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    One amp I like for worship music , is the M Britt Guytron amp .. It is $14.99 for 30 profiles , all gain levels and all channels .. with different speakers.. 39 profiles total

    What I do is find 5 levels of gain and put it into a performance setting ..

    Start with clean profile from the amp , and then the next slot I add a bot more gain , and so forth ..

    I also run these into the Axe FX2 which gives me all of my delays or ambience etc..

    But I can see myself moving towards Strymon pedals for delay , and JHS morning Glory for drive .. rather than carrying the Axe around etc..

    Monkey Man .. Actually I changed the bridge pickup .. the gtr itself is still on the bright side .. So the profiles might be a tad dark .. The original pickup has a lot of voltage output on it ..17.5 I believe .. I changed it for a lower voltage .8.9.

    Buddy would be playing his amp , and I would plug in and blow everyone's ear drums .. always needed to turn down heh.

    Waraba- yes I will upload them .. was kind of looking for feedback , ( I should have mentioned that heh ) I didn't want to upload if they were no good .. Or if I needed to redo them with better settings etc.

    Hi folks , first time profiling , still very new and learning ..

    I have uploaded 3 files ..

    2 Egnater Mod 50 , Bman module , 1 is clean , 3 has a bit of drive ( 2 was no good :)

    1 Morgan RCA35 clean ..

    I used a Suhr GTR , kind of bright , so adjustment might be needed.


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    Yeah you just have to take the time .lol .. very overwhelming for me heh .. so used to AXEFX

    I started to do some profiling and wanted to see what everyone thought... I do have a bright Suhr GTR , so some adjusting might be needed .. I have a Morgan RCA35 and a Egnater Mod 50 . I did 6 profiles , only 3 of them were usable ..

    hmm trying to upload but it says file extension is invalid..

    EDIT: here they are.. ( I think .. never used winzip before lol )


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    Hi thanks a lot .. I actually did that , and was able to get sound previously .. But once I updated to Maurzio's Beginner pack , The effects loop no longer produces sound.. Whether it is mono or stereo , no sounds come through .

    I guess worse case I can always re load the factory settings, but I kind of like the way he has it organized..

    Howdy, i recieved this yesterday.. I am starting to get used to it . I have hooked up my Axe FxII in the effects loop, to take advantage of some of the ambient effects..

    However i was browsing the tips and tricks forum , and noticed Maurzio's begginer pack . I updated my profiler with his back up but now the effects loops doesnt work.. Where it did before the update.

    I can see that the axe fx is recieving the signal . But i get absolutely no sound . I am still new to this , so I am pretty sure it is a simple fix.. But some parameter has changed .

    any help would be much appreciated.

    Hi there , finally got my Kemper ... played , it and it is great.. I decided to update my firmware.. now I have a slight high pitched hum in my speakers...any ideas of what this could be ?

    The amps still sound the same , except for this hum .... Noise gate doesn't remove it ..It just happened after I updated my firmware..

    Pretty incredible little unit .. I am running my AXE FXII for effects ..great combo:)

    Thx everyone!

    Hopefully should be here in a few days. It will be a learning curve as i am so used to my axefx II and the editor etc.. I also have the mfc101 . Hoping i can get it programmed to control both the axe and Kemp.

    Hi there ordered a Kemper , and waiting for it to arrive .

    I do have an AxefX 2 , I would like to keep for the effects . Hoping to be able to run the Kemper through the Axe FX loop or vice versa.. I play in my church and am really interested in the clean crunch sounds along with ambient effects..

    I play a Suhr Pro with HSH set up . I replaced the Bridge pickups with Seymor Duncan 59s

    I also have a Les Paulo Studio with stock pickups.