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    Ultimate Ears make really great sounding iems in regards to guitarsound.

    I’m glad I didn’t update.

    saw the update notification and as I had painfully spend some much hours preparing my performances and programme change for the summer tour, this time I said « no not this time boy, play safe »

    that kind of bug and behavior is also quite unacceptable for that kind of « pro » unit. Every update don’t really solve the previous problems and bring some more.

    The kemper can produce great tones but I definitely don’t trust the dev team anymore.

    I am not even on the newest KAOS. I’ve had this problem for about 6 months. It is not consistent however. Sometimes it’s fine, then a single change will take what seems forever.

    I am having problems too. Over a second when switching between performances. And add to that, strange things happen. It’s like some parts of the rig switches faster than other parts, so the sound becomes really strange for a second. Quite unacceptable, might need to go back to browse mode.

    I also might not always want to change the rig name in the performance, just to be able to give it a unique name when saving to pool.

    But alas, i will have to do that. DonPetersen was just writing in another thread about “naming hygeine”, in order to know exactly what you have on your unit. But this limitation of not having a “save as” when storing to pool, does make it harder.

    Ok yes thanks for the answer. I should have asked a bit more thorough.

    The rigs in the performances are rigs from the pool, and i’ve tweaked them in performance mode. So if i save to pool, then i will have two rigs with the same name. To avoid this i wanted to be able to “save to pool under a new name”.

    I guess the workaround would be to rename the slot/rig in rig manager, and then save to pool. But i hardly ever connect to rig manager i must admit.

    I'm not sure I understand how that would work. Could you elaborate slightly?

    A lock that only remembers/lock the effect slot on or off state, not the contents of the effect slot.

    It’s one of those i’ve requested for years. Even my Boss GX700 was able to do that. I had a midi-box build to circumvent the non existence of this feature in the kemper.

    I wouldn’t have put it like that, but sometimes i feel exactly like mr. CorkyUK. Too many things are answered with “you are holding it wrong”. Many of those cases is because some of us actually came from systems that were much more costumisable and controlable. Even simple things i’ve had to have mods made for. That costs money in addition to the unit.

    One thing i’ve noticed is that sometimes when going from a distorted rig in one performance, to a clean rig in another, is that it is like the contents of the rigs changes in different tempos. So the sound will get all strange for about 200ms.

    I don’t really have a problem switching a bit early, that’s just a matter of getting used to it, but i feel uncomfortable with the sound getting strange in the interim between sending a midi pc from my footcontroller, to the rig is fully switched. It wasn’t always like this, was it?

    We don't all use this tool the same way. I use "rigs" as songs. Some cover more than one some need two. "Performances" mean nothing to me, just another bank of songs that I am able to switch around if our set(s) change (that's why I NEED a LAYOUT D so the "Rig" can be in large print, not just the performance.) I notice it seems to be taking longer now to switch between performances. Would having less rigs ON the kemper speed anything up. Is leaner, meaner?

    Good question. If that was the case, i’d seriously erase all but 10 rigs.