) modeler I expect to be able to do "sounds I never did before" in a stand alone tool for recording & gigging.

    And I KNOW that there are a lot of folks out there who would wish for something like that.

    Not as many as the ones who just want more effects and dual amp cab profiles.

    I am not 100% sure about this. In any case I will agree that there are many players who will never get enough of tweaking and trying to "sound better" through the "more fx" thing but I never had the feeling that these guys are a "majority" to be honest.

    Also I dont see any problem in producing such a "KPA XXL".. should be not difficult.

    But this should not stop R&D for something more revolutionary.

    Creating an algorithm that didn't require a proprietary pickup would be an off-the-charts achievement. Marrying magnetic pickup technology originally invented in the 1930's to a technology born 53 years later (1983)......Nutso.

    If someone has done it already, I've never heard of it. There are guitar synth units of course, but they convert the electric signal into the synth sound. You can't connect it to your computer and use a synth plugin with as you can with a keyboard.

    We know that. But for sure there are "many ways" to achieve something. We'll see. For sure "some people" are working on solutions for this issue and I remember a musician called Dweezil Zappa demoing a 100% violin sound on an axefx.This was years ago.

    I think the synthesizer idea is a good point, if Kemper implements an innovative and unique approach to most things then a fully comprehensive and in depth synthesizer addition would be a great way to lead in. Especially if there's someway to get super solid pitch tracking without using a midi pickup.

    Yeah exactly.

    If we talk about being "innovative" and all the "next step" stuff there is no way around this.