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    best described in a workflow... want to create a bunch of U2 , Floyd ect... Effect Blocks for quick access. So would be great to punch in the millsec on the delay, make some changes to the eq and boom save, rename and so on.

    For me the effect block plays a much more signifisant role than the single effect as i see this more as a song, as 1 piece.

    Same for the Stomps of course. This level currently seems to be left out. Hopefully they will adress this at some stage.

    But great to have the Editor & thanks to Kemper :thumbup:

    maybe im doing something wrong but if i jump between rigs in a performance i always loose all changes. Why is it necessary to save every single rig seperately.

    Wouldnt it be more convinient if you cant edit and switch whatever/wherever you want in a performance and the just press save once at the end.

    If i for example need to adjust the volume or setting in a performance i need to press save 5 times which is a hassle. It would just ease the workflow. Sure this is also

    not possible in RM3

    The Band is balanced and yes, if we play bigger venues the soundman takes care of it. Also came across quite a few sound guys that dont like mixing with the kemper. But i guess that's down to me using different balanced profiles

    Have made some eqing and will use the cabs as a side fill tonight... then i will finaly decide

    Happy Nicolaus from Germany,

    the Kids got chocolate and toys and maybe someone can give me a good avice on my matters.

    I play in a 8 man Band as the rythm guitarist (Brasse Section). We play venues from 50 to 500 Club and open air. Our Genere is Blues Rock ...lot of Clapton and Bonamassa.

    Always thought that the Kemper would make live easier giggin but the latter is the fact. Well sound has become much better and inproved but i feel like a

    hit a brick wall now.

    Already playing through a greenback Cab with the DXR10 on top that gives me an amazin sound but the stage presence just ins there. Our lead guitaries plays

    a Fdr Jn and Fdr Deluxe and just blows me away on stage. The Headroom and dynamic feels just out of reach for me. The guys always say there a lot of Bass humming and/or they cant hear me. Now surely its a bit is due to playing ability ...but but im sure if i would be playing the fender on stage things would look different.

    Im quite lost and already looking to sell the Kemper and by a Blues Deluxe with a loads of pedals but already know now that i will regreat it.

    Any Ideas :P... Is there an open "monster" Cab for the Kemper that would give me these superpowers. Or is the anser ....boy the Kemeper isnt made for such purposes

    Thanks a lot for any advice and wish a great rockin weekend 8)


    no,. set it up and it's all working. I just said it doesnt behave like the volume knob on the kemper. Its more like a volume knob on a guitar. So i cant reduce volume and keep the same sound characteristics e.g. when overdriven.

    With me i just sounds flat and breaks up

    though If others can change from full blast du frontroom volume with the volume pedal and keep the same sound then i'm doing something wrong 8o

    I am kind of confused what the volume pedal on the Kemper really does. I actually only use it to Switch volume on or off. Nothing in between. It
    surely does not react like the volume knob on the Kemper. I play a lot of live gigs and always find myself having to tweak the volume balance
    between my profils as local circumstances make this necessary. I do not want to use the morphing pedal to remote the volume knob, as this
    would be a waste of ressources.

    How can I get the volume pedal to really control the volume ?

    thanks for any advice

    Welcome Jasper, my tip would be to take a look at the "tips and tricks" section. Sure you will find a lot of useful Topics there :)