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    Thanks for the kind words Guys, i answer a lot of PM's and did on a 2 kemper set up for a few, so if you guys need me just send me a PM i am here and always answer and miss you guys :). Ah the good old days, you guys do great to keep the fort going well here ;) and i read all of what you say an appreciate it:thumbup:

    All respect


    Your a good son and supported your Mum till the end, she would want you to be STAY STRONG and LOOK AFTER YOURSELF

    now days the environment is more toxic and the bad farming mean less immunity in us.

    PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE is whats needed to PREVENT CANCER (adapt to your environment)

    eat polyphenol foods, ellagic acids foods and EAT TO PREVENT CANCER.

    Turmeric, black cumin seed oil , NO PROCESSED FOOD OR REFINED SUGAR

    Fresh fruit and veggies , exercise and no TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS

    Your a good SON and i thank you for you PM's

    No i am not back.

    but love to waraba

    maybe later


    Thank you for being a warrior and a good son plus sharing this with us



    Great info, I'll take a closer look at the HESU, they really do sound like nothing I have guys. I can get more than modern metal out of them too.Please give these guys a chance they have really excelled In this pack.

    Edit still on break guys. Just a quick one,


    I'm Still on a long Beak because of the recent "drama". But ill make one last post for a while because ALL you guys have my respect.The 2 cab profiles In your recent updates must be tried by every one, its so tight that if my bum was that tight and i farted, dogs would hear me! :P^^ Rigs are very tight. The 2 cabs rigs are VERY special.

    what ever you guys did with the fortin and pedals/ 2 cabs , there are NO other rigs like it.:!:

    I'm using a Loomis 7 with his sig Seymour butts actives.

    I am not trying t be funny .

    You guys have done a special job, i have never heard any thing like it

    i ran your 2cab savage and 51666 with 2 cabs on kemper one

    THUMAS soladano on kemper 2 (i use 2 kempers with 2 active stereo cabs)

    articulation, dynamics and TIGHT as FXXK

    cahunas, bottom end, just FATTER in stereo and , man just try it you will see,

    I have never heard any thing like this. (i own every rig BTW)

    Viva the yellow vest and viva PJ666

    Worth every penny.

    Dont buy this and suffer (please dont)


    Best comment i found on the Andertons kemper video..

    i had to post this man..

    While other companies continue to release new hardware and milk money out of people kemper continues to update what they have. Kudos to these guys.


    Thoroughly blown away by the Soldano , purple nightmare and the Framus, they have no clean or crunch rigs in these packs, but make up for it with some fat sounding RHY and LEAD profiles.

    I was shocked that all of them sounded perfect on my 9 string which is tuned to standard, C# F# B, EADGBE

    I have the Cepheus pick ups so my 9 string sounds like a guitar not a bass (nothing like the EMGS or bareknuckles)

    These really go well on extended range guitars, i liked the leads also.


    I just realized some thing watching all the latest NAMM Vids....i know there are more than a few LEFTIES here...

    Ever noticed how not ONE, and i mean ONE, channel covers the left handed range of guitars?

    Some one start a youtube , just for the left handed will make a lot of dosh on ad sense...Imagine being a lefty and watching NAAM It sucks we are left out [pun intended]!!:)


    Good work!!, Now i was going to do some thing similar this year, i want to start my highlights of commercial rigs, (do free ones later). I was going to make sure i list the guitar and pick ups as it will help. PLUS show tips for adjusting , if your using single coils or humbuckers.

    So may i ask Are you using single coils or humbuckers?


    ;(;( , Whyyyyy ow why..a 1X12..... ill need to buy 2 for stereo, i wish there was a 2X12, and they could be master /slaved like the mission cabs. Why, ow the humanity.


    Yup i want to thank (not spank) the Monkey for making me aware of the diversity (and just killer sound) of the JVM. I got all the JVM packs and i got blues to black metal and every thing in between from this amp. I dont even think about the JCM or JMP any more compared to this amp

    Actually having too many rigs and trying to review them all i just realized that Nick's rigs dont get the love they deserve.

    I am going to change that. I like Nick's consistency and the way he labels rigs. I kept all his packs so he is consistent in the quality of the packs, The JVM is going to be great.


    It is really satisfying to hear the joy from all about the editor and cabs. I know ill get may ass chewed for this but the excitement and feeling on the day and the fact that kemper has been listening is really some thing.

    Despite any petty or valid complaining in the past, the surprise and joy to me is really worth it. I have new respect for the kemper team and they still ARE the industry leader this field. Read it and [dont] weep.

    Plus, i cant wait to get 2 new stereo cabs to make a thought my last set up was monstrous.

    You have not seen a monster yet. I am going to put both mission cabs together to make a 4X12 on kemper one.

    Kemper 2 will have the 2 new cabs. to make another 4X12 Godzilla!!

    I dont care if i go deaf i can still type.

    Thank you and congrats to the kemper team

    What a suprise


    James uses TWO fractal axe FX's units live (such a shame lol)

    one has an emulation of a VH4

    the other has a Duel rectifier

    2 amp sounds to get one sound.

    What i am saying is that if you really want his sound, you have to run both amps, or try that if your struggling

    IVAN (Cili labs) to me has some of the best VH4/Duel Recto's for this.