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    Yeah thanks man

    I’m not in a hurry. I was alone at home for a couple of hours today and jamming loud, oh man, way too luxurious for home use but I don’t want to take it to rehearsals or as a monitor for venues, my kpa case is already 20kg.
    It may or may not sell, we will see. It surely deserves a better use than what I do.

    The Kone does not solve the conflict

    what I needed to understand! i am a slow learner, sorry for that

    and thanks mr. Kemper for your direct involvement with the customer base. it makes me feel gratified. the Kab/Kone surely deserves good success

    pamplemousse : If you want to hear the same as FOH you are again with FRFR and cab monitor ON. In the explanation above you could read that the Kemper Kone automatically switches to a kind of FRFR setting (without imprints) if you switch cab monitor ON. In other words, you can use the Kemper Kone as a regular "FRFR" monitor, or if you cannot get used to the miked amp sound on stage, you can use the imprints (with switched of Cab monitor setting) and have again your regular feeling of your amp blasting near you. This wil than of course sound differently than what you hear through the FOH.

    I got this for sure. But what interest for the imprints then? I assume if you use them with a given speaker for monitoring it means that you prefer such sound for yourself so why wouldn’t you want such a better sound for FOH too? why not have an official IR that would make an ‘as close as possible’ sound for FOH?

    Is it a weird question? I mean, it has taken me time to get used to a mic’ed sound and in the end this is an evolution in my tone, especially when hopping to venues with different setups. Why go back? wouldn’t an option to ‘use closest imprint sound for FOH’ make sense?

    I see what you are saying but wouldn't it be this way if you'd just bring your ol' Marshall along and mic it? Amp in the room sound from the cabinet on stage and a mic'd up sound from the PA.

    Hi all,

    been reading the news/thread. intriguing enough, I need to ask

    A major interest of the KPA is to be able to precisely tune what the audience gets through FOH. if the monitoring from the Kab sounds different than FOH, then we are back in time when it was all tube amps. ckemper can we expect some official IRs, or equivalent, which are the 'speaker imprints for FOH'? of course they will be mic'ed ones but this would allow matching the sound the audience gets as close as what we have set up for personal monitoring, hence enjoy best.

    does this make sense?

    Hey Burkhard, thanks for the answer. The morph controller thing was my guess. Still I don’t get your latest point, if ‘morph to wah’ is not activated then I just can’t use the morph pedal as a wah. My performances include both morph or wah, or pitch, depending on rigs.

    Anyway, cheers. Please carry on the good job (and make a smaller profiler so I can carry 2 pedals ;))

    Hey all

    Long time no see. I hope everyone is well. I have a little question on a point I’m getting stuck at.

    I use one exp pedal set as morph to wah as I need both in my performances, never at the same time. On some case I use a wah low pass for some lofi sounding, pedal mode on, no morph. When I change rigs I would expect the pedal position to control the wah but it is coming to the “unmorphed” state (again, no morph is active) as if the wah was at heel. Is that a bug or me missing something?

    Cheers all, take care

    V8guitar man I bought the eneloop ones cause that’s a fourth of the price but I’m still on the original ones that came with the unit and I’m above 25hrs play time 8)

    Maybe if over time it becomes a burden I’ll move to the li-ion ones but so far it seems I will not need them.

    Finding a vox tone I liked has been a journey to me. Mattfig has a great pack as well as tonejunkie but in the end I use mostly tonejunkie top cap profiles. They are el84 powered and have the vox sound but I seem to prefer them much, better for all around rock stuff

    I haven't had time to write a full review of the smooth hound classic here but after 2 months of use I have to say it is working flawlessly, sonic difference is perceptible, a little more trebly than cable but it's easy to accomodate. no dropouts, works far from receiver, design is very nice, i have stuck the receiver on the back of my KPA and the bug stays with my guitar in the case. holds >20 hrs on 2 AA batteries. highly recommended, especially at that price

    I will post pics when I will have some time