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    I have searched the forum and I'm no wiser!
    With my Line 6 M9, it was incredibly simple to assign an expression pedal to change the delay time parameter, and it was a feature I loved and used a fair bit.
    I know this can't currently be done with the Kemper, but that a few others have requested it as a future update. I really think this should be implemented as soon as possible.
    In the meantime, I have read somewhere that it may currently be possible by using NRPNs... but I have no idea how!
    Has anyone done this and, if so, could anybody explain step-by-step how to go about it? I'm using the Kemper Remote.

    @pauljoy, I've been using my Kemper & Remote for about a month now. I jumped straight into a series of gigs with it (probably foolishly), with just a few evenings at home to set up my sounds. Mine's a non-powered Kemper and I'm using a Yamaha DXR 10 for FRFR backline, instead of guitar cab.
    I was a little shocked, at first, that the sounds at gig volume were nothing like the ones I dialled in at low volume. A couple of gigs later, with some snatched moments at soundcheck and during gigs to compensate the eq in the Output settings, I have got some clean and overdriven sounds that I'm REALLY pleased with. I've never had such clarity and articulation, and this is at loud drummer volumes. And my fellow band-members are pleased, too, as the sound dispersion from the Yamaha speaker is so much better than the beamy 2x12 guitar cab which I previously used.
    My problem has been with the more aggressive distortion sounds, which I can't get to sound right with FRFR at gig volume. However, when I use a power amp and a guitar cab, I love the sounds I'm getting. In fact, I like them as much as I did with my beloved but un-liftable Mesa Roadster combo. Nevertheless, I intend to persevere with FRFR because I think it has so many advantages over using guitar cab, if I can get it sounding right. Or adjust my ears to get used to it.
    My point is that, to me, it's worth putting the time in to get it working right for you. I was very much a die-hard valve man and I thought long and hard before deciding to take the plunge with the Kemper. I believe that I made the right decision.

    I put a plastic tube over my looper button to keep from accidently stepping on it as I don't use it live, and don't need anymore embarrassing looper problems

    I need the tuner button, though, and I keep hitting that one. I suppose I could use an external tuner.

    The first link worked for me.

    If it's of interest to anyone, I found this:…switch-with-latching-led/
    Whilst looking specifically for a momentary footswitch with a latching LED. It's a shame it's only a single foot switch but I though I might ask whether they would be prepared to make a double. I know there are plenty of foot switches available without LEDs but I know I will forget to turn it off in the heat of the moment.

    Sounds disturbing... where do you play?

    This was in a very crowded pub. The singer is very volatile and doesn't like people standing too close to him. Unfortunately, it was so crowded that someone knocked over his mic' stand and, well, that was when I had a few valuable minutes to do some tweeking.
    I'm happy to report that the night ended well, with everyone as friends.

    You might also consider a very small external switch :)

    I think this might be the best solution. I searched for a non-latching switch with a latching LED (Otherwise I would forget to turn the boost off!) and I have found someone making them in the UK, so I think I will do this. It also frees up the switch assigned to Boost so that I can now use it for something else.

    Thank you! I played another gig with the Kemper last night and loved it. Still wasn't quite there with the heavier tones but I managed a few tweeks on the fly, while the singer was having a fight with someone in the audience, which got me a lot closer.
    Out again tonight...

    One of the things I love about the Remote is that it manages to do (just about) everything I want it to do, but with such a small footprint. Previously, I was using a Voodoo Lab Ground Control, with expression pedals, tuner, wah etc., and while I was happy with the functionality of it, it just took up SO much room.
    However, one downside of the Remote's small footprint is that the footswitches are a tiny but close together, so I occasionally hit two at once. For example, I've assigned a solo boost to switch IIII and sometimes I accidentally hit the tuner as well, so I mute the signal when I'm supposed to be taking a solo!
    I know I'll get used to this, but I wondered how other users are setting up their Remote for a solo boost.

    What surprised me at first was that the sounds I dialed in at home sounded terrible at volume with a band on my first gig with the Kemper - especially the heavier sounds.
    This shouldn't have been a surprise because I have always known it to be the case with valve amps, but I suppose I thought that the FRFR speaker, which I'm completely new to, would sound the same at loud volumes as it does at quiet volumes. I now realise this was naive!
    I have now got some truly great, organic and natural-feeling clean, breaking up and overdriven sounds but I'm still struggling a little when I switch to the higher gain amps which I've dialed in. Not really heavy, but between noon and, say, 3 o'clock on the gain dial, which is as heavy as I'd go. The sounds are a little over-compressed, nasal and artificial-sounding.

    Been interested for at least two years, spent a day with a powered Kemper in the summer and have been obsessed ever since. Finally took the plunge a month ago. It was a big deal because, after dozens of amps, I'd finally found the "keeper", which I had to sell to fund the Kemper, Remote and Yamaha DXR10. Half a dozen gigs later and it's just getting better and better. I haven't quite got my heavily overdriven/distorted sounds dialed in with FR/FR (or maybe it's just my ears that need dialing in?) but I know I'll get there. No regrets and very happy indeed.
    PS. don't normally get involved in forums but this one seems worth getting involved with.