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    hi all,

    so here is a special one. I don't know if this is the right place to post but I didn't find a better one.

    I will make a cover of EODM's "as nice as I can be" (my fave from them, it has a Stones feel IMO). this is a bonus track from the "heart on" album and I was not sucessful in finding the lyrics over the web and as a non native English speaker, I can only grab a few of the lyrics, and the song is a nice fuzz mess ;)

    Does any of you have some specific links or ears for me to benefit?

    cheers all

    In 2.5 years I have been playing it i have not been disappointed, or i should rather say I’ve been always pleased. Like with amps, the louder the better.

    The only drawback I can say is that I don’t carry it to rehearsals as we don’t have our own place where we can leave stuff. in small rental boxes (we are a power trio), PAs on their stands at head height are better for sound diffusion.


    yeah greenblob, I second that I’m not comfortable with live testing.

    With regards to budget I would like to stick in the 100€ zone cause that’s where the 58 is even though I’m more considering either buying the Thomann copy of the 58 for 38€ or a 945 or another recommended mic in the 100€ range. The 945 is 90€.


    Please, go to your local musicstore and try some mic's that are within your budget. To choose a SM58 ("because it's the best bang for the buck") is a stupid choice. You're playing guitar? What guitar(s) are you playing and why did you choose them?

    Yes, it's the same as choosing your guitar. Your voice is an instrument as well, you must get the mic that suits your voice at best.

    Oh man I know you are so right, but i will probably likely not do that because i’m pretty sure I will get confused then. Hearing my voice is still not something I’ve totally made through (does that sentence make sense englishwise?) Oh and I bought my first guitar blindly, just by the price tag ;)

    Anyway I appreciate your advice


    Hi all,

    I used to sing in my bassist’s cheap mic which was doing well but I lost it recently after a rehearsal. So I am looking for a live dynamic cheapo mic for him and a SM58 style for me since I have to have mine. This is for lead singing.

    Money is always a concern so I am open to suggestions. There are lots of SM58 alternatives e.g. Samson Q7 or Thomann has made some as well but I don’t know anyone who has used them. Also I am taking any info about good deals / sites that use to do black Friday discounts, yeah it’s coming.


    I haven't been through the 10 pages so maybe this has already been said. If yes, apologies

    fonts and user's info on the left are way too big. I can only read 2 1-line posts on my 13' laptop.

    same on ios, display is too big, plus I need 2 clicks to access notification zone vs. 1 previously

    thanks team

    You can set two stomp switches on a single remote button, meaning for a single press, you can deactivate wah and activate pitch.

    If I have to press two buttons then move to the pedal in an instant, I’ll probably end up eating the mic, so that’s good to know

    Taking my profiler + remote in a flight case every week to rehearse was a joy after I got rid of my tube amp but imho it’s still a burden. Not talking about concerts is town where I can’t park nearby and whatever my sound is there are chances I will face a bad room with low ceilings, a bad sound man and a drunk audience. So that little thing is worthy to me. It’s probably more useful to the average gigging musician like me than a profiler. Those who can choose their venues have probably more interest in the profiler.

    I’m happy with BE 1.0, most 2.0 samples are lydian shredding which is not my cup of tea and that does not help me feeling the need for this pack, although I recognize @Eltzejupp is a beast at making this sound good.

    So I picked up the CC30 and graphic OR.

    The CC is a killer pack. The blended profiles are soooo good, kudos to Matt. Alnico blue cabs have my preference. I assume these are the alnico blue cause the are the ones without cab name in the file name whereas the others are DI, V30 and Alnico.

    I was not in need for new tones now I need to figure out how to incorporate them. Best AC tones ever played through the Kemper.

    The graphic OR is pretty good but within the Orange amps I tend to favour the rockerverb pack cause I love this amp.

    I have way more profile than I’ll ever need. Still I have to fine tune some sounds and back to the pleasure of playing good rnr