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    Okay..on a more serious note..

    For me it is always interesting to see that guys with the ability to see "the whole thing" are the ones who write history.

    Marshall was a drummer,Christoph a Keyboarder etc enough is obvious that to be really "disruptive" you need to get the birds view on things.All visionaries who changed paradigms had this ability.Add big fun of taking risks and courage to this.

    I enjoyed the first minutes of this interview..could not stop laughing about the "nerds with no girls around"..:P

    I guess Christoph is the first keyboarder I ever heard seeing the "real problems" of being a freakin' pc nerd lol..And I am so glad that he found his way of being a real rock roller giving us guitar players what we need today..and not what we want..;)

    Btw..could it be that Christoph's nerd-experiences are the main reason the whole world is still waiting for the editor????Just saying..:/:)

    Most recording studios I know use the 610 for recording bass and sometimes acoustic guitar..but I used it mostly for recording electric guitar(and "very vintage"-vibe vocals with a 47 ish mic)) with the 57/414 combo..

    IMO a very underrated and somehow "misunderstood" can get great "Rock'n'Roll" vibes with it.It has this vintage thing going on and one has to know how to use this.It is definitely no "clear" and "neutral" mic-pre..

    Indeed this must be a generational thing..


    Moody & Marsden have always been my favourite "dual players" of all rock bands ever..I can sing every note of their lead stuff,their melodies are hammered into my ears since I was a kid..and both with unique vibrato/bending skills..

    What I liked most with them was that both used the Dorian mode very nicely for playing all these blues stuff in a very nice melancholic way in many,many songs like ain't no love or blind man etc..fantastic music..<3

    Aprat from his incredible technique and approach, its his willingness to share that amazes me...

    All giants have this..this fear that any thing of real value could be lost!;)

    Though many old blues based players of the old school looked down on shredders like Paul..most of these 80s shredders (with exception of malmsteen maybe..^^)indeed always loved to share.All the old school blues based guys..not so much..strange,huh?:/

    Paul is a great guy.Has always been..

    The KPA has become a highly complex system..I only hope after all the 7.x upgrade package everything will stay stable,reliable and all bugs & glitches will be sorted out in a few months before we leave the beta-zone and get a workable release.

    This is all I want for the future..(plus a really great acoustic SIM,new/better OD/Dist pedals,and a more "analogue /vintagesounding" Octaver)..:)

    I have said it before..dual amps and pre/post gain staging will not satisfy most of the guys who believe now that these will bring them to "higher levels" within the sound universe..actually most guys will tweak themselves to death and the disappointment about the result will be huge..

    I am highly convinced that specially guys like you should "return to the volume knob" since I know many very experienced players who at some point in time "lost it" and also lost some passion & obsession for the guitar.I know for sure that for me it is very important to return from time to time to this thing of using a one channel tube rig,one Strat or LesPaul and keeping my pinky on the volume knob of the guitar.This keeps my passion alive.Its so basic that I really have to "listen to the finest details" and all that counts are my vibrato,my expression in general until the point I always start to think "well..a little bit of reverb would be fine now.." a little bit of luxury like in the old days.This was everything our idols had back then.

    Don't get me wrong..I also love,love,love the "ready rig" with tons of stuff and morphing which I know will sound always have the same good with my KPA.

    Actually it is unbelievable what we can do now with the KPA.Best of both worlds and our decisions of " which way to go" can vary from day to day.Pure and basic or "wet multi channel/amp"..without the need to touch any knob and all in one tool.Amazing.:P

    The main reason I went for the KPA was exactly this guitar volume thing..

    And I bet all my money that it is the first thing most guys who come from tube rigs will check..even if they don't test it "consciously" at first.And I mean not only the mid-gain and break-up guys of the "old school".

    The electric guitar sound is all about the interaction/sweet spot of a good tube rig and the guitar volume/tone knobs.;)

    Have Kemper been criticised in the past for not giving advanced notice of new functions? Yes. So now they do and its an endless stream of impatience. Please note I was one of the people pushing for an editor, so I do get it. I also keep looking in the hope its been released, but I'm not losing sleep over it.

    You expect fairness in a world which has become 100% narcissistic and full of negative energy.Dont do this.I live my life much better learning with time that each good deed will be punished with no remorse...if not instantly shown off & advertised on Facebook,Twitter & Instagram to get the clicks and the add money..


    Which makes me think the stage release was rushed (for financial reasons ? ).

    I am a digital dummie but even I know now in 2019 that everything digital/computer-like tool/programme is "rushed" when it is thrown out into the world market.

    Whatever teething problems the stage has will be solved.Make no mistake.This is out of question.

    I remember reading that the editor is already working and the whole (OS7) thing being tested for release.

    The editor will be part of a very huge upgrade.

    It is only reasonable to do this release only after being tested intensively as such:As a big package which is OS7.I don't understand this hurry of some of you guys here.

    Let the Kemper Team iron out all possible issues before they release it.

    I rather have an upgrade-package which works as a whole (new reverbs,Kone,editor,AC-sim maybe new/better od/dist-pedals) as good as possible than to have a rushed release of a part of it(editor).

    I am in need for a great acoustic SIM much more than any of you of the editor..still I understand that it will be only part of the whole thing and this means a little bit more patience..;)

    The first video I see which is really as much about "the feel" as "the tone" of the profiled rigs and I like this.

    And while we are at it..@CK once in a post some months ago said "if the tone is the same as of the profiled amp the feel is also the same"..

    I thought about this for a long time.@CK is (indeed) the only technician on earth whom I would believe this statement without to question it any further but..but..but..oh my fingers..guys like these in this video would also disagree with "same tone,same feeling"-thesis.The tone may be very similar or even the same while the "feel" could be completely "off".Or is this just psychoacoustics of us guitar players?

    This is a discussion I would like to see to be honest.Indeed this is the "last question mark" for me ie Tube rigs and the kpa.