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    I bought the full pack because I think it sounded killer... but there is a touch of harshness (if you can put it like that) to it. I still think it's a great buy and I am not sure if has to do with the PUs on my guitars (Les Paul, SG and ESP Phoenix II). I allways get a harsh overtone when trying out rigs based on Fender amps with these guitars and as said there is a touch of that with this one as well. But its no deal breaker!


    So I haven't upgraded to fw 4 yet, a bit heistant if that will render my current (commercial and free) rigs unsupported/not working in the new version of the firmware. Is it like that or am I worried for nothing?


    I just got home a used FCB for my Kemper, no Uno chip in it. However, I tried programing FCB bank 02 for five rigs in the Kempers performance 02. So, that is midichannels 06 - 10. Set the 01-05 pedals in bank 2 on the FCB to those midichannels but... when I press those pedals the kemper switches to rigs in completley other performances. So as I see it there's two solutions... 1. The unit is not working, seems a bit unlikely as bank 00 and 01 works fine with the first two performances in the Kemper. 2. I'm a halfwit who has negelected something while programming the unit. This is, I guess more likely than option 1.

    So I just wonder if anyone here has any suggestions on what I am doing wrong? I followed the video from Constantin, posted here but must be missing something.

    Thanksful for any tips etc!



    Last time I rehearsed with the band, my guitar was not in tune with the other guitar. I tuned with my Kemper and the other guy with his tuner device and then we still wasnt in tune so I followed his tuning. Thought it might have been something temporary... now... I just got a new Gibson SG with the Gforce and lo and behold, when the SG is autotuned in standard the Kemper says it tuned close to a halft step too high. Did I manage to change some setting in the Kempers tuner or what the heck is going on? Any suggestions?

    There's also the Fishman Triple Play system for those who are interested. I bought a Godin with the FTP build in; work very good in 'free mode', good tracking etc. As soon as I try to record it it starts lagging to pieces but it could have to do with my hardware as I have heard other claiming they don't have that issue.