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    I did some test as well and I agree with @endrwenigr it's working for some profiles and doesn't for others... Anyway, you should put a compressor/EQ on the dry slots for better balance.

    If anyone has some tricks to have good results, let us know, blender is a must have for bass players who use drive and the Kemper at this time is not perfect for that.

    I created a thread to talk about lost low end frequencies on the Kemper here Lost low frequencies...?

    Apparently there is nothing anormal, something that we have to focus is the way of profils has be made, for example, lots of profils use a mic like SM57, but it's a cheaty mic for make a good bass profil, to much low end lost, I'll never buy a profils when I see an SM57, if I see a bass profil using an MD421, it's become more interesting, we have to know that.

    Ah ok, exactly as I did for the first example yes, I thought that I can use a special apply who analyse the global signal and give me a curve like in your test :D

    - Have you ever looked at the frequency response of your bass in an analyzer? In my experience the second harmonic (so ~70Hz for you) is where all the beef lives. Sub bass extension is awesome, sure, but it's just helping out.

    - Don't forget that the amp profile includes its own EQ response too, separate from the cab. Have a look at the thread in my signature; there's a PDF there with lots of handy pictures. Specifically, take a look at the Amplifier section on p18 - the red image on the right-hand side is as close to "flat" as that particular profile gets.

    No I didn't analyzed the frequency response of my bass, how you do that and what do you use for that ?

    Thank you for the link, you made an awesome job man, that's huge :thumbsup:

    So if I understand well, everything is normal ?

    As I already said, I have exactly the same problem with DI amps profiles, so it's not a problem from the take with cab/mic. I tried to configure a good sound with parallel path, but it's very difficult to have a good middle point, when the low end coming thru the dry signal is too much on the front, and there is so much things to do with an EQ, low-path filter, compressor in both side that I lost my brain yesterday 8o

    This is the Kemper's frequency response with absolutely nothing turned on:

    [Blocked Image:]

    There's a ~6db roll-off below 50Hz or so, but anything more than that is coming from the Amp or Cab section.

    Thank you very much for that, 50hz it's very high, bass signal going more lower and I used only 5 strings basses.

    I have the same problems even on the DI profiles, so the question is, is the Kemper has a lack of low frequencies response ? It was built for guitarist, I'm a guitarist too and nothing to say about that, it's an awesome box, but for the bass I'm confused, so I wanted to do that thread to share my impression and see if I'm alone with that feeling and cash some tricks, because I'm not an expert with the Kemper, there is so much things to do.

    Use the parallel path and maybe Low-pass filter the direct sound, so you're only getting the lows that you're missing from the dry signal.

    Thanks for the tips, I already tried to use the parallel path, but the signal from the dry signal is very low, and if I turning down the volume of the rig, the dry going down as well, is there something to equilibrate both signals ?

    Hi everyone,

    First of all, sorry for my English I'll try to do my best to be clear.

    I have a problem with every bass profiles, I lost a lot of low frequencies in comparison of my bass dry signal. I just made two examples with two different profils, it will be more explicit than words.

    Here is an example with an SWR 350 rig, listen it with headphone will be better than a computer :

    SWR 350 :

    Dry signal :

    And here the screenshot of the frequencies response, on the top the SWR rig, you can see clearly the lost of low end :

    [Blocked Image:]
    Now with an Ampeg SVT 1978 :

    And dry signal :

    The screenshot :

    [Blocked Image:]

    Even if I put an EQ, I lost the low end, the sound is not rich and full as the dry signal. So my question is, do you have some tips/tricks to don't loose that ?

    Thanks guys to helping a newbie Kemper user :D