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    If you apply that logic to expression pedals no body in their right mind would buy the Mission EP1 which is literally a Cry Baby Wah with the main circuit removed for nearly double price of a Cry Baby with the circuit still in it. But people do still buy them in their droves.

    Man, you’re right, I’ve never figured out how people could buy it :/

    I can’t be over 400€

    Whatever the r&d the added value is in the Kemper, not in the cab. This is a 170€ speaker and wood. Once it is in the field everybody will know the measures. If the price is excessive, other companies will propose the cab, and anyone a minimum handy will be able to build it.

    Will we be able to tweak a preset and save to it, or will the current mode of having to save a copy persist?

    oh man, the never-answered question, it is hauting me know.

    please kemper, tell us that we can have the choice of replacing or creating new when saving presets and that no one can have the same name any more

    V8guitar you can currently assign remote stomps buttons from the KPA without taking the remote out. Under the rig menu (can't remember which page) you can press 'assign' and the FX you want to. That is something I have learned here on the forum as well

    aside of that, great ideas, this would be great to be managed directly from the editor

    Aaah Kemper, we love to hate them until we love them again. It’s not the first time but hey, this time love will last long. Thanks much for the works

    I need output preset management for sure. There’s so many I need to tweak when at home, with or without cab, at rehearsal or gigs, playing backing tracks or not. Please Kemper include output preset management. Input as well but that’s just few knobs and I don’t play many guitars

    No panic man, they will release a 4th generation device with double CPU power and parameters so you can dial the tone to the exact number of people in the crowd :D:D:D

    Guys, here is a text from the man behind the product. The original post is in French from a guitar forum, I just made a copy paste into google translate, that’s too long for me to do a complete translation so sorry for approximations

    Many people wonder if we have made a disguised EQ and if not what are the differences. Besides, which one do you use? The empress? There are 4 major differences with an EQ (I speak of an analog EQ that would be placed at the beginning of the chain to have the same effect).

    - On an EQ, one rarely manages the boosted / attenuated bandwidth and this one does not generally correspond with a pickup resonance (or a resonant RLC circuit). The bandwidth is often too wide and amplifies a much larger frequency spectrum.

    - The management of a slope of a first-order (or even second-order) filter is clearly not optimized on an EQ and difficult to achieve. This would require a fairly large band number. And even with that, the linearity of the slope would rather become a cross track. It should be added a low pass filter whose cutoff frequency would be configurable, which is very simple to achieve. But are we still talking about an EQ as we know it? NB: I do not know the answer

    -On an EQ, there is no input microphone correction section, that is, we work blind (or at the ear) to add or remove frequencies to a frequency response which already exists. Add to that the previous 2 remarks and we end up with a frequency response made to the blind who can of course very well do the trick, it is a question of taste but does not correspond to a response freq pickup.

    -And the last, well demonstrated by Guitar2tiste, to correct the input microphones by looking for the frequencies that are missing and then re-apply a character (which re-amplifies again) and must clearly get up the ass to not have a breath . In summary, we have smoothed the frequency response of the input pickup (from a few Hz to a little less than 20kHz) to make it neutral and especially to have a clean basis and redo a model behind which corresponds perfectly with the frequency response a pickup (and do not mix characters in particular). All easy to use

    Hey all

    When in performance mode I’d like to have specific / weird sounds for a quick instant. So I’m with my rig (with a morph already set e.g. rythm/lead so that’s not the solution I am looking for). if I make a long press on another slot on the remote I can use that slot just for the time I am pressing on the switch. Upon release, it goes back to my former slot. I rarely use 5 rigs in a song and that would allow some short ‘in between’ sounds like for example a pitched crystal delay or a modverb trick (lovely with shapers).


    Hey all, a message to anyone going

    Go and see Loïc Le Pape, he’s a luthier doing steel guitars that are insanely amazing. I have a tele type from him that rocks hard. That’s rough gear. I’ve read on forums some people who find them better sounding than Trussards.

    Any of his guitars gasses me much!

    Have a try!