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    Hey guys,

    So I set my gain up from lower to higher and when I hit the button (bottom 1-5) on the stage it also takes my wah pedal (when it is on) from low to high too. Wah is set to heel down = off. The Mission expression pedal is in #2.

    How do I un-attach the Wah pedal from the gain morph on the button?:?:

    Ok, no more Neil Diamond stuff I promise lol.

    Im a returning Kemper user, this time a new "Stage" owner, and in the process of getting all the cables ran and sorted in the studio.

    Just wanted to say Hi and looking forward to reading, talking, and learning about my new Kemper Stage.:)

    Im 65 & Love Reverb! Oh, yea. But that's not always on the menu anymore like it was. And it depends on the room/setting too. I'll always sprinkle a little on my tunes if recording, however. To each their own and YMMV. :)

    So reading this, we can set the "Main" outputs for the Kone speaker pair only, and then set the "Monitor" outs for the FRFR? Is that correct?

    Asking because sometimes I want to run the Kone Pair for jamming, and other times I will run the FRFR for recording...

    Edited: Sorry it's been a while and I forgot- Also found this- Monitor Out and Direct out issue?

    So assuming we can run both sets at the same time, is there any use/advantage in running both at the same time tone-wise?

    For the record I didn't mean this is the wrong part of the Kemper forum to discuss. I meant that this sort of thread about a competing product is likely to get ugly. I could be wrong...

    Too late it already got ugly, but thanks for saying that. The thing is we should be able to have a conversation about these products without blowing snot bubbles at each other (me included) or predicting doom and gloom about anything when we really don't know the outcome. And finally (no pun intended) the amusing part for me is I'm not even getting a QC now (I have none on pre-order), but I believe it's alright to discuss it here in the proper thread, and obviously so does Mr. Kemper. And +1000 for that.

    I find it disturbing and annoying that you act like the forum police.

    Yes, calling a spade a spade will cause that response... Even when the subject matter is "on topic" within the thread it resides in. Of course, that's my opinion too, so please "like lightbox suggests" look that up as well lol...

    So you went on a forum and cried to the CEO of a company that some guys on another forum don’t like your posts?!


    No, I didn't cry to anyone. I went and apologized to the CEO for posting his "relevant" post here without permission. I thought it was very important to read from the CEO, his thoughts and mindset on the direction of the Quad Cortex. I knew that some might disagree about owning one after the fact, but would still enjoy and appreciate the read as I did. That was my fault in assuming I was among friends and fellow Kemper owners here. I also told Doug that I would remove the "on-topic" and relevant to the discussion "post" the second he asks me to. But I won't remove it for a bunch of spoiled brats that can't handle any kind of what they consider a threat from the competition, and that's exactly what this is. I expected more adults in the room, so I'm very sorry for mine and your disappointment. Consider this my last words on this subject, and fire away.