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    Mates you all provide such great advices. I am so glad I dropped my big Mesa I couldn't play home and moved to a KPA. The sounds are awesome and I did not yet end up with choosing my favorites not started tweaking. I think I will choose a passive CLR wedge, most advises end up there. Way above initial budget but indeed so important. Cheers all this community rocks.

    Agreed with the site... They put it up last week.
    They also have a FB page, and to be true there are lots of reviews on FB Italian groups (since the manufacturer is located in Italy).
    Generally speaking, it might be the "guitar cab" you were looking for ;)

    I could post a link to some videos, but the ones I've seen are live concerts. Not sure you'd be interested in them?


    it definitely has my attention. but they only have an active version of it right? I am looking for a passive cab. if they have a passive one, I could be really interested. please post any info you can provide. i don't even know the price. maybe you could create a topic for this.


    hi all,
    I cannot create an account on Atomic website. they ask for the "Federal Tax Id #" field which I have no clue what it is. I live outside of the US (France). How did other European CLR users ordered?

    by the way, is the email "[email protected]" correct for getting in touch with Tom?


    viabcroce, thanks, I guess you ended convincing me. CLRs are everywhere mentionned as the best one could get.

    FRFR guitar cab means I am a little afraid of going to much "hi-fi" with my sound. I've read much about some preferring GRFR cabs when playing. I assume I am also falling in this category and would have gone for a Camper 212 for the price if I wasn't also aiming at playing acoustic.

    In the end it makes me trying to choose in between cab-style FRFRs with 12' speakers. I don't know if I am going in the right direction but I could not be wrong with a passive CLR cab.

    I will be looking for a passive FRFR "amp in the room" guitar cab to connect to my powerhead output. I 'd prefer a GRFR speaker when playing electric but I also intend to play acoustic so I need to turn FRFR. Best would be a switchable device. A 1*12 would be enough. But there's little choice for a Frenchman

    So far I have seen Atomic CLR (preferred choice so far but heavy & hard to find details on speakers), Matrix (no way, £ is so expensive right now...), BlueAmps (no speaker specs, little feedback, FRFR choice is only DIY kit or 1000€ 2*12) & Xitone (looks great but US only, shipping costs an arm). Looks like it will be hard to choose & get one of these.

    Any advise is welcome

    So here I am again

    in the end I got a powerhead. Many reasons to this. First my shop only had a powerhead left. Then I couldn't make up my mind on FRFR, cheap HS5 vs. good ones and in the end I said to myself I'd better later invest in good speakers both for hifi and KPA as I've read some good articles here. Third cause there is a part of gear addict in me and I easily got convinced by my shop guy. Also I may play again with friends later on and will be able to move only the head and plug it in the rehearsal room cab.

    So for now I've seen KPA solutions Camper 212 and that looks like the best of all worlds. The passive version looks perfect. However it seems that I won't be able to use it stereo with the poweramp. Any tips on playing stereo through the poweramp? Also where to buy this camper stuff? Is it only on their website?

    Cheers all, I'll stay tuned. I'm currently playing headphones sorting out my favorite rigs. So far I am focusing on raw stack profiles I'll later tweak my style rather that ready-to-go profiles. It takes a life already to do that cause that little toaster is awesome.

    yeah, exactly
    I'll save on the power section but still don't feel like investing much on speakers. that damn whole thing is expensive. I don't play as much as I used to, even if I'd love to play more. you've been of good help, thanks

    thanks all,
    i am suprised by the number of people who likes to play through cab. As I just read elsewhere "You are going to lose a LOT of the flavor of different amps if you use a powerhead and a guitar cab. You lose the sound of the speaker that was profiled, and the sound of the mics and any preamps or EQ also." To me this is not much the KPA philosophy.

    I will 99% play home, and low. I think I need to choose a KPA first (likely unpowered), get used to it thru headphones and then take it to the shop find FRFR, but I don't want to spend much on them.

    any reason to recommend a powerhead instead?

    thanks much. yeah I'll get the KPA and will head to my music shop with it to do some tests. but they don't sell EVE speakers. great review although, however more than twice the price of the HS5... I'll see, i am not sure about my ability to test speakers one after the others. i will go slowly, as usual :)