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    The 4 Mission (Expression) pedals that can be used on Fractal MFC-101 are done right. In the Editor, they have what is known as "auto engage" where you can set a percentage of travel from heel down (off) and moving forward to a percentage of travel (5%, 10%, etc etc) before the effect engages, and a graphical slope setting on the editor for the way the pedal moves from minimum to maximum (toe down), and this can be set for almost any stomp including rotary speeds from slow to fast, depth of the modulation or echo's, and of course the wah with added choices of many different wah pedals. Yes I know that the Kemper remote has heel off on the remote (I own it and like it too) for shutting off the wah and it works well, but it would be great to also have a slope settings and percentage settings for every stomp to engage at a % using expression pedals with the Kemper remote, like the Axe FX IIXL+.

    Please add the option for all stomps to be able to select the "Heel Down Off" for expression pedals like Mission.

    I would like to for example engage a rotary (Heel down is disengaged and off) starting from the heel down position, and slowly increase its speed as I travel toward the toe-down position.

    Thank you!

    Using a Mission Expression pedal, I want to...

    Program the KPA so that the Mission pedal (at heel down) it shuts off the leslie completely, and as it is rocked forward it turns the leslie effect on and slowly increases speed to maximum @ toe-down.

    I can get it slow down and speed up but, I can't figure out how to make it shut off (like the heel down wah option does). Is this even possible to do with other stomps using the remote :?:

    boomines is often caused by the monitoring situation: room resonances, smaller speakers that can't reproduce the low frequency content well enough, speaker placement (too close to a wall, or even corner - especially rear-ported systems) and placing the speakers directly on a hard surface with any pads.


    Thanks to you and others for this info. Im running 2 CLR's ( no rear ports) and the speakers are 12" so they arnt too small. They are sitting on Padded carpet in "BackLine" configuration stacked one on the other, and pointed toward me. Standard room sheetrock and tables with no acoustics so that might be part of it.

    I would like to know this as well. When I roll off the lows because of the boomies it doesn't sound right.
    I go to the Amp and set the definition up to around 5, but then I lose that old school vibe. Dialing that back increases the lows.
    So then I chase my tail and lower the Bass again... Gotta be a trick to this...


    3.2.0 has been elevated to Release level. It is functionally identical with 3.2.0 Public Beta.

    Sorry if this has been stated elsewhere-

    So is there any reason to update if running the 3.2.0 beta now :?:

    Dean, If I may ask why do you care? You obviously don't own an Axe FX, right? So why the rant? As Hillary says, at this point what does it matter? You don't like it, fine. You don't like Cliff, and thats fine too with me. You want me to not like it, not fine. Like you Ill make my own mind up. But I need to ask, why the rant?

    Buy what you want, play what you want. If you decide its wrong then research it and if its still wrong to you then don't believe it and don't buy it. Bashing others that won't agree with you is just a waste of time as the internet is full of that. And Cliff can argue his side on the Axe FX better than anyone (he's a real smart guy) because its his baby, and he knows it inside and out, and after all you really need to believe in what you are doing because whats the point otherwise. Many agree to just disagree and move on if they don't like something. OTOH Bull Doggin loses its worth after a while, for ANY point trying to be made. Many professionals (Many are shown using both the KPA and the Axe FX on the website) use the Axe FX, and others the KPA, and some both. Both have a place in our passion. Both are wonderful, and get better very often with active devs giving us wonderful and FREE updates!. Our "choice" of gear is what its all about here, not what we disagree on. Variety makes for better options and more competition which is always a good thing for US...

    Exactly. The more he slings dirt the more you know you have bought the superiour product.

    Im covered either way... I own both :D

    And yes that editor for the Axe FX is damn slick. I wish the Kemper had one like that. OTOH I like the way Rig Manager allows us to insert the next rig with hardly no lag. Instant swapping and thousands of choices. Best we can hope for is continued competition and pray Yamaha or Roland doesn't buy both of them out and make a mattel versions of each complete with sing along coloring books.

    TY all for the warm welcome. I am learning to use Rig Manager as its needed with so many rigs to choose from. And yes both are wonderful tools we have today to play with! I am fortunate to have them !!!