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    Thanks! That seems like a great way to have it set up the only issue is I don't own a Mixer :(

    There are other possibilities as well. You could also have 2 independent signal paths, using the Kemper's send and go from there to the Trio+ and have both paths independent.

    I do have a set of Powered Studio Monitors and I thought it may sound better if I was to separate the "bass & drums" of the Trio+ from the "guitar" of the Kemper/Gemini II but was really confused on how to do that. If you have time to type it out like you did for the 1st set up I would very much appreciate it. My guess would be ...... Guitar >> Trio + Input >> Trio Plus send >> Kemper Input >> Kemper Direct/Send Out >> Trio+ Return >> Trio Output utilizing Y CABLE>> powered studio monitors. Would this be correct?

    Go like this:
    Guitar >> Trio + Input >> Trio Plus send >> Kemper Input >> Kemper Monitor Out >> Trio+ Return >> Trio Output >> Cab.

    Thanks Ingolf! So let me see if i have this correctly.

    Current Kemper Setup with adding Trio Plus.....

    Kemper MAIN OUTS Left/Right (Y Cable) >>>>>FRFR Gemini "Input 1"

    Keep this set up the way it is and add .....

    Guitar >> Trio + Input >> Trio Plus send >> Kemper Input >> Kemper Monitor Out >> Trio+ Return >> Trio Output >> FRFR GEMINI "GUITAR IN" ( See pic..This is the only other input I could see that I could use with Trio+)

    Just want to make sure I am solid on this before I buy. Thanks!

    Hello everyone,

    I plan on purchasing the Trio Plus today and I don't understand after reading some of the threads how exactly to correctly hook it up to my Kemper and FRFR Mission Gemini since the Gemini only has one input (see image below), If I am understanding correctly from some of the threads the other FRFR's (Yamaha and CLR) have two inputs which allows the correct set up with the Trio Plus.

    Can anyone who owns the Trio Plus please let me know how I would connect it to my Kemper and then to my Gemini FRFR? Thanks for your help!

    You need to create / save those folders, there are no presets.

    So, for example you can go into the input section and adjust your clean/distortion sense for a guitar, hit save and name it. Then recall it by holding the input button for a second and then turning the type knob to select it. Make one for various instruments.

    The same thing can been done to adjust the output EQ, so if you want one setup for home, rehearsal space, etc... Make your settings in the output section, hit save and name for recalling later.

    Awesome thank you!

    Hello everyone,

    This may be a dumb question so I apologize ahead of time. I just did the 4.0 update and I cant figure some things out hopefully someone can explain. I see that their is a folder for "Input" and "output" with the input having presets for diff types of pick up output's and then the output folder has diff settings like Basic Home studio etc. I can not find these on the Kemper anywhere. Can anyone tell me where you find these on the Kemper?

    Any help much appreciated!

    Hi Mateo,

    I think it depends also a lot to what kind of profiles your using.
    I bought a strat last week and it was customized with suhr pick up's. Meanwhile i am a big fan of it because the cleans are awesome as nearly on every strat, but i tried a chrunch profile from guido (the lemon ones) for playing some floyd stuff with not so many high gain. I think the suhr pick ups are really nice. Here is the result ( this lead sound makes me smile, the strat likes it)

    Have a nice x-mas[/quot

    Those sound very good!

    I have a strat with cs fat 50s in the neck as well. The muddiness is part of the deal ... but consider how great the cleans are. If you want to go with mid gain or higher consider using the eq before the amp - high pass filter. The grand finale profiles done by Andy TAF have some nice crunchy profiles that work extremely well with my cs fat 50s. Finl thought: One of the reasons to have more than oneguitar is that different sounds are required in different situations. There is no single guitar that can do all the great sounds there are with many different guitars.

    Definitely will try adding pre EQ to dial out some of the muddiness before I spend any money on new pickups. Thanks!

    To be honest, I think you should consider to keep your Strat as is and instead go try some P90 guitars.
    There should be plenty of choice in Nashville, hehe.

    Here's a great video by Acy who is a pretty well known PU expert here in Germany and he's quite familiar with the Kemper Profiler as well.
    Usually he demos the solo guitar sound first and then he rocks it using a backing track. Let's see if you can enjoy the world of P90s.

    Nice option but sounds very much like my Les Paul. I'm trying to keep the single coil strat sound but just clean up the muddiness and get more clarity in the gain area.

    Thanks Ingolf for the recommendations. I'm going to look into those especially the TEX MEX PU's they sound very interesting

    Hello everyone.

    I need help with pickup recommendations for an American Fender Strat guitar. I've been using my Epi Les Paul Tribute with the Kemper since I got my Kemper a few months ago. The Les Paul sounds AMAZING through the Kemper and haven't given my strat much attention since I got the Kemper.

    Today I hooked up my Strat to the Kemper and ran into some issues. My strat has the Custom Shop Fat 50's and they sound Phenomenal on pretty much any clean profile I choose. The issue I am having is (and I believe this is definitely from the Strat and has nothing to do with the Kemper since my Les Paul is awesome through it) is that if I push the gain up to try and get some nice edge of breakup sounds or add moderates amount of gain the strat becomes terribly muddy and undefined. It sounds really bad. I assume (this is IMO) this is do to the CS Fat 50's since they are not really geared for those types of tones (hence the 1950's sound in its name).

    I am not trying to play any type of metal profiles (like Uberschall or Diezel etc) with my Strat. I def know better & I save those for my Les Paul or Schecter guitars since obviously those tend to fit better.

    Just FYI ,,,I do consider myself very well versed in tweaking the parameters in the Kemper such as definition and clarity etc etc. And I have messed with input sensitivity. I am convinced it is the Fat 50's . Some tweaking does help a very little bit (maybe 10%) on the edge of breakup profiles but anything with gain over 10 o'clock and it is unbearable.

    I would like some single coil pickups that would handle moderate to semi high gain WITH CLARITY & PUCNH. Nice good definition and clarity on edge of breakup and then don't unravel with a semi cranked JCM 800. And Hopefully they will also sound as good as the CS Fat 50's do on clean profiles. The Fat 50's deliver 120% on WARM VINTAGE CLEAN tones which I love.

    And also FYI I did check my pickup height to make sure it was at correct height and they are set to fact standards. Also I use mainly TAF ARMIN MBRITT etc commercial profiles so its not a bad profile issue. And again my Les Paul is awesome through all those profiles regardless of gain settings.

    I have very little knowledge when it comes to single coil pickups since everything I have ever owned has been Humbuckers.

    Any suggestions for single coils that fit my above criteria?

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!!

    Those are both good approaches Raoul23 & fyingheelhook.

    In a live setting setting up full performances then I would definitely be using many different profiles assigned to different performances. I was thinking more for just home use and keeping Kemper more streamlined. I don't have the Kemper Remote yet (where it would make more sense to set up multiple profiles within a performance.)

    I was mainly wondering if anyone just uses one profile and uses the gain knob on the Kemper to either make it clean, dirty or lead. For example if you have 20 amp profiles you bought that have 10 profiles each (200 profiles total) and then pick one out of each pack you only end up with 20 total profiles on the Kemper.

    The way I've been doing it has been one profile for clean one for dirty one for lead etc. I end up then with 60 profiles on the Kemper (per example above) as opposed to 20. Just wondering if anyone does just the one profile and tweak gain accordingly that way. The drawbacks & advantages.

    Like on the Axe FX for example you have one Mesa Boogie Dual Rect amp model and then you tweak the gain knob accordingly for clean. dirty & lead. With the Kemper we have so many different profiles of the same amp it makes it a little more cumbersome. The plus side of this is obviously you have options of grabbing a different profile of the same amp if you don't like it. Just curious if anyone just grabs one profile out of a pack they bought and treat it as the single profile for that amp model they use.

    For example: You have a mini pack of a 59 Marshall with 20 different profiles do you;

    A) Create separate profiles to transfer into your Kemper One for CLEAN ...One for CRUNCH ....One for LEAD/HIGH GAIN (similar to like a 3 channel amp)

    B) Choose ONE profile from the mini pack and then just adjust the gain knob on Kemper for the Crunch &/or High Gain

    I'm trying to cut down on amount of profiles in Kemper and keep as streamlined as possible and wondering how others approach this.

    Thanks guys. I'm sticking with my $20 cable. I had a feeling these high dollar cables were more hype than anything but wanted to get some other input. Thanks for saving me $75!

    That is good info thanks but what about using the Mogami as a patch cable between the Kemper and a powered monitor like the CLR or Gemini etc? Do you still think it has an impact in sound? I read one guys opinion on TGP and he said buying a $2,000 modeler and a $1,000 monitor and connecting it with a $20 cable doesn't make sense. Curious to any Kemper owners here feel the same?

    Some people will say they are worth it. Others will say they are not.

    My personal opinion is that they are not worth it:
    Owning them would not change the way I play, or the way I sound to the audience,
    I would rather have four $20 cables than one $75 cablerather have one $300 wireless than four $75 cables

    Thanks Pualts. If there is no sound difference between the two Then I'll stick with the $20 cable.

    Are Mogami cables worth the cost? Can you hear a sound difference from your Kemper to cab/wedge/monitors using these? I got a Hosa $20 cable and seen a Mogami cable same length for $75 and wonder if they are hype or if they do make a difference in sound.

    I should add that my view is not all negative. A friend of mine has a Gemini II for his Axe-FX. I have tested it with my profiler, and it is definitely an excellent sounding unit.

    I didn't think you were negative. You were just giving your opinion/thoughts on my original question. Nice to know you played one and thought it sounded good!