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    My Kemper has decided to mess about today. I was cycling through the rigs with the right RIG button, when the button refused to increment any higher. The left Rig button would cycle back down the order, but not up any further. I had the Kemper displaying "All Rigs", and sorted by "Name". I was only into the "B's" so had a long way to go. So then I tried using the selector knob, which would allow me to highlight any rig on the KPA, but, upon pressing the LOAD button, nothing would happen. I tried the old turn it off and back on again trick, but exactly the same still. I haven't had it hooked up to my laptop for at least a week, so know that I haven't done anything to upset things. Also, I've not plugged in any external devices, not even storage ones for at least a week. Any ideas?

    Cheers, Andy

    Hi both. Thanks for your input, much appreciated. Arne, yes, I had installed RM 1st and then upgraded to Win10 from Win8. I deleted, and then re-installed RM last night and it cured the problem. They are now talking like a couple of newly weds :) I guess the upgrade had not carried across all of the data, or had corrupted it somehow. All fine and dandy now though. Cheers both :)

    As per title. The KPA and RM are just not "seeing" each other. The laptop makes a nice little jangly noise, upon recognising a usb lead being plugged in, but nothing happens. And, whenever I close RM it always complains that it is still busy doing stuff. I know it's lying, because this can be hours later (I sometimes forget to switch it off). Could any of this be linked to the Windows 10 upgrade? Also, as hopes of getting it to play nice are exceptionally low, is there a way to make a mass deletion of profiles from the KPA itself? Cheers, Andy :)

    Edit: And both KPA and RM are running the latest versions

    Been trying to capture the Thin Lizzy tone for a while now, and chanced across Jimi's site. Decided to download the '74 Super Lead as a starting point. Just WOW!! The quality of these profiles is staggering. I'm already 90% there now for the sounds I want. A bit of tweaking and job done :D . I had previously bought a large bundle from TAF, and within that bundle were some very nice profiles, but these have gone way beyond that. When I've finished exploring the '74 I shall definitely be coming back. Although I may be sometime ;) .......... Damn, that '74 SL is amazing!!!

    Just watched that one. Again, nothing to get excited about sonic-wise. And Chappers managed to make it sound like every other product he has ever demo'd. They really should start taking the guitar off him a bit sooner =O

    I don't want to over generalize, but diatonic thirds are a very good strating point.

    • post STACK, select 'Harmonic Pitch'
    • set Voice1 Interval to +3rd
    • set the Key (use C/Amin for now)
    • activate Pure Tuning
    • Voice Mix -50% so you only get Voice1
    • Mix to ~-25%
    • no Ducking (exactly <0.0>)
    • use Stereo to position the voices

    play Amin Pentatonic in a Thin Lizzy manner - whatever that means ;) with attitude, I guess

    Thanks for the info. I'll fire up the Kemper later and give it a whirl :thumbsup:

    Couldn't agree more. I've not had the KPA for long, and am still finding my way around it. But, having had a little poke around under the bonnet, I am staggered by the quality and quantity of the fx the Kemper offers. And a fair degree of tweakability for each one too. Okay, I still outsource my reverb duties to my HoF, but, apart from that, the fx are more than good enough. And if there is any info out there relating to getting that Thin Lizzy sound, I'd love someone to point me towards it. I tried to get the harmonizer to play nicely but got lost in the variables :/

    As regards the Helix, I must admit, that I like the way the thing is laid out. But nothing really made my ears prick up and pull me away from the Kemper. Be interesting to see how well it is received once it hits the streets.

    Trying to order a Remote from the Kemper Shop but the "Complete Registration" button doesn't seem to do anything and does not allow me to progress to the next page. Probably some mad anomaly on my laptop. Whatever it is, it's stopping me from ordering. Any ideas how I can progress? And, yes, all parts of the form have been completed. Cheers in advance :)

    Hi all. A bit new to Kemper-Land. I've downloaded the latest firmware update, but the "How to..." .pdf files are corrupt, and will not display. I've tried re-downloading but still the same result. Consequently, I have no idea how to conduct the update. Does anyone have a link to the necessary instructions/steps?

    Cheers in advance
    Andy :)

    Hi all

    Please forgive me, as I've only had my Kemper for a few days and have much to learn. Regarding pedals: I have a Buddy Guy Cry Baby Signature, and absolutely love it. I fully intended to just bang it in front of the KPA and job done. However, since coming to these forums, it seems that some of you guys are modelling wah pedals somehow, with seemingly good results. How are you guys tapping into these wah sounds? Are you using an expression pedal, and, if so, is there any particular brand/model that plays particularly nicely with the KPA? Is there any special way that it is hooked up and configured? Or am I just best to carry on with my Buddy Guy? Again, apologies for the idiot nature of the question, it's just that my head is spinning with all of the new info that my old brain is suddenly confronted with .