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    I don't know how relevant this is but I use an RME Fireface UC and track post Stack without the efx section as I can provide better effects for the guitar using UAD or Plugin Alliance. I monitor the guitar direct through the mixer and not through the DAW. I do find that the sound in the DAW if I use the EFX section to be less present. I have always put that down to the way that efx affects the sound in a mix. The guitar sound is much easier to get right adding compression, eq, reverb and delay in the Daw.

    Yeah well the last iteration served me well, with no saving issues. Just because it is a Beta it doesn't mean we can't get frustrated with it. I am perfectly willing to help with the development of the software, but it does concern me how many times I had to restart over the Beta Programme. What I probably meant to say was that if the issue with saving new profiles was ok why is it now an issue again.

    I had thought by now the issues would be a thing of the past but now I cannot save a profile without getting the Damage Screen which asks for a restart on Browser holding down the Rig Button. It happens every time I save a profile. Surely to goodness these updates are tested?

    I guess I will have to go back to the official release if I can!!!


    Oh yes I can't read the Profiler version number as something is printed on top of the number.

    I have just about lost patience with the various iterations of Rig Manager with regards to saving a performance. I have spent a while trying to save 5 rigs to one performance overwriting 3 of them. The original profiles keep coming back. I save on the Profiler. Nothing I do seems to work. I am getting really fed up with the inability of RN3 to work as it is supposed to. Drag and drop does not seem to work properly. Eventually I initialised the performance and started again and that seemed to work.

    Similar to me. When I had the Profiler Damaged screen I had the same sycn issue and the resultant syncing feeling., wondering if all this is damaging my Kemper.

    Good God man the War and Peace of Wah settings! Thank you very much for pointing this out. I don't know how I missed it. I will definitely investigate this. I have so enjoyed the beta process, despite some of the issues, as I feel that I have been learning so much about the Kemper and improving the sounds I have been getting. Not to mention some interesting work done by other users such as yourself.

    So far so very good. I must say that Rig Manager has made it so much easier and quicker to experiment with guitar tones. The latest thing that I have been working with is direct profiles and experimenting with my large collection of irs, which produced some stellar sounds. My main complaint on this front is that when you import/drag the ir into RM3 there is a limit to the number of characters in the title. Which means that a lot of the detail about mic - position - distance gets lost which can mean a lot of editing and reduction to be able to see what you have got stored. Could this character limit be increased as it is there when directly imported into the Profiler, even though you can't see it all due to the limitations of the screen.

    One other annoying thing is I cannot edit the tile in RM3 .

    Everything was going fine with the new versions of RM and KPA update until the Profiler crashed. I had been experimenting with using irs. I had dragged a Red Wire profile from a folder on my computer to the Cabinet Symbol on the Profiler section. I had done this a number of time and it had worked very well. I change the view to the Profiler Profiles and then the crash happened. I have been having a number of issues also with the Profiler becoming un-synced with Rig Manager.

    did you update to the latest version of Rig Manager and Profiler OS Beta?

    Have updated the Rig Manager but cannot update the Kemper as it does not see the new chaos.bin an I have no idea how to make the Kemper see it.

    Will have to revert to the previous Rig Manager!

    Done this and now my profiler refuses to sync. This beta testing is just that - really testing.

    the slot turns on automatically. you don't have to do this. and when you drag, you don't have to press Ctrl-Enter either.

    Sorry I have been away which explains the late reply. I drag a profile into a performance slot and it at first appears it hasn't worked until I turn the slot on. It does not come on automatically. So it does not turn on automatically for me! To audition a profile in the Browser some times double clicking does not work and enter does not work either, however Ctrl/Enter does. Sorry but that is how it is for me.