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    For the record I didn't mean this is the wrong part of the Kemper forum to discuss. I meant that this sort of thread about a competing product is likely to get ugly. I could be wrong...

    Too late it already got ugly, but thanks for saying that. The thing is we should be able to have a conversation about these products without blowing snot bubbles at each other (me included) or predicting doom and gloom about anything when we really don't know the outcome. And finally (no pun intended) the amusing part for me is I'm not even getting a QC now (I have none on pre-order), but I believe it's alright to discuss it here in the proper thread, and obviously so does Mr. Kemper. And +1000 for that.

    I find it disturbing and annoying that you act like the forum police.

    Yes, calling a spade a spade will cause that response... Even when the subject matter is "on topic" within the thread it resides in. Of course, that's my opinion too, so please "like lightbox suggests" look that up as well lol...

    So you went on a forum and cried to the CEO of a company that some guys on another forum don’t like your posts?!


    No, I didn't cry to anyone. I went and apologized to the CEO for posting his "relevant" post here without permission. I thought it was very important to read from the CEO, his thoughts and mindset on the direction of the Quad Cortex. I knew that some might disagree about owning one after the fact, but would still enjoy and appreciate the read as I did. That was my fault in assuming I was among friends and fellow Kemper owners here. I also told Doug that I would remove the "on-topic" and relevant to the discussion "post" the second he asks me to. But I won't remove it for a bunch of spoiled brats that can't handle any kind of what they consider a threat from the competition, and that's exactly what this is. I expected more adults in the room, so I'm very sorry for mine and your disappointment. Consider this my last words on this subject, and fire away.

    Relevant information on a product that is "tabbed" in the "Other Gear" section of the forum is not trolling. Like me, if you dont like it, dont read it.

    @spikes did you just complain to the ndsp guy that this forum is cold to your copy-paste activity?


    About his post? Yea I did that, explaining to them that there were a few people upset over a "relevant" post that was on topic. Glad you enjoyed it. ;)

    A quick remark regarding this back and forth posting of 3rd party content:

    I'm here, not there. If I was interested in there I would be there but I'm only interested in here. Those who are interested in there will likely be there (or here and there).

    Bottomline: There's no need for cross-posting, thanks.

    Sorry, this thread is about the Quad Cortex so it is relevant. There are more than a few who would find it relevant and that's why it was posted. And If the Mod cares to remove it I can't stop him and don't have a say in that race anyway. :)

    But, it was not done to upset anyone here! In fact, a few liked it.

    I copied without permission but felt like everyone here should read this if you are the least bit interested in a QC.

    From Doug over @ TGP,

    "Let me start this but saying that I am not trying to persuade you to buy a Quad Cortex, quite the opposite: it seems like there are aspects of our vision that you disagree with, and therefore, it is clearly not the right product for you, and I respect that fully.
    Where I'd like to draw a hard line on is the air of mistrust toward me and my company, which I find unwarranted and serious enough to address publicly. We've been selling plugins for 3 years, a time in which we have released over 10 products. All of them have been updated continuously since their inception: bugs have been fixed, new features have been added, and we will continue to do that.

    We have never charged for an update and never will.

    Taking care of your customers and standing behind our products is not only a solid business practice conducive to long-term success, but it is also the right thing to do.

    Since founding Darkglass 11 years ago and Neural 3 years ago, I have designed, produced, and sold products to hundreds of thousands of musicians and made hundreds of business deals with artists, distributors, dealers, and suppliers. In a decade-plus, I have worked extremely hard, and many times left small fortunes on the table in order to do the right thing: this is because my conviction and principles are paramount to me, and every day I am extremely aware of the fact that my reputation is all I have.

    I have also structured things so that nobody can ever pressure or coerce me to go against my convictions, not that any of our investors ever have or would. Still, even if this was the case, I have absolute executive freedom in all of my companies. This narrative of our investors forcing us to do dumb, shot-sided things (i.e., cloud bait-and-switch) is implausible. With that said, I appreciate you airing your concerns and giving me a chance to address them. Hopefully, this will put others' at ease.

    Best of lucks with everything.



    Per Doug over @ TGP- "We are actually working on the desktop editor already, and will push the gas on its development after the product is released as a lot of our development team will be focused on supporting the ecosystem with new tools and features."

    The editor will allow you to backup the content without the cloud, onto your computer. No, not individual files yet, but there is another option they are working on sooner than expected.

    Rig Exchange is another "form of the cloud", where profiles from all over are gathered to be picked and downloaded.

    No one has been eaten by the Rig Exchange Monster yet ;)

    I cancelled my pre order due to the cloud issue! Where I'm living in Europe at the moment, I have a studio in a very remote area, no Wifi, nothing there, my phone doesn't even work there! Need to go about a mile away to get phone service, so QC won't work for me

    This is the 1st legit reason I have read that makes common sense in canceling the QC because of the cloud. I hope someday you will have better access in your studio DigitalTube! :)

    Why would using the cloud for a designed-in backup copy of the QC captures be violating an NDA? Sounds like someone wrote the rules of the NDA without knowing the equipment they would be using...