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    Hey all. I am a diehard tube amp user for 30+ years and thinking of making "the switch" to a modeling rig. As a result of a few weeks of research here and on other sites, I've narrowed it down to a KPA (unpowered rack) and Yamaha DXR20 FRFR.

    I am currently in two rock bands - one cover, one original - where I am the sole guitar player. About half the time we play smaller rooms (or in the summer, outdoor gigs) where guitar amps are not mic'ed up, so dispersement is key for me. In other words, I have to fill a lot of sonic space. My current rig is a Vox AC30 2x12 combo with pedals and it typically does the trick. Unfortunately the rig is extremely heavy and cumbersome, and does not do well in rooms where I need to keep stage volume down. Also I really want a more flexible rig that doesn't involve having an enormous pedal board.

    Anyway, I have a couple of questions for all you experienced users.

    • How long of an adjustment period should I expect? While I am good with technology I definitely expect a learning curve with the KPA. Also I assume I will need time to build rigs to meet my needs and tweak them to sit right in the mix at a few rehearsals. I also understand using this rig in a live setting is the only way to know for sure. I am just wondering how much of an adjustment period you all experienced before you got to a point where tweaking was no longer a regular thing.

    • At gigs where I will be going through FOH, my plan is to keep the FRFR nearby, pointed up to me for monitoring purposes. When I am not going through FOH, can I turn the FRFR on edge and have it double as a guitar cabinet facing the room? And if so, will it displace enough air to ensure the guitar is still prominent?
    • While I know there is a TON of flexibility on tap (I was stunned at the number of rigs available both free and commercially) I really only expect to have a few core tones with some effects for flavor. Given my desire to maintain simplicity, any tips or advice for getting my rigs setup for the first time?

    Thanks everyone! Looking forward to becoming a member of the Kemper family. :)