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    I've had a Kemper for a while, but I'm just now trying to profile an amp. It is a 68 plexi clone. I'm not getting the expected results. In my case, I'm trying to profile everything except for the speaker cab.

    Here's my setup:

    Amp->Suhr Reactive Load->Kemper return
    Kemper send->amp input
    Kemper mains left out->matrix power amp->4x12

    The amp has the post phase-inverter master at noon, presence at noon, and everything else cranked.

    I set the input level for the profile to match other know good profiles and do the profile. I check be box for skipping the speaker.

    I use the matrix amp and 4x12 to compare results. I make sure the speaker button is turned off on the profiler. What I end up with sounds like it has a low pass filter of some sort, kind of like playing through a cocked wah.

    Any pointers?

    I'm using my Kemper Profiler with studio monitors. I'd love to be able to make it sound more like an amp instead of a mic'd amp without going to a guitar cab. Has anyone come up with the inverse eq for common microphones?

    This could be a nice feature for the various outputs.

    Would like to have per string tuner offsets in cents for sweetened tunings, preferably with the ability for multiple presets that can be cycled through easily for multiple guitars (ie. Some are Feiten, some are not).

    Having a reference tone offset (A=445 for instance) per preset would be useful too