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    I did try a pedalboard in front of the Kemper when I first got it and wasn't wowed by the results. I've since heard from lots of Nashville session guys and worked with guys who use pedals with their Kemper on the road and just thought I'd try some pedals in the loop. Granted, the main reason is that I've completely fallen in love with the harmonic tremolo in the Strymon Flint, but I thought why not try some gain pedals in the loop while I'm at it. I'm currently waiting on a Voodoo Lab Hex so I can choose between multiple pedals in the loop, but I'll keep you updated on my progress. It's definitely not a necessity but I feel compelled to try new things so I don't get complacent.

    Yeah, the Flint sounds really great.Love both the reverb and the tremolo.

    I did a comparison a couple of years ago with the Flint tremolo and the Kemper one. I thought the Kemper sounded almost as good, with an edge to the Flint:

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    In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn't free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

    I'm using the spring loaded mission pedal for the wah on the Kemper. I have set the wah to dis-engage at heel position. The problem I have is the wah cuts off instantly when I'm at heel, but what I'd like is to cut off after, say, 1 second. Is that feasible with the kemper wah parameters?

    Purchased the new pack last night... no issue at all with the website (old user credentials still worked) nor paypal payment. Smooth as...

    No time to test yet, so busy at work at the moment, but can't wait...

    The sound samples on Soundcloud are top notch btw Breu. Thank you again for putting these rigs together for the community!!

    I don't see a problem either with having circular knob controls.

    Having the option to set a value with the keyboard might be useful though (maybe by double clicking on the number below the knob icon.

    Would be great also to have the input source editable in the editor (to switch input when reamping).

    I have a few question, I hope someone from Kemper will be able to reply.

    In the premier Guitar video, Christoph said the Kone function worked in conjunction to "this speaker" (pointing at the Kemper Kabinet). Does it mean it won't work with any other Full Range cab? Or did he mean "with this kind of speaker" (FR as opposed to guitar cab speaker)?

    Are there going to be more speaker imprints added down the line (Love the JBL D120F in my 69 twin, would love to see them imprinted, or whatever the term is).

    Will the speaker imprints be unique to individual rig, or are they global?

    How will stereo work? Say I already have a stereo Full range cab (Mission Gemini 2), will stereo work with this type of cab?

    Thanks for all the Namm announcements, so many great things to come.

    Frank, change computer. haha! Seriously, if you don't have an ssd, get one.

    Mine takes 3 seconds to open (recent imac with ssd) with (only) 3000 profiles.

    For users with unpowered Kempers, would using a Camplifier amp work the same as using the Kemper on-board amp? The Camplifier being stereo is obviously a plus if one wants to use 2 Kabinets.

    Jeff was great. Saw him live in his own blues bar in Toronto, he was playing in a jazz band. He used to play guitar on one song only to switch to trumpet for the next song.. a very talented musician. such a loss...

    I tried to profile my amp a few years ago when I first got my Kemper, but I stopped after the first trial because of the crazy loud noises coming out of my cab. And my amp volume was only at 3!! I felt so sorry for my neighbours.

    Is it technically possible to profile an amp without having those super loud alien noises? I don't want direct profiles, rather studio profile with cab. I don't want to get any extra gear, like isolation box, I just wish the alien noise was quieter. Is it something that is planned for future updates, or is it not feasible at all?

    I have been impressed by many of the tones in Bert's youtubes and soundcloud examples and I'm thinking about buying some profiles during this holiday sale. One question to those that have all the packs.

    Has the Wisseloord pack replaced your need to use profiles from his older packs or do you still use them as well?


    Still use rigs from various packs. I find them relevant and excellent.

    I just received mine. The guys at Zilla were really nice to deal with.

    It's very solid and looks like a well made cab.

    The only negative now that my Kemper is not sitting on my desk anymore is the fact that I will have to move my butt from my chair to adjust rigs settings. First world problem, I know. :-)