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    Just got home from a gig with a substitute drummer that i’ve never played with before. I noticed that he did look a bit sceptical on my strange looking setup, two 4 units of rack devices (incl my rack KPA ofcourse) atop a JBL Mrx 512m cabinet when we were setting up. However his first remark in the first break was; wow fantastic guitar tone.

    In these days where more and more devices come with some kind of tone matching features sometimes it’s good to remind ourself that the grass is not always greener. Not that i’ve ever actually contemplated switching.

    (Just wanted to have a noncomplaining kemper lovefest thread :* )

    Could someone explain how you put an effect (compressor) after the amp section? I've looked back through the manual, searched here, and the "x slot" is a mystery.


    You can also try experimenting with the compression parameter in the amp section.

    Could be several things.

    Are you using wireless equipment? Being close to transmitter towers can wreak havoc.

    If you played a venue that has an old hearing aid transmission system installed and it’s turned on, they WILL ruin your signal.

    Could also be badly shielded power cables at the venue.

    I only use the Kemper for live work. I am not the only one. Right now Kemper is the king of touring and fly out gigs. And it’s a market they’ve been sitting heavily on for years. One of the reasons is the form factor. It’s a pretty perfect match of not being big a big rig AND it being easy to correct things while sound checking/gigging. As soon as we take buttons away, you can’t simply walk up to the kemper mid-song and do a slight adjustment.

    The amp in the room sound is what’s missing.

    You cannot get that without the imprints mated to the Kone speaker.

    The problem is that the Kemper can separate the amp from the cab when Profiling. What it can’t do is remove the mic from the Cab equation.

    Well i searched high and low and eventually found a JBL mrx 512m PA cab that by far sounded much more like a guitar cab than any other frfr cab i tried. It’s so cab like that i’ve played small gigs where i didn’t even use the PA. I bought two spares, because i love the cab so much. Sadly it’s discontinued.

    burkard I use Volume pedal 1 for minor adjustments to rhythm sounds. Things that require just a little lift.

    I organise my 5 main rhythm sounds in one performance, and my 5 main lead sounds in another.

    I need something to adjust the level of ALL lead sounds at once. That would be the purpose of volume pedal 2. At the moment i use a clean boost in the loop. The one knob on the clean boost takes care of all lead levels. It is a clunky solution to have to use the loop for this, i could ise it for something better.

    I need this because i play in so many different bands, often as a substitute, that i can’t possibly prepare lead levels beforehand. And difference in venues do play in too. As does the fact that if you are playing a ballad, you might want less lead boost that the acdc tune before it. Many of these bands play with no setlists either, so i never really know what’s coming.

    But i’ve been requesting a feature to solve this for years. There are several other ways it could be achieved, but none that the Kemper offers at present.

    Ironically, some of the gigs were i’ve been happiest to be using iem, are the one where we have to play unnaturally quiet. At least the sound in my ears is good, even if i am almost inaudible in the room.