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    Kind of makes sense for them to add midi support

    Being able to configure my Strymon pedals (Big Sky, Mobius & TimeLine) via the Kemper Editor (Like I do now with HX-Edit) and then using these 3 pedals per profile "snap-shot" would be wicked fun! Here's hoping that they get it done.

    I'll man up for the mods.

    "This thread is only for discussion about Rig Manager 3.0. Stay on topic or be banned."

    Did I do good, @G String ? Did I? I did good.

    Brown nose! :P  ^^ All kidding aside (and I know you were joking as well) Im thinking a little latitude that show's enthusiasm and excitement for the coming Editor is more of a boon than a deterrent here, within reason of course. And so far for myself, Ive not seen anything that would justify a close of the topic yet. ^^ We are all just wanting that Editor!!! :thumbup:

    Sorry to derail the topic talking about Operating Systems, please excuse me for being rude..

    You wern't being rude, and yes Ive experienced the BOD multitudes of times. I use the PC for my gaming needs now, and it does quite well for that. But I keep my music stuff on an i7 32gig iMac. It works out much better for me that way, as always YMMV. :)

    “The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.”

    Robert Jordan

    What an EPIC story! I don't know just how this ties in with the Editor, but the "series" about as long as this thread is- and I read all 15+ books!!! If you have not read the Wheel of Time" series, do so. Once you are 50 pages into the 1st book, you may not even remember an Editor. ;) Yes, for me its that good.


    Your reaction doesn't seem arbitrary in any way, seems exactly like how a guy who tells himself "you so funny dude" would react when someone else makes a simple jest about something he said.

    Im at a place where Ive said earlier I was sorry for replying (like you did to me earlier about don't be making a dictionary comment) nightlight, and your still wanting to push the envelope. Why? And, we should all be "positive" about the editor, because Mr. Kemper didn't have to make one. And finally, if you would have looked a few posts down you would have seen where I said I was tired after working a 50+ hour workweek, and apologized to all for my bluntness. You don't like what I write here, then just don't read it. FWIW, Im not mad at anyone. Let it go man. I did.... Peace brother.


    I struggle to think of another company that would have a product like this available for so long without one.

    Off the top of me balding head- Marshall was around for decades without an editor. It has one now with the Code models (and they sound quite good). Yea I get its not the same thing, but there are lots of Marshall profiles in use on the KPA.

    I want to play with the editor as well. That said, Im confident in my guessing it will be out "soon". And when it is released then, no one will remember why or even care why there were 95 pages of babbling here (including mine).

    1st off, if you're claiming that someone is being rude, it indicates you take the conversation seriously and that you have made good faith arguments.

    Nope I just thought/was pointing out that the guy was being a butthead, and that I could be the same in return. I guess it worked lol. Im sorry if you felt you had to defend him for this. Im also ashamed that I let a complete stranger get under my skin a bit, as this usually doesn't happen. I guess the "last" 50+ hour workweek got to me lol. Please forgive- and I'll be sure and play nice now if he does. Not a threat, just an observation. Thanks for the concerns and peace brother . :)


    I kind of commented on that earlier too, but I think it's the way some guys express themselves with frustration ..

    Not frustrated, just didn't care for the blunt retort, and add me being tired didn't help much. Again, please forgive-

    Oh and yea- hurry up editor!!!lol...