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    I just wanted to say I love the 2020 pack. I got stuck in the performances that were included in the pack for several days before I even started to explore the other profiles. Every guitar I ran through the performances sounded great. Kudos and a big thumbs up, you've spoiled me more than I deserve. Thanks.


    I have an ESP LTD single cut with an Evertune bridge and for chord jazz and rhythm work perfect pitch can't be beat. I have always had trouble with extended chords being in pitch. High gain sounds great also but it is not my pick for playing solos on.


    I bought the set and was very impressed. Usually I have found that there are profiles in sets that I don't care for or would not use but I found that I liked all the profiles in this set. I think that this is a great set and worth the investment. I like the Dumble profiles and look out for them too.

    Dr Z may have the best customer support ever. I bought the pack on Friday afternoon but for whatever reason the software glitched and did not provide a download link. I emailed customer support and they got back to me right away but it wasn't something they could fix. They asked for my phone number and called me to check my email info and then sent me the profiles in an email attachment. It turns out that they had left the office for the day and did this from home. That is what customer support is all about. Way to go Dr Z. That is the best customer support I have ever received. Oh, by the way, I also like the profiles. I have found some work better for me if I roll back the guitar tone some. After digging through them all I have found some really great ones just as they are. :thumbup: