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    Thanks Tritium

    I have been getting a bit confused with mine, as every amp shows up in the flow diagram as an AIRD preamp. And a lot of them feel completely dead. Now I know where to focus my efforts. Also found that my notes were just dying until I discovered that the guitar input level had to be cranked right up. Getting a lot more mileage out of it now.

    Has anyone had much joy getting a usable wah out of it with a high-gain setting? I'm after that elusive Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy) wah, and can't get close. They only seem to sound half decent with a clean rig.

    I've got a handle on the colours now, thanks. Not sure what was going on with them yesterday. Been having a bit of a play, so am now a bit more familiar with it. Yes, the Output is set to Katana 100 1x12. It seems that some of the amp models are reasonably responsive, and some wouldn't stand up against my little Micro Cube. However, I'm certainly further forward today than I was yesterday :)

    Okay, so the GT1000 turned up this morning. Mortified when I opened the box, as it was abundantly obvious that it had been repackaged, and had clearly been a shop-floor model. Covered in greasy fingerprints, the remnants of a price sticker partially removed, and the presets all over the place. All the more annoying as I enquired over the phone whether they had unfettered stock or not. I would not have ordered from them had I known that a demo model was going to be sent . Anyhow, after a good moan on the phone, the complaints guy was very apologetic, and pledged me a couple of sets of strings.

    So spent the morning cleaning it up, and trying to work out how to perform a factory reset. Eventually got it sorted, and was finally ready to plug the guitar in. I hooked the GT up to the Return socket of my Katana 100 and went through the presets. Well, it ain’t no Kemper, that’s for sure. Although it’s not a bad unit, I was quite disappointed with the, much lauded, A.I.R.D technology. All of this talk of how reactive it is, and it feels like a real amp etc.... Well, not to me it doesn’t. Irrespective of gain level, all my variations of pick attack, and guitars volume pot didn’t really get much response from the unit other than making it louder or quieter. I eventually spent ages trawling through the menus trying to see if something was set that shouldn’t be. A global compressor or something. But couldn’t find anything that stood out. The Katana amp, as a stand-alone unit is very responsive to pick attack etc.

    I’ll have a few days trying to see if I can’t get it to do what it’s supposed to do. Unless it is doing what it’s supposed to do, and my expectations are too high. But I would at least expect it to equal the Katana, which doesn’t boast the all singing, all dancing A.I.R.D.

    Also, the coloured bars seem to be a bit random. The stock presets seem to use any colour at any time for fx, so you’re never quite sure what the CTRL switches are doing. On other units, a protocol is usually followed - drive/distortion red, reverb green etc, or whatever the chosen colour scheme is. I know I can change these myself per preset, but it does seem a bit mad. Not sure if it’s just my unit with some rogue settings that the reset didn’t clear, or if it’s par for the course. It would also have been nice if some attempt could have been made to set the volume levels for each preset within a similar range. I switch to a preset, can hardly hear it, crank it up and all is well. Choose another preset, hit a chord and blow the windows out of the house.

    Positives? It is very sturdy, has a nice footprint, and the expression pedal works very well. There are some very nice fx, the Flanger is great for instance . There are loads of routing options, although an aux/mp3-in would have been nice for practise.

    I haven’t updated the firmware as yet, so that might bring about some welcome improvements. Time shall tell

    I’ve got a GT1000 coming tomorrow too. Really excited, and cannot wait for it to land. To be honest, I’m not expecting KPA quality tones out of it, but the latest YouTube demos have got me all moist. If I can get close enough tones I’ll be happy. And the only way I’ll return to the Kemper fold is if/when they decide to produce a floor unit. That’s half of the appeal of the Boss GT as far as I’m concerned.

    I've since bought a couple of Boss Katanas, a 100watt head, and a 212 100watt combo. Since I've got them I've not plugged the Kemper in. For the kind of music and playing that I enjoy (rock) they are absolutely killer. I think I was getting bogged down with so much choice on the Kemper that I was playing less and less. The Katana is back to basics, but what a rock amp!! Massive smile on my face every time I plug in.

    If I were you, I'd leave the Kemper at home. If the clientele are that pissed that they're spilling beer all over the place, then I very much doubt that they are tone aficionados. Take a cheap amp and bugger 'em. They'll still be pissed and happy ;)

    Think I'm going to sell this as I'm not using it like I once did. As above, Kemper White Toaster, Kemper Bag, and the Kemper Remote. Some professional profiles too, a large TAF pack, and a couple of Top Jimi's. Both Kemper and Remote are mint. No scratches whatsoever, and protective film still on both the Kemper and Remote's display screens. Never gigged. I still have the original boxes for both units, and the original manual for the Toaster. £1400 bags you the lot.

    System Menue page 4/18 FX Loop Level? Don't know if it affects because I'am not using a loop.


    Thanks Frank. I'll check that out and see if it makes any difference.

    it should not affect if you use loop mono in the mod section or x-slot. I have used my T.C G-Force in the FX-Loop, and had no problem. when its off its off!

    Yep, using loop mono, but off is absolutely not off for me. Definite bleed through of effect.

    Tried my new Harmoniser pedal in the fx loop last night, and experienced a little problem. With the loop assigned to the Mod button everything was fine with the loop switched on, and the pedal activated. However, if I turned the loop off at the Kemper I could still hear the Harmoniser bleeding through. Much less prominent, but enough to upset the guitar tone. Is there some setting that I've overlooked somewhere, or do I have a problem? I fully expect that it should be a simple on-off state with no middle ground whatsoever. Any ideas?

    Huge Thin Lizzy fan here, who has been relying on the inbuilt Kemper fx for ages. I think they are all pretty good apart from the flangers and phasers. However, I've never been able to get along with Kemper's harmoniser. So I was absolutely thrilled when I saw the Quintessence Harmoniser by TCE. I've got one ordered and it should be here on Tuesday. On the one hand I'm pretty excited. On the other, a little sad because it will be the first stomp box parked next to the remote, and the spaghetti situation I've avoided for so long will start to manifest itself :/

    Thanks Eltzejupp. I think that's pretty much what I've set up, or tried to. The problem I'm getting, is when I press on the stomp, it engages pitch control, but doesn't turn of the morphing. I'll have another look.

    Having said that, it enabled me to discover a killer effect by accident. I had a fairly high-gain profile (a Marshall Super Lead 74), and I had the morph pedal increasing the gain. So it was going from clean to scream. When it was increasing pitch at the same time as gain, it was an insanely cool effect. I couldn't find any musical use for it, but my god, it sounder killer :)

    Hi all. I've got two Mission expression pedals, and have one set up perfectly. It functions as a wah, which bypasses at the heel position. And if I stomp on the pedal switch, it turns the wah off, and the pedal becomes a volume pedal, which accesses the tuner at heel position. I couldn't be happier with the way it functions. However, it's the second pedal that I'm struggling to get set up correctly. I'd like it to be a morph pedal, and when I stomp down on it, I'd like it to become a pitch pedal. I'm just getting in a mess with the settings. Anyone know the correct setup? Cheers in advance :)

    I use a Taylor T5Z into an A/B switch...acoustic direct to PA and electric into Kemper...incidentally the T5Z is almost identical in sound as my Taylor 614 direct...I'm actually not sure why I don't see more of these out there...great acoustic sound...great electric neck...great electric sounds...semi hollow for great controllable trem...maybe that's the issue...anyone else using this set up?

    I had a Taylor T5 for a short while. It played and felt fantastic. However, even at bedroom volumes, I couldn't control the feedback once any gain entered the equation. It would howl like a banshee. Even on crunch settings. Had to let her go in the end.

    Practising my guitar in the bedroom last night and the phone rang. I stood up, and trod on the guitar cable, yanking it right out of the guitar. Much to the annoyance of my DXR10. Every freakin' time!! Enough is enough. So, on the recommendation of a friend, and finally being swayed by this video, I've decided to take the plunge. My Smoothhound is on it's way. I ordered last night, and hope to have it by Thursday. I'll post my findings once I get a hold of it :)

    I had a VoiceLive 3 too. Couldn't believe how bad the amp models were. Worse than a cheap, Zoom fx pedal. Such a shame, as the vocal processing was superb. I was hoping it would have been a nice, simple, all-in-one solution. I was gutted when I realised it wasn't even close.