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    Thanks for the help, guys! Much appreciated!! Yes, Tritium, of course i meant an Active monitor.....its 2am here, a typo, Even if i made it 2 times...;)

    Sorry to hi jack the thread....but: (stupid question, probably) if i use my kemper with my computer loudspeakers only can they be damaged? haven't got a an active box right now, but over my mac speakers it sounds perfectly fine for now (of course a box is needed soon for proper sound)....thanks!!

    using some clean AC30 preset and Bill Rupperts GR300-profile.... its my very first attempt using a Kemper, therefore i pretty much left all the settings how they were dialed in....i yet have to discover how this thing works properly....but i like it....:))))

    oh, wanted to add this to that old "Morgan Ac20" i can't delete my message lol...sorry.....still; its a fantastic profile...

    oh, and HELLO!!!!!! :) btw

    I got my kemper 3 days ago...while i found some Fender and Vox presets to be fantastic, this one is indeed the greatest so far...such good work.... I yet have to learn how to use/tweak the amp in any way, but right now i am VERY VERY VERY impressed! :)