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    IMHO stereo is only useful in my living room, earplugs or in my car. In any other situation I can’t understand how you can catch the same signals than other people listening

    I have found no profile who has enough hair to work in a noisy rock band context.

    I have to add a lead boost to any profile that I want to have that raw in your face rock sound. With Mattfig and tone junkie profiles it works for me

    V8guitar I have been looking at the stageclix as well but it’s pricey and I don’t like the fact that you have to keep your system on to load the transmitter. I often don’t fire the Kemper up between gigs. I’m about to pull the trigger for the smooth hound innovation classic, they are a uk company and the system has great reviews. Check them on google they have direct sales and through amazon.

    I stopped using windows ages ago because it was full of viruses and I was formatting my pc every 2 months. I moved to apple which was efficient and stable. Now apple computers are loaded with useless features that disturbes cpus and require yearly updates which are ridiculous scheduled obsolescence. Why would I need itunes to operate a phone? Why would I need this osx version to run that itunes? Oh but my computer is 5 years old and we don’t do updates any more... pure theft

    Now I’m on Linux. The only drawback is that I don’t really understand much but hey, this is better than a painful *ss

    Tele perfect specs. Nice one man.

    I’m still not seeing the D and G offset positions on the lower pic. Wine is probably the cause

    Thank you for checking it out to man. By chance do you know a site to where I could send a request for transcription ?

    Else, I may have to use my own words. Nevertheless, nobody understands when I sing in English ^^

    hi all,

    so here is a special one. I don't know if this is the right place to post but I didn't find a better one.

    I will make a cover of EODM's "as nice as I can be" (my fave from them, it has a Stones feel IMO). this is a bonus track from the "heart on" album and I was not sucessful in finding the lyrics over the web and as a non native English speaker, I can only grab a few of the lyrics, and the song is a nice fuzz mess ;)

    Does any of you have some specific links or ears for me to benefit?

    cheers all

    In 2.5 years I have been playing it i have not been disappointed, or i should rather say I’ve been always pleased. Like with amps, the louder the better.

    The only drawback I can say is that I don’t carry it to rehearsals as we don’t have our own place where we can leave stuff. in small rental boxes (we are a power trio), PAs on their stands at head height are better for sound diffusion.