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    Out of interest, how do you have it configured? I run in stereo anyway, so had it as the 2 1/4" outs on the Kemper to the Inputs on the Mimiq, and then the two Mimiq outs to two RedSound cabs (via TRS jacks).

    Maybe I wasn't clear on that point. Guitar goes into the mimiq, outputs go to Kemper 1 and Kemper 2. Both Kempers use only one output , and both going into my interface panned left - right. Or if I ever go play live again, into two 1x12" Rocktron cabinets.

    I had a mimiq for a while. I tried it in the loop and post Kemper (between the XLRs and monitors. It did sound good for some things but had found it to have a negative effect at times. I sold it after a month or so.

    I did exactly the same, but then I got a second Kemper, and bought it again. Works great, all the issues (like in my case, the left side sounded duller than the right) were gone.

    Did you already changed things around. In other words switch the two Kempers around in sending and receiving. With this you rule out any "fault" of you second Kemper.

    I myself also got 2 Kempers and never hear any issues with latency. But maybe I'm getting a little deaf offlate ^^

    Plug your guitar in the front input of the Kemper.

    Get a cable going between the direct output/send on the backside to the input HZ input of the Apollo. Then take any output of the Apollo (I got the Twin and used a line out) and get a cable going between that and the return input on the back of the Kemper.

    Now monitor through the headphone output of the Kemper.

    That must do the trick.


    But I'm doing triple duty, "guitar", bass & sample playing.

    Besides the Kempers (for guitar and bass) there are 2 Alesis sampleracks, a compressor (for the samples) and a rackmixer for my in-ears.

    Then a for the fx loop in the Kemper an extra Rocktron FX loop device with a Alesis Akira, and then several stompboxes, 2x EHX Mel9, 1x EHX C9, Digitech Freqout and a Boss Dimension C (2018 version).

    Before I forget, there also a looper/splitter and a Digitech Whammy DT in there.

    I'm a little late with my reaction, but still... I used a UAD Ampeg vst on a studio recording and it sounded great.

    I then profiled it and in my ears it sounds exactly the same. So I'm using this profile live aswell.

    Again, as far as I'm concerned it cán work and I'm not "underwhelmed". :)

    By the way the stereo widener, just pans some frequenties to the left or right, it doesn't come close to the Dimension effect.

    It just a silly effect compared to that,

    paults & GearJocke if you know how long I've have been tweaking the different choruses, the delays and the stereo widener in the Kemper, you 'll be in shock.

    I also tried different external choruses (like the TC Electronic Corona with the Dimension D toneprint) or the Yamaha spx90 with the famous "symphonic" preset and I never got any closer to the effect of the Dimension D UAD clone which I have.

    But my quest is finally over :)

    It just comes down to the fact that it doesn't sound like a chorus, and all the others do (some more than others by the way), including the ones in the Kemper.

    Just received the DC-2W, it's an amazing piece of gear. Just like the UAD software version of the Dimension D (which I own) it does the trick creating space in you sound without it screaming CHORUS!!! Great pedal, if Kemper can produce a fx like this I will sell it as fast as I bought it. It already happened to me before when I bought a H9, and ditch it when Kemper released their new delays.

    Funny to hear that there are all sorts of possibilities to manipulate profiled amps, and that hardly people use these features.

    But let’s face it, although you can go to the moon and back with the Profiler and the Acces Virus also, the majority of users wants a Marshall sound and a Mini Moog.

    Mister Kemper, thanks so much for these great products, and I envy your way of creative thinking (and that of your personal of course). :thumbup: