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    I've ended up leaning towards my own profiles and di profiles. I found Tilis cablab pack on here for the cab section. One of the cabs sounds exactly like my own favourite marshall 4x12.

    The cab makes a huge difference.

    I've locked that cab and out of 1000s of profiles have 20 I use, maybe 6 different amps with varying degrees of gain. Some work well with all guitars some with others. I find the kemper very fickle. But after years I've managed to get the tones of my cranked amps at low volumes and via a power amp and my 4x12.

    I found it really hard to get tones I like. I've been spoilt by playing marshall jmp 50watt, fender blackface and orange for years in good settings at decent volumes. Took me an age to get tones I liked.

    My advice if you can is to:

    If you have a good amp you like, profile it.

    Work out who has your guitar and sound that you like, find out what their rig is and go on rig exchange and find the corresponding rig.

    Realise that within one amp there are hundreds of tones, so when trying rig packs step through them all to find the gain and tone you like using rig manager.

    Some packs, like the full petrucci pack mentioned above has loads, I went through all of them and found only2 di profiles I liked which worked well with my own cab, but ended up using profiles of dumble, jmp and orange.

    Michael britt packs are wonderful

    I've found using a treble boost pedal, wampler tunmus (no drive) and les paul gets a bit closer to the tones of real not metal though.

    I bought his dumble pack but of all of them my favourite is the ceritone that is actually free with the kemper.

    I've tried all sorts of fuzz pedals, all much better than the stomp presets. Not a fan of the kemper fuzz.

    For kyuss tones the jcm 900 is it, it's what josh used, into an 8 x 10 ampeg cab. Load a profile with an 8x10 cab, then hold the cab button for a second, then press lock. Now change to a jcm 900 profile, store it, it will save with the new cab, then unlock the cab by hitting cab again for a second and unocking.

    I wasnt a huge fan of the 8x10., I think its attached to an ampeg bass rig originally.

    I played these side by side with blues for the red sun and they sound very close if you tweak it a bit.

    To be fair it's a unique sound, on it's own it sounds quite underwhelming, I end up preferring a more traditional 70s rock sound.

    I've messed around with stoner tones for ages and found it quite hard to get a sound that's good live and in the studio.

    I've tried various approaches, have a look at m britt free dumble profiles. The clean ones.

    I've tried clean amps with pedals, russian big muff, tumnus and or pdf 2.

    Pdf2 gets you really close, especially to qotsa with a big clean amp.

    For kyuss I used a high ish gain mbritt marshall jcm 900 with just the tumnus in front. Messed around with swapping for an ampeg 8x10 but prefer 4x 12.

    I ended up with the treble and bass up, add 1 db on bass and 2 on treble.

    Obviously neck double humbucker, fairly low output tuned to c standard with 12s.

    Live I use an orange dual terror, I've profiled it, but still trying to find stoner heaven in the studio via kemper. After 1000 profiles I'm as close as I'll ever get.

    I have reverb assigned to pedal 5, I recently noticed that the led status light has stopped working. I have assumed faulty bulb.

    Maybe I should check, I cant remember if it coincided with a software upgrade.

    After a few years out of 1000s of profiles I like a dumble profile that m britt gave away in a free pack, so I got his dumble pack, love the ceriatone... Then I purchased the choptones jp mesa pack for my brother in law to try. The clean on there is outstanding, as are the drive tones. I've used the direct profiles most with my 4 x 12, they are stunning.

    I'll never go back to my Orange dual terror, Marshall jmp or fender bassman 100, this Kemper is now my go to for live and studio.

    In my previous post I mentioned working my way through a lot of profiles. I've always loved the way valve amps push sound, my old jmp master volume was hard to beat but varied wildly from week to week, I have a Fender Bassman 100 too and always found it a bit too linear but good with pedals.

    My Orange Dual Terror was a lightweight compromise that covered all my rehearsal room and recording requirements, admittedly I'd had it revalved to get it where I wanted. It was only when I profiled my gig settings that I realised the Kemper negated the need for all my amps, it is a totally faithful reproduction.

    That essentially was what won me over and finally got my buy in.

    In finding profiles that bettered my own I noticed that tone in the Kemper is very sensitive to guitars, and 99pc of profiles I tried sounded dire for my taste.

    Now that I'm using a non valve power stage I'm favouring di profiles, I've recently found the Till's cablab which have really impressed and cover off the studio and pa side of the sound.

    I can't express enough just how far the Kemper has batted all my other rigs out of the park.

    I've had my Kemper a few years now, I never managed to get tones I liked enough to ditch my tube amps, until recently.

    I used a two channel orange dual terror for ease when rehearsing and the kemper in the studio. Eventually I profiled my own orange through both channels and found it was faithful live through a 4x12 and in the studio.

    But that was just my starting point.

    Once I was happy it was at least as good I then went through the various profiles i'd bought and found. Matamp, wem, sunn, ampeg, fender, Marshall, etc. Looking for my holy grail. A/B ing to my own amp profile.

    I had nearly 1000 rigs installed.

    I then did a blind test, stepping through them, ignoring the names, looking for a clean and a dirty fuzzy sound. I used my strat first and picked about 10 amps from the whole list.

    I then did the same with my les paul and picked another 10.

    5 or 6 of them were the same profiles.

    I then A/B those to my own profiles and preferred them.

    I tried my pedals with the clean profiles and found one I love for Fender, Gibson, clean, and with a fuzz pedal.

    Its one of m Britts dumble pack.

    It records well, suits my playing, works with all my guitars and loves pedals.

    My brother in law is a fan of dream theatre so we downloaded the choptones boogie jp pack. It's di clean is amazing, as are the overdrive tones. Blew us both away.

    One hugely important factor in this is that the kemper is going through a flat response non tube power stage.

    Anyway, it's taken me 3 years, but I now have the best tones I've ever played, every day, consistent and reliable.

    One last thing I've noticed is that I don't have to play at mind melting volume to get the tone, I can actually hear the singler and drummer (if I want) or crank it, the tone stays the same.

    Persevere, I went from 1000 profiles down to 6, and back up to about 20, still loving my dumble pack tho.

    however, you can profile your amp with the overdrive off, then profile it again with the overdrive on and switch between the profiles in performance mode, using midi or foot switch controllers.