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    Maybe I am dreaming but I am pretty sure I used to be able to browse rigs with the <page> buttons.

    I would set the "Sort by" as I wanted it and then use page buttons to quick-navigate to, say, MBritt profiles or Soldano amps.

    No longer works at all?

    Has it been dropped or is this a bug?



    I had the same kind of aftermath with 7.1.22 update with my Stage (updated via USB stick).

    In perform mode, every profile seemed to have same amount of gain.

    In my case everything was pretty clean sounding.

    During update I did notice a message about corrupt performance(s) detected.

    I went through all my 30 or so performances. All clean and drastic differences in volume levels between profiles too.

    I felt like the lack of gain was compensated with higher volume...but who knows.

    One performance was replaced with "New Performance".

    Rebooting did not change a thing.

    But as always, I had made a USB stick backup before updating so I restored that.

    Things seem to be normal now.

    I understand that USB-mass-import of performances is problematic, they would not know which performance goes where.

    But I wish they would implement a one-by-one export/import from a USB stick.


    - select the correct source performance

    - press "USB export"

    - maybe confirm export and then export


    - select the correct target performance

    - press "USB import"

    - Kemper shows a list of performances on the stick

    - select the to-be-imported performance

    - press "import"

    So, basically like creating/restoring a backup except you'd need to select the source/target performance first.

    I would have a lot of use for this feature.

    The less I need a computer to be there with me, the better.



    Me too.

    Just send a support request.

    If Stage remains connected to power grid, date and time settings are retained when power is cycled.

    If Stage is disconnected from power grip (unplug, or like I do, flip a master power switch, the power light turns off), date and time settings are lost when powering on.

    I also downgraded to 7.1.2 and it works ok in this regard.

    Upgraded again to 7.1.3 and date/time gets lost again.

    FW issue I reckon.

    With my machine (Win 10 64-bit, 1703 CU version) the install fails with the following message:

    The installer has insufficient privileges to modify this file:
    C:\WINDOWS\system 32\api-ms-win-core-file-I1-2-0.dll

    I am the admin (and running Rigmanager as administrator),
    UAC is set to none.

    Looking at the security for that file only the item "TrustedInstaller" has full privileges.
    Administrator or even the System do not have Full Control or modify rights.

    Other than changing access rights to that particular file, what can I do?

    EDIT1: If I give access rights to that particular file, install fails again, same reason only different file (C:\WINDOWS\system 32\api-ms-win-core-file-I1-2-1-0.dll).
    EDIT2: So I changed the ownership of the affected files (maybe 15 files, named api-ms-win-core* and api-ms-win-crt* ) to TrustedInstaller. After this the install worked.

    Hi, bought the final pack, just because the I liked the TAF/Kemper factory content and the few singles I bought so much.
    Alas, my week-old kemper died on me and is on transit back to the seller.
    When I get a replacement, I'm pretty sure I'll be blown away.


    Hi, I quote myself, to give context to this message.
    Now that I have a working Kemper, playing it has been an absolute joy.
    Yes, a few instabilities here and there but on the whole, OMG!
    This piece of hardware is f****** great and so too are these TAF profiles.

    He's something that popped into my head this morning while tweaking about and noodling with AF10 BASS Clean profile.
    It's only a two-guitar funk rhythm idea in A that I saved for future use. Added drums via EZ Drummer.
    So, musically nothing special but man, I like this profile/sound.

    Make a back up and sent that to support explaining exactly what happens and how to make it happen. I'm sure they will help you and like to know about this issue

    Yes, I could raise a ticket. Support has been stellar so far.
    Except I don't have any hard data, only the fact that this occurs whenever the planets happen to be in conjunction.
    Can not reproduce on purpose.

    Like yesterday I made a change to Pure Blues factory rig, adding a delay.
    It behaved well all day long. But today, maybe after 10mins after selecting that rig, Kemper throws a fit that lasts a couple of minutes.
    It clears up by itself and after that all is well for many hours.

    What's not to like about morphing.
    I've had the kemper just a short while and while noodling with the profile content I've come across several situations where this or that setting within a rig sounds great.
    Just set morph heel/toe and you're set. Great feature for sure.
    Fx on/off with fx x-fade/ramp up+down time should be a part of it IMO (for fx that do not have a mix parameter).

    I can see many uses for this from changing "moods" to using it as rhythm/lead (and in between) to doing any crazy stuff one can imagine.

    Support replied.
    Based on the video and and the error code that the remote displays while re-connecting (it was 5) the verdict is that this is a software error.

    "As a temporary workaround please do not use the parameters in the system menu to adjust the Remote display settings
    together with the physical knob at the back of the remote"


    FW is
    Just now switched rigs for about 5mins, everything ok.
    Then I went to system settings, page 11/17 and played with the contrast settings (I did that also yesterday).
    After a couple of minutes fiddling the remote became unresponsive (adjusting settings on the KPA did nothing, neither did the contrast knob on the remote itself). And then, maybe 10 secs later the remote rebooted.

    After this I moved the cable and the remote about for a while, it stays alive. Fiddled with the connector at the back of the KPA, remote stays alive. Switched rigs, all that jazz.

    Back to settings, page 11/17.
    Fiddling with the settings made the remote freeze/reboot again!
    After reboot, continue fiddling, whoa, another reboot. And so forth.

    To me it seemed that freezes came mostly after adjusting the Contrast/Brightness and then the White LED Level (not always the first or second time though). Anyway I can repeat the reboots ad nauseam this way.

    Hi, a quite new Kemper/remote package here.
    Yesterday I had the first chance to plug in the remote (used the supplied cable).

    Remote powered up ok, Kemper was in Browse mode.
    Then about 10 mins after the remote's lights flickered a few times and to me, it seemed to be related to switching rigs using the footswitches.
    Ie switch a rig and soon after the lights would flicker.
    Then suddenly (I did not switch rigs at that moment) connection was lost and the remote rebooted.
    After that the lights flickered a couple of times and I rebooted the whole Kemper.
    Remote was stable until I powered off a couple hours later.

    Does not promote confidence.
    What can I do except raise a support ticket and buy a PoE?

    Okay, here we go again. The replacement KPA arrived today.
    I took 2 months from the original order to receive a working unit and a month plus a week to receive the replacement :sleeping:

    But whatever, stuff tends to happen.
    Fired it up and no glitches so far.
    Overjoyed right now (but I'll be keeping the packaging for a while...)

    Best Regards,