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    Being livid and adding a $1.00 will get you a cheap cup of coffee with heartburn later. G-string & Company already has our money for a product that didn't have an Editor in the 1st place. Even if it's not out until winter Namm, it is still icing on an already very juicy and toneful cake.

    I don't know why people cant wrap their heads around this concept

    Because it's not what they want to see/read. Has nothing to do with anyone not getting it.

    I mean....RM 2.3.14 is still pretty doggone crash-happy on my Mac.

    Im not having any crash issues on my Mac Ive noticed.

    Played for 50 years- took lessons from "Jeanie Foster" starting in 1969. Fundamentals. Get those down 1st so that you don't have to retrain your finger memory later (yes, your fingers have a mind of their own). Whether you get a teacher for those or learn on yer own, get the basic fundamentals down 1st. Find them- get them-learn them. Then, play every day. In about 20 years (flies by fast) you will be a good picker. ^^

    I guess that i need it, 'cause my arms are so heavy after 30 minutes setting the kemper unit at arms length.

    Well, yes of course they are.... We all the same age, have a beard, own a VW and have our Kemper's at arms length, on the same kind of desk, with the same profiles in each. We all live in a yellow submarine... EVERYBODY SING!!!! ;)

    I don't really get what you're saying - the entire premise of alpha & beta testing is that those who are willing to put up with things that are buggy can do, and anyone like yourself can wait until the full release. That way every one is happy. I wasn't syaing they should never complete the project to a high, bug-free standard.

    They never stated up front that we were to be beta testers to begin with. Had they done this then your point would be valid. Obviously we will be beta testers anyway but I don't believe this will be by design. And yes, Id rather have a non-buggy Editor to begin with. Thats what Im saying and its a fairly simple concept. In other words I can wait a bit. So you want a date for when I will become like you and want to become a "beta" tester? Alright, winter Namm, slated to be on January 16-19 in Southern Cali. I expect it (pure speculation) to be out before Christmas 2019 however. ;)

    If the room and the FRFR monitor is different, getting it close to home may be tuff. Going through a PA versus FRFR monitors will sound different. IEM may sound good in both places but then hitting the PA so that others can hear what you hear, will most likely sound differently than home does. And, consider that they will all sound differently and depending on the construction build & price between all, this adds its own gremlins into the mix. Good luck and let us know worked out the best. :)

    I know this is OT but i'd like to ask you. I see you're a helix user also. What is your opinion in the comparison between the two?

    They are different enough for me to own both and enjoy good tones from both that are not identical. That and with Helix, the 4 aux ports make it a center-piece in most studios for running 4 cable method amps or Strymon pedals. And with the "Control" window in HX-Edit, I can set up all 3 Strymon pedals (via MIDI) for individually different patches per "Snap-Shot" all within "one" patch in Helix, and you can have multiple Snap-Shots per patch!

    I keep my Kemper around cause it just sounds so damn good. ^^. I purchased and downloaded some "Magnatone" profiles from "the Amp-Factory" @ 1/2 price Black Friday sale today. To me, Finding and Buying 3rd party amps (like the Magnatone amp profiles I found this morning) you can "not" do as well on Helix as you can on the KPA, because they are not so readily available.

    I hope that answered your questions.