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    Same here.There was a time when I was on the total hendrix trip and tried some fuzz pedals but I never got the grip on them besides this psychedelic 60s sound which I really loved.

    But these kemper fuzzes are a real "colouration machine".Somehow I stopped seeing these new fuzzes as such after the first 10 minutes I played them.For me they are just one more great tool to form the sound I have in my ear.

    I see all these several types of overdrive/distortion sources(amp distortion/kemper drives & fuzzes/boosts) as a melting pot to get the right sound for everything I have in mind.And the fuzzes are like the last piece of the puzzle.And for sure not the least important piece of this puzzle. is unbelievable how these fuzzes react to nice vintage rigs.Old fender amp's,JTMs,VOX etc.

    With the kemper drives together with the these fuzzes I can create everything I want instantly without shapers and eqs..maybe a pure boost/treble boost here and there..these fuzzes just have "the right voicing"..I am delighted.

    This is good news.

    The bad news is that I just deleted all of my older drive presets to create new ones.Here we go again..?

    Do you have a Stage with true impedance setting as mention by waraba?

    No one of my main strats has this feature waraba mentioned.

    But the kemper fuzz is "different" anyway.Try it.I am sure you will like it.It has some "enhancements".For example some of the presets have a good,direct attack which I love and never achieved in the past with any fuzz pedal.

    I go back playing now but I would claim that these fuzz are vintage like,with all the "60s chaos" but everything totally under control.I mean..even the freakin' feedback..over my tannoys..what's going on here?

    See ya..

    Thank you Ingolf..

    This is exactly what I have heard from my friend.

    He has set up his kemper for years,has found/profiled his fav rigs,got the kone..

    He said the QC is not a 'game changer' and there is no reason to go through the exhausting process to build up again the next modeler rig and working out the whole chain till the right monitoring and use with DAW etc..

    The form factor is still nice though.No doubt.

    MTV rock 1987..

    Schenker must have been the only famous guitar hero back then who gave the hit single main guitar solo to his bands second guitar player.I was 15 and did not understand this to be honest.I was like "why does he play only this little melody and gives all the fancy stuff to this other guy.."

    What have happened to all those good ol' 80s rock vids with long haired guys posing in dirty garages with guitars,mic stands,drum stick tricks and the bass player licking the neck of his instrument next to half naked super chicks washing the harley with ....whatever available...

    And today we have McAuley doing it all alone.This hurts..


    You received the Quad Cortex;Would like to hear your opinion on that thing;A friend of mine received his,played it two weeks and sold it +200€.

    He kept the SLO plug in though..

    Coverdale was on his height when he did this live performance and for me a big part of the "goose bumps" part of thing is the band..Moody,Mardsen,Murray,Paice,Lord..oh dear..

    And the backing vocals..perfect..

    And Murray is up there with Andy Fraser..most underrated bass player ever..

    I love these series..

    But if there is one truth out there then it is that you can't teach "spirituality" have it.Or not.

    And by "spirituality" I don't mean sitting on a rock somewhere in India with a sitar up your [email protected]@ doing the "ommmmh"-thing.

    All these musicians in these series trying to teach something which the big majority of students will see as "super-cheesy" and against the 'super real' zeitgeist of learning by tutorials and how to manage yourself over social media in a world of likes and clicks-views.And the other few guys which could understand these videos don't need it.They are already "in".In fact..I know much more non-musicians who will "understand" these videos than I know guitar players who will.



    ... oh man thats enormous!

    Tried to count. Not possible for me. 8)

    Do they count? I think not. Its all feeling I think. :)

    The Bulgarian culture has many great creative deeps. Its a rich music-culture. When I only thinking about choirs... :/ simply great!

    As far as I understand this thing here (saying this because I have to count this stuff as a "born northern guy"..) they think more of dance moves and really,really old traditional "vibes & rules"..

    It is not that crazy difficult if you are used to it..I mean if you have this kind of sound/vibe all around you all the time.

    In any case they don't see it as "let's do odd grooves" does not work like this.Personally I try to understand it as "anarchic-shred"..if this makes sense.. ?