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    Back on topic, after a year long hiatus I actually have a band rehearsal tomorrow. So, time to create a Performance!

    I created one Performance today. It took me almost an hour.

    • The process of creating a Performance and loading rigs into the five available slots seems to work fine. However once you start moving between the five slots to edit those five rigs, things can get wonky. I loaded a clean tone into Slot 1, then worked my way down the line, saving after loading each rig. I then started working my way back through the rigs to edit the stomps, and somehow the clean tone in Slot 1 got replaced by the rig I had loaded in Slot 5. I navigate through the slots with the buttons on the Kemper, if that helps.
    • Editing rig names in Performance slots in Rig Manager does not update the names of those Rigs on the Kemper. I would edit the names using the Kemper interface, but using the little dials to scroll between letters just to change a rig name takes a very long time compared to typing them in Rig Manager.
    • Any change you make to a rig in a Performance slot must be saved before you move to the next slot, otherwise those changes are lost. I understand this is just the way it is, but I must have hit that Save button about 1,000 times today. It would be nice for any and all changes to be saved in a buffer somewhere so the only time you need to save is when you are completely done editing the Performance.
    • The Kemper froze twice during the process, both times while trying to copy the stomp effects block. I haven't experienced a freeze like this in over a year using Browse mode.

    So my constructive feedback is the process of creating one Performance seemed to take a very long time. That's just my opinion.

    Michael, the Soldano profiles are top notch. Well done.

    Just loaded them onto the Kemper and I am building some performances with them right now. Have my first band rehearsal in over a year tomorrow and I was worried about which profiles to use. Guess I just found my new go-to rock profiles. :)

    With all due respect, I paid enough for my Kemper when I bought the Profiler and Remote. LOL

    I'm not saying I wouldn't pay $10 for a quality editor, but seeing as how their closest competitor already has one, and I believe it's free, that should be enough of a reason for our good friends at Kemper HQ to develop one.

    That, plus I am fairly certain enough people here have already requested it. Twice. :)

    I think we should put up a sticky thread titled "does it Djent?"

    The answer is yes. :)

    Sinmix, Tone Hammer, 3 Sigma, Origin, CiliLab, the list goes on an on. There are so many good profiles out there. But before you buy any, try the free ones. You may be amazed to find what you need is already on there.


    Having some form of cabinet management in Rig Manager would be absolutely amazing.

    (A full featured editor similar to what Fractal users have would be heavenly, too! But back on topic, Pudge.)

    Like I said, having some form of cabinet management in Rig Manager would be absolutely amazing. :)

    The Fish profiles appear to be up. Yeah baby! I am anxious to hear how they sound on my AIC tributes!!

    EDIT:: Holy cow! The Fish profiles are awesome! They are going straight to the top of my list. Definitely grabbing the rest of your collection. Keep up the great work!

    I am such a huge fan of SoundToys. Echoboy is my go to for delays and ambient effects. I use Devil Loc Deluxe for drums, especially the room tracks. make the whole kit come alive and sound huge. Decapitator and Radiator are becoming my workhorses for adding saturation. They do an amazing job on vocals.

    For the style of music and tone you are going for, there are literally thousands of excellent profiles out there, many of them free. I have had a lot of success with Sinmix, Choptones, Origin Audio, 3 Sigma, Tonehammer, and CiliLab profiles. For straight up rock and pop I dig Michael Britt's stuff immensely.

    Seriously there are just so many awesome profiles you will find what you need if you keep looking.

    Here goes the first draft of Rain When I Die.

    This one is giving me fits, let me tell you.

    First off, the drums were harder to program than I initially thought they'd be. I need to do some tweaking, especially in the verses where it feel like the snare needs to be ahead of the beat a bit. Also I don't have a guitar with a tremolo that is tuned to Drop C, so I had to use the Tyler and the Transpose effect in the Kemper.

    Anyway, this is completely unmixed and no vocals (yet, hint @sambrox). :)

    But then your not getting how the amp is intended to sound by loosing the bottom. This is the tightest amp ever, literally a screamer into a screamer doing so take away from his it's intended to be. Ide start reducing the presence and compressing the high end a bit then your a bit more closer to the real amp.

    Appreciate the tip. Currently I am at a disadvantage as I have no idea what the real amp sounds or feels like, so my suggested changes were just my way of reducing that harshness. But you're right, I can't tell if that is getting me away from the tone of the amp.

    I'll try your method as well. Thanks for your efforts!