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    I think some folks get confused with whats needed/wanted in general versus whats needed to live & breath.

    Let's get this one out of the way 1st- I can breath without an Editor. So can you.

    That doesn't however remove the fact that it will be a great tool to have for most of us.

    But you're right. It's not needed for inhalation or exhalation from the lungs.

    As always, YMMV. Now breath.... ;)  :D

    I think you are over doing the importance of the editor. So many Kemper units out there and not one of them was sold while an editor was available.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think it will be a great addition but, in the grand scheme of things, this is a actually quite a simple unit to program due to the user interface. Hence the massive amount of Kemper units already out there.

    Hi Vinny, I agree to all but one thing - I think the "importance" of the Editor changes per the users needs. And thats why one is being made, because G-String see's this as an issue as well, and not just for having to bend down to adjust the Stage. For example, what you may not be thinking about is using the Kemper in a studio some distance "away" from your DAW/Mixer/ETC. Here is where the Editor will be very handy to have. :)

    I read somewhere that the move from .kpr to .krig had to do with incorporating the new preset management system into the OS and subsequently RM, which must have meant a significant rewrite of the FW and RM itself, before taking into account the editor portion of RM. I can't imagine the headaches that must have caused the team, especially as interviews from NAMM suggested that a third-party programmer was brought in to write the editor code =O:wacko:

    This^ . In other words If it was easy your ex-wife could make one.


    The slipped deadlines is also a concern. I mean, what if it turns out that something isn't playing nice and they are unable to rectify it. In which case, this delay could stretch further and further.

    It could. OTOH thats what I don't understand about the delay irks here. G-String and Co. have missed the 1st stated release date sure, and I too wish that had not happened. But the reality of that is would you want an early released non functioning Editor to gripe about as well? I think we will all have a very nice quality made piece of software at some point the way the Kemper Team is approaching this.

    Check these numbers against any other topic on the forum. Over 2 THOUSAND replies here. You can argue about the content of each, but what you cant argue about are the numbers. This thread proves (to me) just how popular the idea of an Editor is. ^^ :thumbup:

    When "a couple days" turns into "a couple months" after already having been strung along for almost a year its not really that irrational, is it?

    OTOH, The current buyers don't seem to have an issue with their time frames. It's Hard to hold someones feet to the fire when the heat doesn't really bother them. Case in point, the "Stage" has been outselling everyone making a floor unit and in some cases been 1/2 as much higher in price than the competition. Now why would anyone in that status take the time to come here and lie to us about being almost finished with an Editor they didn't have to make in the first place?

    That's assuming it has the functionality we're expecting....

    Let me say that 1st that it's really ok after evaluation to change yer mind on stuff. ;) That said, I suggest to create a poll that asks whether the users (who own a Kemper) will or wont use the Editor "after" (note I said after) it's released. I'll wager we have less than 10% total that wont be using it in some capacity compared to the 90% that will be.


    For the Kemper users who are playing thru a guitar cab, the cabinet section will have little to no use. They are getting a significant portion of their tone from the speakers themselves. I suspect many of the posters who mention they have no use for an editor possibly fall into this category.

    If this is really what they think, they are being a little short-sighted in my opinion. There will be lots to tweak on besides just the cabinets, as this is just a "section" in the editor. Besides, a speaker may be 70% of your sound, buts it's tone is only as good as the pre-amp and amp that drives them too. Don't believe me? Hook up an old TG&Y stereo receiver to a Marshall cab and see how it makes your 1960A sound. In other words, it "all" matters. ;)

    Not much need for an editor but the amount of scrolling is stupid. To the point where i dont use stuff because i cant be bothered to scroll through to find it.

    The Editor (once familiarized with) should make everything faster to find, sort, adjust and save to a location of choice. But like anything else, we will all have to use it to become good with it. :)

    Thanks for the update G-String!

    I cant wait to play with the Editor, but I want to work flawlessly too, so I appreciate the hard work your team is doing.

    Please let us know more when you can. :)