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    I struggle to think of another company that would have a product like this available for so long without one.

    Off the top of me balding head- Marshall was around for decades without an editor. It has one now with the Code models (and they sound quite good). Yea I get its not the same thing, but there are lots of Marshall profiles in use on the KPA.

    I want to play with the editor as well. That said, Im confident in my guessing it will be out "soon". And when it is released then, no one will remember why or even care why there were 95 pages of babbling here (including mine).

    1st off, if you're claiming that someone is being rude, it indicates you take the conversation seriously and that you have made good faith arguments.

    Nope I just thought/was pointing out that the guy was being a butthead, and that I could be the same in return. I guess it worked lol. Im sorry if you felt you had to defend him for this. Im also ashamed that I let a complete stranger get under my skin a bit, as this usually doesn't happen. I guess the "last" 50+ hour workweek got to me lol. Please forgive- and I'll be sure and play nice now if he does. Not a threat, just an observation. Thanks for the concerns and peace brother . :)


    I kind of commented on that earlier too, but I think it's the way some guys express themselves with frustration ..

    Not frustrated, just didn't care for the blunt retort, and add me being tired didn't help much. Again, please forgive-

    Oh and yea- hurry up editor!!!lol...


    Please don't create your own dictionary, thanks.

    Not my dictionary, its been around a while now. Oh and don't tell me what to do, thanks....


    Basically your post was a bunch of gibberish haha

    Might have been gibberish but at least it wasn't rude. Stick that in yer gibberish....

    Wait, was that too arbitrary for ya? :P


    I would have taken that bet, but I have a feeling you'll be modifying the meaning of "soon" to mean some arbitrary period of time to renege on it :D

    Thats possible I guess, but as I read from Merriam-Webster, "Arbitrary is derived from the same source as "arbiter." The Latin word arbiter means "judge," and English adopted it, via Anglo-French, with the meaning "one who judges a dispute"; it can now also be used for anyone whose judgment is respected." Now thats a contradiction in terms I think, I mean how someone's judgement be respected if G-Strings or I (or anyone) renege on "soon's" real meaning? Or is it now just a given that whenever anyone says "soon", it's taken in an arbitrary meaning just because you/we didn't get whatever it is you/we wanted yesterday? ^^

    There ya go, you sure told me... ;)


    Edit: no need to change what you wrote and instead make passive insults, which add nothing of value.

    Now practice what yer preaching ...

    I played guitar thru my Kemper for over 2 hours this morning. I suggest we do that rather than exchange barbs...

    What say you?

    If the Kemper is off (and the DXR10 is still powered on) and you still hear noise "I don't think" its the Kemper causing the noise. Turn off all fluorescent lights around you. Start with unplugging the line out cable at the Kemper going to the DXR10. Dont touch the end of the cable as this creates noise. Do you still hear the noise? If so unplug it from the DXR10. Did the noise disappear? If so the plug in another cable in the DXR10. Did the hum / noise come back? If so it's the DXR10 ground causing the noise and not the cable/s.

    If you do NOT hear the noise when unplugging the line out cable from the Kemper going to the DXR10, see if there is a "ground-lift" setting on the DXR10 cabinet itself. You might even try the ground-lift on the KPA as mentioned above, but since its off already I cant see that is the issue (but ground loops do crazy stuff). If not, try using another power outlet and see if the noise increases, or goes away.

    If all else fails, invest in a Behringer Humm destroyer! I have one & they work...

    Hope this helps. :)