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    Thanx Dude!

    I am looking forward to ask you (and the other good guys who do all these fine profiles) in the next weeks and months to come for all the stuff I am dreaming about since I started to play the guitar...I already have listen to a lot of your profiles.Great stuff.You guys rock,keep it up!

    And again thankns for this very warm welcome.Makes me really feel like I find a new home as a musician.

    Thanx again for this warm welcome.


    It is all about music.Melodies.And in the end only the song counts..

    "The edge" is no Shredder but still a genius with all his FX,delays and stomps.

    Thanks guys..


    This is my thinking too.All my life as a musician (some 30 years,most of them as a professional) I was the "less is more"-type of player.Tubes,tubes,tubes, pedals (except a wah),best guitars I could get.And ofcourse my fingers.

    The Kemper is really a step forward.As well as in terms of sound as well as in its "philosophy".

    Most of all a musician needs inspiration.No useless gimmicks.The Kemper is pure inspiration,It is most of all fun.This is a huge thing.The most crucial thing.

    Hi from Thessaloniki,Greece.

    Got my Kemper yesterday.Nice tool.I wont sell my tube amps but I am looking forward to use the Kemper live and also for many things in the studio.