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    Yeah, I think a better idea is to use the setting for static latency (I forget the phrasing) , and then set up your DAW accordingly.

    Yup. Which is what i suspect the protools/elevenrack combo automatically does. Latency delays data per definition. Latency compensation, takes that data and aligns it correctly in a daw timeline.

    But requiring that of the kemper would literally necesitate the kemper to know what is input into it in advance of it being input.

    Which would, as i said, require the kemper to break the time and space continuum.

    Automatic delay compensation in the kemper would require the kemper to break the time and space continuum.

    I am not even kidding.

    96khz is absolutely useless for a piece of equipment like the kemper. There is NO useable guitar info at the nyquist frequency (48khz).

    Heck there’s very few times you’d even want to hear any guitar above 10khz let alone the nyquist for 44,1 (meaning 22khz) I have a high cut at 7khz on my kemper.

    There is so much more those cpu cycles could be used for, than producing white noise for dogs.

    I didn’t mean 24 hour time itself is useless. I meant how time is implemented on the Remote is useless for ME. I’m 55, never ever used 24 hour time. So to now have to get used to it just for this one device is a no go.

    Are you serious. For anyone but americans, we have to use am/pm for certain american stuff. But you can’t do it the other way? It’s not like you are asked to learn Chinese…

    The Kemper is a German product, it uses the time convention that is the mostly used time convention in the world.

    And ask I've said earlier, if you plan on touring/gigging to support the album, we would love to open :)

    <3We’d love to tour, but unfortunately it is not economically viable for us. When we started 20 years ago, we were already “too old” for making that a carreer choice, and we were lucky enough to catch the trail end of the “cd era” and build a name as a studio group. Though we do gig occasionally. So now, where our avarage age is around 50, we all have dayjobs (and coverband gigs), house loans, families. And we are not big enough to tour as a headliner either, so we would have to pay “buy on fees”. Very common in the workd of metal. The support band basically pays a (not small) fee , thus financing part of the headliners tour.

    So a month of touring would set me personally back at least 8000$. Lost income. Getting basic gear to the US from Denmark if we are talking a US tour. Visas. Buy on fees. Transportation, food hotels.

    And then, in the era of physical sales, it might have been worth it. But in the streaming era, it wont move any significant amount of sales. Unfortunately.

    Thanks, that’s high praise<3.

    The album drops june 2nd on all the usual services. The album is called Interference. There will be a limited cd run as well.

    I keep looking for release 9...

    Absolutely. The kpa already has so much of what i need. But still i’m anticipating v9.

    Being philosophic: it could be argued that since i’ve gigged with it for so many years (8 i think) , it does actually already fullfill my needs. But ofcourse we all have our (often wildly different) “this feature would make it perfect” inklings.

    Well, I'm not sure why you feel you have to de-validate my (different to your) experience?

    This here is about exchange of experience after all.

    And as if it matters: One of my main guitars is in constant use since 1989. ;)

    ahh you are right. I was being harsh.

    Personally I can't confirm this. When I dial the amp compressor (the one in the amp menu) to about 3-4 the profile cleans up in a great way, oftentimes better than the original amp does.

    Also crucial is that you have a good treble bleed installed in your guitar. This is what I'm missing from the example video above. When he dials back the volume and picks more lightly distortion goes away but the tone also gets darker and lacks transient information.

    I’ve used the same main axe since 2009. So i can confirm.

    I find it to be less good i must admit. On my old jmp1 preamp rack system, i could go from very distorted to pretty clean on the volume knob. But something happens with the transient on the kemper that makes me not wan’t to do that. It simply feels uncomfortable. This is ofcourse without a noise gate on. This is actually my biggest regret about using a kemper.