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    My assertion that software is better workflow than knobs and switches? OK, perhaps that’s just me.

    Kinda depends on where yer at. If you are next to the KPA, then knobs work well. If you are 30 feet away sitting at your DAW working on a guitar part, then the "Editor" has (will have for the analistic) better workflow, at least for me. As always YMMV and thats ok. ;)

    A status report would be nice, however it wont speed things up any if it's not yet ready for release. If it was ready, we'd already know it and wouldn't need an update. So, it isn't ready yet. Problem solved. Throw money now... ^^

    BTW- On the midi thing, I use a Midisport 4x4 to control 3 Strymon pedals to bring up different settings (patches) in each one on seperate Midi channels "per Helix Snapshot". I can set this up in the "Control Window" inside HX-Edit. It works very well and sounds amazing. I'd use it on my Kemper too, but Ive found the FX in the KPA are good enough that I dont really need the Strymon pedals for it (even if the Strymon pedals may sound better on different patches). So midi is still a big deal and thats amazing in itself for an idea that came about around 1980... :)

    I do hope that the Kemper Editor has a "Control Window" thats like this so that I can play with this same thing on the KPA!

    There are a few reasons, first off I don't like that you can buy their product and be told what software I can use simply because they have not had the chance to review it.

    I did not even state my for disliking them until I was asked.

    Fair enough. OTOH my story is Im running everything on my 2013 32GB i7 iMac that I want to (and I wont upgrade to Catalina until ALL my software gets a green-light from the makers). That and the fact that just about "any-one" can build their own PC these days. It's gotten real easy now but was not always the case. Yep, Cant say that about an iMac cause yea they are different. Im an Electronics Tech by trade (35 years or so)- Ive built over 10 nice PC's over the years/decades, but now I use my latest just for gaming- Hellova platform for that and good graphics card, nice frame rates too. I also ran a nice & fast home-brew PC for years using Cakewalk Sonar as my main DAW, and used it "only" for music, no games or other junk and very little Internet access (only for updating the Music stuff). I got tired of the Windows OS constantly writing over its own registry issues. Just as today with the Helix firmware updates and Windows 10 over at the Line-6 forums, as many are having issues with the updates and that particular OS. If I lose the gaming PC for an OS issue, its a Painful thing but I can over come this. But with my songs/music I don't want to lose that data. Ive got skin in that same game too. I wont "ever" run a DAW on a Windoze OS again unless its my only choice. Thanks for the answers! and AS Always, YMMV and thats ok. ^^

    I think some folks get confused with whats needed/wanted in general versus whats needed to live & breath.

    Let's get this one out of the way 1st- I can breath without an Editor. So can you.

    That doesn't however remove the fact that it will be a great tool to have for most of us.

    But you're right. It's not needed for inhalation or exhalation from the lungs.

    As always, YMMV. Now breath.... ;)  :D

    I think you are over doing the importance of the editor. So many Kemper units out there and not one of them was sold while an editor was available.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think it will be a great addition but, in the grand scheme of things, this is a actually quite a simple unit to program due to the user interface. Hence the massive amount of Kemper units already out there.

    Hi Vinny, I agree to all but one thing - I think the "importance" of the Editor changes per the users needs. And thats why one is being made, because G-String see's this as an issue as well, and not just for having to bend down to adjust the Stage. For example, what you may not be thinking about is using the Kemper in a studio some distance "away" from your DAW/Mixer/ETC. Here is where the Editor will be very handy to have. :)