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    We have here two professional tools.One of this tool is (as I mentioned above) already a "standard" in many pro-studios and the main working tool for many professional gigging musicians on the road with "big names".This means some things are not a matter of taste but rather common sense and "minimum requirements of professional musicians to their main tool" kind of thing..Further..comparing these two modelers in 2019 is not the same like it was some years ago.In the meanwhile everybody has heard about definitions like "amp in the room"/FRFR and all these things many many guys never thought about before they bought a Kemper in lets say 2015..

    Things have developed.New shootouts should be valued by these developments..These clips are not good.They do not stand for the Kemper or the AF3.Period.

    No , such a discussion drives development and improvement , if only there is something to improve and is a team that wants to improve and if it is technically possible.


    But my problem is that we have here two rather weird sounding clips(what is this for a weird "ringing"?) and for sure the KPA or the AF3 do not sound this poor.I would not say this if OP would be a newbie.But in this case OP knows that "requirements" are quite high if a "old member" does one more shoot out between these two modelers.I dont say that ColdFrixion does bad profiling or bad tweaking on purpose.I really dont believe this.But for sure we can do better.

    Are they both a PODhd500? 8o:D:evil::saint:

    lol ..funny enough I thought the same thing..^^ ;)

    For me, it doesn‘t matter which is what.

    Comparing Kemper, Axe and Helix is something I thought about during the first two month when I had my new Kemper.

    Meanwhile, after years of use, I know that the Kemper is an excellent sounding gear.

    For live shows and recording.

    That‘s all I have to know.

    I also believe that these kind of shootouts are a little bit "late" by many pros are using the Kemper,It has become a standard in most serious recording studios and the studios who don't have one are on the verge of getting it..anyway..



    The profiles of the axe3 in the RE are sounding aweful.All of them..

    The "A-Matchless DC-30BP" from TAF since years.It is still my go to for nice,sweet leads for all kinds of pop,blues,vintage rock lines with Strats and my LesPaul.Amazing profile for me.

    And the "Re-Tube Lead" from Johannes Maas.Nice to "beef up" your strat to get a fat vintage lead sound without to "f*ck It up" with noise etc..

    For shred.."Mesa Dual Rec++ "and "XBogner XTC +TB CH1"both from r.u.sirius.The first has tons of highs and nice mids.The latter is quite "bassy" but with some tweaking you get a perfect "heavy" hot rod Marshall type shred sound.Also look out for profiles from @fastredponycar.He and r.u.sirious did a lot of very good "hair"-80s profiles.

    For cleans and many to name..;)

    Strange enough I have tested "everything" in the RE for "acoustic guitar" but for steel string stuff I always return to the Frnazkowiak "Acoustic E" profile made with a Baldringer Pre..I just tweak it to my needs.And it takes "everything" ie EQ,FX and even tons of OD.

    For Nylon..the "Aura ny 7" profile in the RE is highly usable.I just roll of the highs and twaek a bit with EQ,compression etc..good enough to get a "controlled nylon"-sound (with a good classical guitar of course) without all the Feedback-issues you often get when you do micing or use a "cheap preamp" through FOH without any good soundcheck.And yes..soundguys hate Nylon Guitars..I just plug in my takamine nylon into the Profiler..and that's it.

    All that being said.

    I wait for the announced "acoustic sim" and I really hope this will " be it".High hopes here..

    Just wait until the new Ionosphere and Formant reverbs are released with OS 6. Then we will be in Big Sky territory handing over the eviction notice..😎

    While the new delays did not "that much" for me personally (still use mostly the "legacy" delays) these new reverbs will be very important for me.Ionosphere..sounds good..:)

    Is it me or are the new reverbs really fantastic?Warm.Fat.Nice.

    The "natural" is all I need.I love this for almost everything I will ever need.The "Cirrus" though is for "serious ambient"..great reverbs..´may even record with them from time to time.

    There are already guys who do this:Two Kempers/Mimiq/two cabs..

    For me even without the Mimiq the sound of two profilers is "glorious".Amazing.I will just say that I use also the fishhman triple play.KPAs left/right,TP center..boom!

    What spesific splawn amp are you referring to? I'm searching in the RE, but there are so many

    I love the Splawn Nitro.. FastRedPonyCar has a nice profile in the RE.This special one works fine with my P-90s Gibson Special and even better with the DiMarzio Injectors in my custom Strat.It hates low output SCs and hotter HBs though..I love to use it for Jimis Voodoo child.."hysterical",screaming highs..singing mids and vivid,3D-like bass..and even on the neck PU with the tone control rolled back it does pinch harmonics..

    I guess it is possible.Take the fuzz-stomp and also try the recti-shapers..instead old Marshall profiles I would try some Friedman/Bogner type of thing.Personally I would try Splawn for this kind of overdrive since they have a very nice harmonical behaviour in the mids and lows..

    It is also a good idea to have a good Stratocaster which has a effective tone control for the bridge-PU.On my I use the bridge and middle PU together and roll back both tone controls to 3-5..try it and see what happens.Together with the combination of amp & fuzz distortion you should get a nice creamy mid-freq orgy which brings you into the Eric Johnson ballpark.But it is all useless if you can't deliver the quintuplets in lightspeed.;)

    Most of his "rolling"-violin effect comes from his technique and all the gear just supports this..


    Nothing to do with the EJ sound but some time ago I tweaked a yerevil "splawn vh synth" profile for some "rolling" stuff and had a lot of fun for this style of playing.Maybe a nice starting point for experiments?This profile needs higher output humbuckers though..

    No.Nothing has changed.

    We had this discussion several times here..anyway..

    It is our mood.How good we feel.The older I get the more it becomes a fact.It is all about my mood and "daily condition".

    I also said this several times:Read(in some of the newest science surveys) about how even a "single glass of wine" the night before can change the way we hear the next day.It is really shocking.Unbelievable.Nevertheless I believe it is true.The older we get we have to depend on our "experience" how our gear sounds.And the "patience" that any negative mood will pass and we will have our glorious,beloved sound "all if the sudden" back.

    Personally during the last year's I developed methods of "finding back" into a good sound after some time of being disappointed with my guitar sound.It is often just a "working your way back to light" when you are in a deep black sound hole.We are musicians after all.Drama and depression(specially about our sound) is part of our job.||:P;)

    I believe just about every guitar player on the planet has used something he's created.8)

    for sure I tried "all picks on earth" during the last 35 years but I always come back to his purple delrin500 2.0mm picks.Actually they are part of my clothing.There is no trouser or jacket of mine which are not occupated by these picks..


    Quite honestly I don't care if it is "just another acoustic sim" in a cheap L6 box..

    From Kemper I expect something more "special".I even hope we get some "exotic parameters"..sympathetic strings/resonator etc..please..

    I mean..this is @CK..the man with the Virus..

    I had this issue with all the cheaper Marshall clones in the 80s..Hiwatts,Laneys and Orange..specially the Laneys were so "brutally EL-34" that I remember having even problems to adjust the volume levels properly.I called this very bad EQ-work on the amps.

    So..I would like to suggest that it is all about the profile.


    Leave all the EL34 type of amps and go for the 6L6-like stuff.Try the Petrucci profiles of his signature amp.More "fluid" is hard to find IMO.Also Holdsworth had his "most fluid" sound when he used an early Revision dual rectifier..and did Frank Gambale also not used Mesas?

    Btw..I noticed that I shred "exclusivly" with EL84 type of amps for quite some time now.Matchless stuff and Engl.There are some nice profiles out there.The Peavey classics are also "of this family".Same "voicing".It is all about the "right transients".