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    Thanks so much for this post. I am using the 2nd Gen Focusrite Scarlet 6i6, which uses the newer "Focusrite Control" software. So the details are different, but reading through the concepts in this post helped me to understand what I was doing, and I was able to use that understanding to figure out how to set up my routing with the newer software.


    -Mike D.

    I got here because I was Googling "Kemper Profiler metronome." It would be a super-helpful feature for folks who don't have easy access to a computer near their Kemper, and/or don't want to have to hook something else up just to practice.

    Just did a Google search about this issue and found this thread. Really excited to hear that the feature is coming soon. I can't wait to stop turning on the Looper by accident during rehearsal!

    Thanks, Kemper Guys, and thanks to HCarlH for starting the thread!