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    Thanks Mats, some good suggestions thx a lot...cheers Jason

    thanks a lot for the feedback. some good advise and will surely make some changes to the guitar sound with the kemper

    Very Pink Floyd, cool and moody sounding track. Nice playing!

    I’d raise the drums a tad and if you want the 70s feel then maybe add a tinge more verb to the drums and a subtle echo to the vox.

    yes thanks mate. Will take that into consideration on my take 2

    This is my first song that i actually finished. Guess i got a little lost with the amounts of Tracks and over produced it at the end. Want to record the whole song again with some better equipment an the Kemper of course in the comming months...and maybe some ideas from this great community.

    Im glad for any feedback :)

    If I want to morph from clean to gain I would take a reverse approach

    1. Look for a good gain sound

    2. Reduce the gain and set the morph to heel

    3. Increase the gain and set it to toe

    4. Now you can morph from clean to the disired gain sound you like

    If find it easier to get a clean sound out of a top gain sound then to get a top gain sound out of a clean sound

    With an integrated pedal you can set it before or after the amp section, which lets you change the volume without affecting the gain. That's a cool feature in a few situations where you don't want it to clean up as you heel down.

    ok, cheers that makes a lot of sence. On a valve amp i would place the pedal exacly there anyway but with using a monitor and stereo outs this wont work.

    Will the volume pedal also contol all outputs simultaneously :/

    The EP1 is an expression and wah pedal with a spring load function and not a volume pedal. Even if you could use it as a volume pedal it would be by far too many functions on a pedal. So if you need and want the functionality of the EP1-KP-GN SPL you would need an additional volume pedal

    Well this sounds bloddy amazin to me ;) so i could have my Kemper fully loaded with 128 Performances as Songs and trigger them via my Ipad software over MIDI Bluetooth. I use SetList Maker and it has an extra MIDI functionality as an addon that should do exactly that. All I need is a MDBT01 or comparable.

    To go one step further i could also connect a MIDI Voice processing Tool to my Kemper and set the respective MIDI Programm in each Performance which in my case is a song and wouldn't have to take care of any effect / vocal adjustments anymore as a guitarist/singer...

    I know the second part is slightly of topic but i dont care because its amazin 8o sorry :)

    best described in a workflow... want to create a bunch of U2 , Floyd ect... Effect Blocks for quick access. So would be great to punch in the millsec on the delay, make some changes to the eq and boom save, rename and so on.

    For me the effect block plays a much more signifisant role than the single effect as i see this more as a song, as 1 piece.

    Same for the Stomps of course. This level currently seems to be left out. Hopefully they will adress this at some stage.

    But great to have the Editor & thanks to Kemper :thumbup: