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    Yeah I got my LG12 a year after I got my Kemper for money to get back

    You may have to wait long before I can post a video. In between job, house works and a little kid at home, I hardly pick up the guitar aside of gigs and I don’t carry it much these days.

    I may do that one day, through the phone that’s all I have for video making, I’m kinda IT reluctant

    One revelation I do have - I use Li-Ion rechargeables if using AA batteries. They are very expensive and hard to find but amazing. They are better than regular Ni-Cad because they have no memory effect and hold 1.5v until they die ( Ni-Cad usually around 1.2V and drop immediately, which causes issues with digital equipment)..

    hey man my smoothhound classic is on its way. It works with AAA batteries. That looks hard to find in lithium ion rechargeable type. Do you have a link to recommend ? Cheers

    Finally Yes you are certainly right and a sound guy can pan stereo signals in a +/- way. But I can’t remember of a venue where I have been thrilled by stereo panning.

    Moreover this is managed a FOH level, so what’s the use for a stereo power amp? Unless I am missing something this is IMHO only for the guitarist sole sonic pleasure. Given the sound issues I can get from a venue to another e.g. my distance to the drummer, the number and orientation of speakers, the mix level the sound guy puts into them or the room reverberation itself, I can’t imagine what it would be if I had to focus on stereo. But hey, I’m glad every time I notice I’m getting better

    Yeah, I see the interest of stereo for recording but not for a power amp.

    scratch17 good luck with your project. I would love to trust the hexa thing will have impact to listeners other than you.

    IMHO stereo is only useful in my living room, earplugs or in my car. In any other situation I can’t understand how you can catch the same signals than other people listening

    I have found no profile who has enough hair to work in a noisy rock band context.

    I have to add a lead boost to any profile that I want to have that raw in your face rock sound. With Mattfig and tone junkie profiles it works for me

    V8guitar I have been looking at the stageclix as well but it’s pricey and I don’t like the fact that you have to keep your system on to load the transmitter. I often don’t fire the Kemper up between gigs. I’m about to pull the trigger for the smooth hound innovation classic, they are a uk company and the system has great reviews. Check them on google they have direct sales and through amazon.

    I stopped using windows ages ago because it was full of viruses and I was formatting my pc every 2 months. I moved to apple which was efficient and stable. Now apple computers are loaded with useless features that disturbes cpus and require yearly updates which are ridiculous scheduled obsolescence. Why would I need itunes to operate a phone? Why would I need this osx version to run that itunes? Oh but my computer is 5 years old and we don’t do updates any more... pure theft

    Now I’m on Linux. The only drawback is that I don’t really understand much but hey, this is better than a painful *ss