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    You might also consider a very small external switch :)

    I think this might be the best solution. I searched for a non-latching switch with a latching LED (Otherwise I would forget to turn the boost off!) and I have found someone making them in the UK, so I think I will do this. It also frees up the switch assigned to Boost so that I can now use it for something else.

    Thank you! I played another gig with the Kemper last night and loved it. Still wasn't quite there with the heavier tones but I managed a few tweeks on the fly, while the singer was having a fight with someone in the audience, which got me a lot closer.
    Out again tonight...

    One of the things I love about the Remote is that it manages to do (just about) everything I want it to do, but with such a small footprint. Previously, I was using a Voodoo Lab Ground Control, with expression pedals, tuner, wah etc., and while I was happy with the functionality of it, it just took up SO much room.
    However, one downside of the Remote's small footprint is that the footswitches are a tiny but close together, so I occasionally hit two at once. For example, I've assigned a solo boost to switch IIII and sometimes I accidentally hit the tuner as well, so I mute the signal when I'm supposed to be taking a solo!
    I know I'll get used to this, but I wondered how other users are setting up their Remote for a solo boost.

    What surprised me at first was that the sounds I dialed in at home sounded terrible at volume with a band on my first gig with the Kemper - especially the heavier sounds.
    This shouldn't have been a surprise because I have always known it to be the case with valve amps, but I suppose I thought that the FRFR speaker, which I'm completely new to, would sound the same at loud volumes as it does at quiet volumes. I now realise this was naive!
    I have now got some truly great, organic and natural-feeling clean, breaking up and overdriven sounds but I'm still struggling a little when I switch to the higher gain amps which I've dialed in. Not really heavy, but between noon and, say, 3 o'clock on the gain dial, which is as heavy as I'd go. The sounds are a little over-compressed, nasal and artificial-sounding.

    Been interested for at least two years, spent a day with a powered Kemper in the summer and have been obsessed ever since. Finally took the plunge a month ago. It was a big deal because, after dozens of amps, I'd finally found the "keeper", which I had to sell to fund the Kemper, Remote and Yamaha DXR10. Half a dozen gigs later and it's just getting better and better. I haven't quite got my heavily overdriven/distorted sounds dialed in with FR/FR (or maybe it's just my ears that need dialing in?) but I know I'll get there. No regrets and very happy indeed.
    PS. don't normally get involved in forums but this one seems worth getting involved with.