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    Amaze-B .. I totally Agree , we need to have this option .. like individually freezing a reverb chord and play guitar over it, with another reverb/ echo that is not freezed .. and being controlled from another switch on a Midi controller, as I don't want to use up some of the 4 precious Effect Buttons I-IIII

    Kemper ... can you please make this possible ?

    Hi Guys,

    I asked for other Kempers Remote users, that - like me - would like to have more foot-switches, but instead I only heard from 3 user, that didn't have that need :-)

    … it would be easy to be able to hear whether the effect is active or not. You don’t really need an LED to know.

    Yes, of course I would be able to hear that … after been playing and teaching guitar professionally for 46 years :)

    Sorry, guys .. I didn't formulate my self clearly at first :-)

    … I am an owner if the Kemper Remote, and for Live use and improved spontanity, I would love to have improved foot-swich flexibility, so I can keep my hands on the fretboard.

    re. coloured LEDs :

    Since we have access to 100s of rigs - I was refering to, how lovely it is that Kemper has used different colors for each type of effect, thereby helping us to get a better overview and remember .. and the Kemper Remote reflects that !

    But on the Kemper PROFILER you can turn on/of each of the 8 FX slots separately, whereas on the Kemper REMOTE. you can turn on/off only 4 FX slots seperately.

    I would love to get rid of this Limitation …

    When I program a Rig, I usually fill up all 8 FX slots, so they are ready to be turned on /off, when I need it during a live performance.

    But for each rig I usually have to compromise, and decide which 4 of the 8 effect is most important to be assigned to the footswitch.

    and Yes... It's great that you can have multiple effect assigned to one foot-switch, in those special circumstances where your desired effect constitutes of a combination of effects .. I love that !

    … But most often it's not the case,

    So For LIVE use I just want to be able to turn on/of ALL of these 8 effect slots separately.

    .. and in addition:

    … since you also can assign Action & Hold functions (like the speed of the rotor etc ) to the Effect Buttons of the Remote, the limitation of only having 4 footswitches on the Kemper Remote , becomes more apparent to me …

    … That's why I would love to be able to expand my number of FX foot-swithes for a total of 10, instead of only the 4 on the Kemper Remote.

    … but it seems that such an addtional foot-wich box doesn't excist on the market :-(

    Within this framework the four Effect Buttons, which can switch multiple modules at a time, are sufficient. In addition you have Morphing - by Rig - which can do on/off and much more.

    Don't limit yourself to this one signal chain, which needs to deliver all theoretically possible effect combinations just via on/off interventions.

    Don't get me wrong… I love having the continious controllers, like morphing etc.

    and I absolutely don't want to limit me to one signal chain, it's actually on the contrary:

    For Live use, I want to be able to be spontanius, by being able to reach ALL of the 8+ effect slot at random,

    .. and each Rig might have different effects, that's why it lovely with the different colors indicating what type of effect it is.

    … That's why I would love to be able to expand my number of FX foot-swithes for a total of 10, instead of only the 4 on the Kemper Remote.

    … but it seems that such an addtional foot-wich box doesn't excist on the market :-(

    Would you also like to have an additional Kemper 4-8 foot-switch box with LED coloring ?

    I love that the FX foot-switches on the Kemper Remote, has color LEDs, that correspond to the Profiler’s color indication, showing the type of FX in use ?

    ·         Kemper Profiler has 8 FX slots,

    .. And the Profiler even has additional parameters, that can be configured to the foot switches on the Remote … (Like change the Rotor speed between: slow /fast)

    ·         I would love to have foot switches to turn ALL of these on/off …

    ·         HOWEVER the Remote Controller only has 4 FX foot switches to turn these all effects on and off

    .. (yes, I know that you can assign more effects to the same switch) …

    But for increased control, Spontaneity, and Live use … it would be absolutely lovely to have LED Colored foot-switches for ALL these:

    I know that Kemper does offer a 2 foot-switch box, but .. it hasn’t got the LED Colors on it !

    SOLUTION: A Kemper 4-8 foot-switch box, with LED coloring

    .. Connectivity: I suggest it has 2 LAN connectors on it, so you can insert this switch box between the Profiler and the Remote (thereby also powering the LEDs)

    .. Design wise: why not use the same physical profile as the Remote has, so when you put them beside each other on the floor .. it looks like a pro extension

    … I know I’m Ready to buy such a Kemper Switchbox ?

    How about you ?

    .. Would you also like a Kemper 4-8 foot-switch box with LED coloring?

    Well .. For this to become possible, the developers off course needs to find out, if there is enough demands for such at Foot-switch Box among Kemper Profiler users..

    … SO .. if you would also would like a Kemper 4-8 foot-switch box with LED coloring ?… why not give your vote on this..??

    Thank you !

    Best Regards

    Kim Baekgaard

    Peace ?