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    im sorry but i did already that when i turn the knob i cannot choose it because it issent dare enymore to choose if you look in that screen you can delete i got the x slot and prest the button and can choose all the above distorion loop, mono loop and than dare was stereo loop but it issent dare enymore already tried a restart but no luck

    thank you for your replay but i have the right connection but a simply deleted the option stereo loop it is off the kemper i still have the option distortion loop ,mono loop and than it goes to oct default

    normally it goes to stereo effects loop to make the stereo loop connection i did some reading and it was fine, working ok but i wanted to deleted the rig i tried and instead i deleted the stereo loop stupid me

    hi to you al fellow kemperians i deleted by mistake my stereo effects loop and want to put it back on the kemper

    but how ? i searcht in the manual but cant find it

    last week a bought the mimic doubler and have some fun whit it

    thanks in advance

    the profiles jevo makes from the engl r.blackmore are for me the ones ilove i made easely 90+ profiles already whit them in different music styles

    rock metal bleus and so on but he has so much more profiles of diffrent amps al great sounding and al free he has his one website where you can find them

    al so i must say HAIL JEVO HAIL many many thanks from me

    i play them whit diffrent guitars so minor adjustment is needed gibson sg , prs p24 trem ,gordon smith gypsy II, al very differnt pick ups but the are amazing

    try theme out and you be suprissed

    it been a terrible week in Belgium life went on hold you just do the things you have to do
    hopefully it wont happen again but one never nows
    thank you all for your kind words lets us find conford in the language cald
    music as it is the universal language of all whit out exception off anyone

    thank you ingolf i believe your a long thime user of the kemper
    i have came acros your repley's in the free rigs section a lot
    and downloaded some suggestions you and other members made 8)

    hi to you all greetings from Belgium
    i am angelo and i have my kemper from november 2015 i wold have introduced myself earlier ,
    but man i cant stop playing whit te kemper so much to try
    i would like to thank every body that make the kemper COME ALIVE all uploaders thank you
    my guitars are gordon smith gypsy2
    gordon smith explorer
    prs p24 tremelo
    washburn flying v
    i play them tru a mesa 50/50 stereo tube poweramp the combination kemper/mesa is beond my wildest dreams
    i stil have to learn things but will in the future do some profiling myself (session 75/sessionette-koch twintone-marschall jcm 800 hot rodded-mesa boogie 50fv)
    but that have to wait atleast for a year or so
    i already uploaded some profiles from other guys whit my settings for the prs p24 tremelo as everybody addapt them tho there style or needes
    most off them use the combination magnetic picups+ a piezo thats underneath the tremolo bridge (cant go wronge whit prs :thumbsup: )