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    If you prefer, you can split MIDI and send both PROFILERs the same comands from Ableton via two seperate cables. This way both PROFILER s will perform the same transactions and be completely independent in case one "disappears". Then you don't need "UI to MIDI" at all. Mixing both approaches is not meaningful.

    He needs both because in a performance situation he will be sending MIDI streams/instructions from Ableton *AND* "the player" will likely be manipulating the Kemper Master.

    UI to MIDI would be taking care of "the player" changes, a MIDI merge or a dedicated splitter can take care of the Ableton instructions.

    Ideally "the player" and the engineer can agree beforehand as to who would be manipulating what in order to help control data flow "conflicts", which in theory should be simply serialized by the MIDI system but in practice since the early 80's the implementation loves crashing your shyt face first.

    Look at the complete list of changes- that will answer your question better than anyone else can.

    Just the included morph demos by D. Petersen (not sure whether he also authored the amp profiles themselves though) are very classy and playable. I am not even sure these Rigs were already available elsewhere, but the selection is play for a lifetime. The levels are just right for all the demoed Rigs.
    As I was testing the morph feature, I actually became more interested in the presets themselves in terms of sonics, and nearly forgot about morphing.
    I fav'd almost all ten of them, and automatically made it to my uberexclusive list of profiles, which only include 60 now out of the nearly 20 000 available atm.

    The morphing itself works well.