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    Now all that's left to do for some friendly Kemper-user is to create a dutch version of this forum and the Kemper manuals and the youtube demo's :D

    Yep! Just use Cab off on Monitor Out in the Output menu and unlink the main volume (so the master volume controls monitor out only), with the main output volume set somewhere between -15 and -20 dB.

    Why set monitor output volume between -15 an d -20dB and not just at zero?
    What volume setting do you use for mains out then?
    What is your experience with boosting for your solo's on stage? At home +3dB sounds already al lot of boost, but at one somehow bit disappointing live use, the 3 dB did not come out!

    I can tell you my way how I solve this question,
    I make a test-performance and transfer the Rigs I want to compare in that.
    So ist easy to compare and also edit if its sensefull.

    When I make fine tuning of a profile, I copy the same rig in this performance and can compare and edit immidiatly by proofing the changes.
    There would also a way with the undo function but I confess, I have not used it till now. (The manual can tell more)

    Thanx Sharry & flyingheelhook. I've been doin' this and yes I think it's the only way. But I just wandered if there is a faster way, without storing sounds in a Rig in Performance. For example when i have a fine-tuned Rig stored a slot in Performance Mode and I want to compare it to another sound. Then I can go browsing from this slot to al the thousands of sounds(rigs) available. But I can not easily switch form one to the other to compare, because the tweaking will be lost after 1 time switching. Storing in another slot is the only way, but this doesn't work very fast if you are searching and want to compare with more sounds, there are only 5 slots available.
    I have not figured out the snapshot function. I think you cannot use this in Performance Mode, only in Browse Mode. But then. I'm going to experiment with this, but now already I think, for comparing, I have to store these in slots as well for comparing to other sounds.
    Anyway, still lots to figure out.


    I defenitely need some help with smart use of the Rig Manager.
    Since I'm dutch ;-) reading in english is not always as easy for me.
    For now can someone explain to me, how I can easily compare two sounds: One that I have stored in a slot in a rig in Perform Mode and another one from the thousands of rigs available in Rig Exchange.
    Somehow, everytime I try this, the slot is overwritten directly, so I can't go forward and back to compare two sounds.
    Help very much apreciated, thanx,

    Another question crosses my mind: are all the factory presets in the Rig Exchange? If Yes, how can I recognise them?

    Somewhere else on this forum I read that this is supposed to be so.
    If you press copy again than the memory automatically takes over the new things to be copied. It is a bit confusing, since you think nothing will be changed and you still are working with the first things you have copied.
    But I have tried it and it works.

    Quote from TomR: “<a href="">@Ingolf</a>: What is the output you're using on your Kemper? Monitor out? And what input on your DXRs?
    Headphone out to DXR seems to be fine.”

    I'm using monitor out to the DXR line in (2nd input). I'm dialing the volume knob on the DXR…

    Can anyone explain to me how to determine on what level the output level should be set?
    I put my monitor level out to 0 % (as a default it is set at -37.5 dB), and this did a great job for minimising the "hiss" on the monitor out.

    Hi Navyhippie,

    I am from Rijnsburg, Netherlands (50+ rocker...) and own a kpa for a few months now.
    I choose to buy the the non-powered version and am looking for the right choice for monitoring on-stage now. At home I use the Adam a5x monitors, which are fine.
    I experienced a lot of bass with all the sounds. The same experience when I tried Electro Voice monitors. I think tweeking is also about which guitar you use, single coils or humbucker might make a lot of difference.
    But monitors are not what you are asking about.

    I choose to buy the Kemper remote as a floorboard and am very happy wiht it. It programs really easy. Would have been a nightmare for me, to learn all the buttons on the Kemper and a midi-floorboard to program at the same time.
    If you are into technichal things, it may save you some euro's to but one of the midi floorboards. Also I have heard that the pedals on a Beringer might have some latency.
    As a solution for volume/wah/pitch I choose to buy a Mission-kpa pedal. Works very well, but I have to figure out how to program it for multiple functions. This looks like a bit tricky. As a for-now solution, I use the 4 outputs for pedals on the kemper-remote and program them for each function (so I have to switch the input-cabel). It as not as it is mend to be, but works for the wah and pitch. The volume however, gave me some problems.

    Have fun,

    I replaced my Yamaha DXR10s with Dynacord AXM 12As not so long ago. I find the AXMs audio quality to be a step up from the DXR and close to the CLRs, but I have to admit that it is some time since I tried the CLR and haven't had an opportunity to…

    My first post on this forum. I've spend hours and hours reading about which frfr speaker would be the best choice.
    Almost ready to buy CLR's, since they are very much promoted on this forum and elsewhere (youtube). A bit too much in my honest opinion, looks like commercials.
    Nevertheless, they will be great I think. But... almost ordered one and noticed the price for a Neo version, included VAT is 1,5 x the price of the Dynacord AXM ! €1500 vs €1000.
    Also considered the RCF SMA10, which are about the same price as the Dynacord.
    Would be nice to compare the RCF vs the Dynacord. Has someone been doing this?