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    Ultimately the “profile the profiler to free up blocks” is just a workaround that will freeze up components of your sound, you might want to change later.

    Much easier to let us use the page buttons to navigate through more blocks than the 4 visible pre or post ones.

    DonPetersen I understand the request perfectly. I hate to waste a slot on an eq. There are only 4 slots pre stack. Many guitarists use eq in their chain to be able to go from one guitar too another. I have a strat that has steel frets. It is just a tad brighter than my other strats. Perfectly adjustable by eq. So i have to “waste” a slot. I have two parker fly guitars. A classic and a deluxe. Almost the same guitar, but the classic is more boxy sounding. Again i have to sacrifice a slot to iron out the differences.

    The real problem here is the 4 slot limitation IMO.

    You guys must have a lot of spare time to watch videos. If I want to see a specific delay setting then I don't want to watch a video on the History of Delays for 30 minutes. Just show me the setting and be done with it. Like get to the point. The rest is just an infomercial. TMI.

    so you never watch a movie? Because to me, that’s mostly a waste of time. But nerdy videos about music, trains, history etc etc is what i watch when it’s leisure time. Some people watch football, some people watch the history of delay machines.

    I too think this discussion seems like people didn’t really listen to what Josh said. I don’t think he said one bad word about the Kemper. Quite the contrary. And he was genuinly interested in what tonejunkie had to bring to the table. It was, IMHO, a real good showpiece for Kemper and co.

    I love his videos, despite his sometimes clickbately titles. He has humour, says interesting things, busts a lot if myths. And as he says several times regarding the Kemper. It sounds good.

    Probably a noob question, but do we think this will be usable at all in Mono? definitely like only running one cable....

    It’s a good question. I’d like to know too. I am already using the send return so no stereo cab on stage for me, and in rare cases i have to go mono to the PA too.

    Am I wrong or is the left site a little bit "louder" than the right side if the doubler is used?

    Not saying this is not the case (as i can only listen to this in my phone right now). BUT: Our ears very quickly make it sound like that even if both sides are exactly the same level. Our ears trick us to thinking the side that is “late” is lower. That is how our brain tells us what direction a sound is coming from.

    I’ve ALWAYS had a latency when switching rigs using a midi foot controller. I’ve even written about it here when i first got the kemper 6 or 7 years ago. Coming from a jmp1 preamp, changes on the kemper seemed really late. I measured it to around 170ms. Slower when going from one performance to another, than within one performance.

    However i’ve just learned to live with it and nowadays i don’t really think about it. Back before loopswitchers and rack units, switching from a clean sound to lead with delay, chorus and boost, took like one second, so really 170ms is not that big an issue for me.

    Perhaps it’s better with the kemper control than midi.

    I’ll try to be simple. I am at a gig. The soundguy asks me if i can make the difference between lead or rhythm more/less. I turn ONE knob, and ALL of my lead sounds are adjusted accordingly. Soundguy, happy, everybody happy.

    And since i play many gigs with many different musicians, i can’t really know in advance how many db of difference is needed. Adjustment on the fly is required.

    But i’ll leave it be and never request this again. And be a less happy kemper user than i could be.

    I am already using the volume pedal for all my rhythm sounds. You know for cases when you need to be up just a bit, but not quite lead.

    And for lead sounds i do not want that control to be at the feet. I hate fiddling with my feet in the important bars of a solo (the start of the solo). Also, a slip of the foot on a sound that is already loud is uncomfortable for everyone else. Audience and fellow band members alike.

    On a regular pedal board, you have your one knob on the lead boost pedal. Since that is your only lead boost, what you do with that knob applies to all sounds. So simple. If it is too quiet/loud you bend down and adjust it. That is essentially what i ask for. And the knob circled in the picture does exactly that.

    I have all my rhythm sounds organized in rhythm performances and lead sounds organized in lead performances.

    The thing is, for scenarios like i am describing, i need INSTANT access. Not to go into menus and storing. See the picture. That knob adjust the volume of 20 leadsounds at once, independently of the volume pedal, which i use as a flexibility-tool for rhythm sounds. That way the volume of my rhythm sounds does not reset when i’ve used a lead sound.

    (The thingy to the right of the “leadvolume gadget”) is to allow the flexibility to turn down lead sounds in my inear setup, incase too big a level gap between rhythm and lead is needed. Sometimes what is needed in the PA, and what is needed in the ears is not the same)


    Related. Maybe should have been it’s own thread, maybe not.

    I would like a software solution for the following situation. The ability to control the mastervolume of selected performances at once.

    What i am doing now is having a boost pedal in the fx loop in all rigs that are lead sounds. That way i can adjust the volume of all leadsounds according to the situation. At once. If you play in a trio you do not need as much boost as if playing in more dense band situations. And to be honest, i feel like i am wasting the x slot away on a simple boost. Not to mention the send return. (I play a kemper rack unit).

    So my suggestion is this: Since there are knobs i never ever use (in my case the reverb and delay parameter knobs in the top right) it would be great if i could use one of them as a “performance master volume”. Make it possible to assign the overall volume of selected performances to one single knob. This should be post stack but pre the last efx section (because of the delay trails when switching performances)

    For me that would free the x slot, and do away with one stage of DA AD conversion. And i would finally be able to play stereo in my onstage cabs.