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    Guys thanks for the kind reactions, they're so much appreciated! <3

    If you would like to listen more there's a complete album on Spotify and all digital markets, band name "Dei Perfetti Sconosciuti"

    I am the singer and guitarist (and autor) and i played 80% of the guitars with the Profiler, the other guy had a Dual Recto miked (i think i have better and clearer sounds eheheh)

    thanks again!

    As expected this did not solve the problem, but at least I tried.

    I can’t see any other logical solution than to have a level parameter in the “Cab” module.

    So is there a way to fix this when creating the profile?

    Hello satriaulie! I came here looking for the exact answer you were looking for. Did you solve?

    This is what i understood :

    1 - the CAB section level was NOT a solution, because it wasn't a real cab level! I imagine that when you import external IRs in Kemper, the machine somewhat normalizes it to get to unity gain, so ours is a problem that shouldn't be, but IT IS

    2 - Cab hasn't volume because it is intended as unity gain. But amps does have frequencies and in the end different eqs ends in different perceived volume so it is NECESSARY something to balance volumes both in FOH and to the guitar speaker

    3 - Especially now that Kemper sells Kabinets, so they're saying "Go on people, use a real cabinet!" how is it possible that there isn't a way to manage IR and IRNOT volumes? :D

    Hi Steve and thanks for your answer. What you write is quite clear. My issue is to balance volume of two different rigs in the PA AND on monitor output without the IR. I Miss a level control on the IR. The out section is global right?

    Hi there, i made some research and did not find the answer, so i try to make this as clear as possible.

    Problem : i want to go on monitor out without cabinet to go into a poweramp and a real cabinet AND to the FOH with a IR active.

    Since the IR level has been removed, how do i balance the levels both on FOH and on the monitor out?

    If i make levels on the real cabinet and then the IRs are unbalanced how do i fix this? The answer can't be import them in a DAW and balance them, because it's a little bit of absurd. ^^

    Thanks for those who help!



    Hello there, i was playing to test some DI profiles and i found something strange.

    While looping with the remote, i looped a serie of chord with my semi-acoustic for soloing after that on the loop BUT as soon as i go from loop back to perform mode and i change profile suddenly it changes the tone of my chords (i set the looper POST of course) but it is as the looper is put between amp and cabinet (my DI profile is WITHOUT CAB of course).

    Any advice? Thanks!