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    hi all,
    I got rid of my big mesa boogie and will shortly get a kemper amp. I have some questions though before I purchase one with regards to the config.

    So I don't play in a band anymore. I just play for myself. I want great gear great sounds, especially at low volume as I am going to play home. I want an easy to set product and the kemper is all of this. I am going to play through headphones but I also want some little good sound when my GF is not at home ;) I may also play with friends from time to time and maybe one day back in a band, who knows.

    I would initially go for a classic KPA head + a pair of neutral active speakers. this would allow me benefiting from the kemper stack profiles. I just saw Yamaha HS5 speakers. Small, cheap and pretty good reviews, that's looking great. HS7 or HS8 may sound better but they are bigger, heavier and more expensive. After spending 1600€ in a KPA I will not have much for speakers left. Anyone ever played these? How do they sound for guitar playing?

    Another option is a KPA powerhead + passive speakers. this leaves me more config options if I ever play back on stage but I am feeling this is just because I want the top KPA gear. And I don't see much choice for neutral passive speakers on the market.

    last option is the KPA powerhead + 1*12 cabinet. it may sound more guitar like (unless the KPA profiles are as ultimate as I am reading/hearing) but I will lose the gain of choosing cabinet profiles as the 1*12 will have its sound.

    so, just for a check. Is everyone in line with my preferred config?