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    Man does viabcroce have a twin brother? :D
    Dougy that was a great explanation my friend, for those that don't get it, ill try and record some DIFFERENCES
    between Monitor and stereo Gemini @\2 effects when it arrives, i have the monitor, (just ordered the Gemini 2)

    Maybe that will help people ? Yes try playing Floyd and Van H on a Stereo verse Mono , even in your room it kicks ass
    again all is subjective huh? lets see ;)


    Dam man, was that you or John playing that :D
    I have been taking your advice about not boosting the amp and experimenting
    Yes some of us read and take your advice.

    Thanks man great playing, you love the Mesa bruh...and it obviously it loves you back
    got the pack and all the new ones.


    Hi Ingolf/ALL i have read from some one who mentioned that , so i was just quoting what i read. Maybe it is not noticeable in your tests, but they did write that some where :)


    Forgot to post this encase you miss it from the edit, looks all good with low string and high gain..

    RE connection from the video comments

    I've tried all kind of different connections but currently I use the xlr main outs on the Kemper to the 1/4 inch trs input on the Gemini 2 using a Mission cable. Previous FW on the Kemper had me using the Monitor outs, but now I can send the main ours using cab sims.

    About high gain

    If you’re into extended-range and baritone guitars
    you’ll find, as I did, that the Gemini 2 handles these without any nasty
    flabbiness. I tune my baritone guitar down to ‘A’ so that my sixth
    string is the same as the third string of a bass guitar. The Gemini 2
    had absolutely no problem in reproducing that pitch cleanly at any
    volume level.

    As well as allowing you to enjoy the panorama of
    stereo effects, ping-pong echoes, Leslie emulations and the like in the
    comfort of your own home, one thing I really like about the Gemini 2’s
    stereo operation is that — if your software or hardware allows you to —
    you can run a pair of different amp/cab emulations side–by–side, which,
    to my mind, is much more useful when playing live than using a bunch of
    stereo effects.

    any time my friend, so far the Gemini video demo here sounded good on High gain (he went through cleans too)

    Now the the connection options include two analogue inputs, an analogue stereo link output (which actually carries the right–hand side of a stereo signal) and a USB port, allowing you to connect a Mac or PC running a guitar–amp modelling software package. Check here my friend…cles/mission-gemini-2.htm

    Now are we being fair to the Friedman and monitors?, i dont know i DO know that stereo is kick ass , and i bet if you tried them both, my money is on you would like stereo...


    Ok, you MAY get away with it, but i have read high gain in the atomic CLR wedge (like metal and Djent etc) can get muddy (search in the forum posts). Will that happen in the Friedman (dont know)

    My friend, i would bite the bullet, save up and get a mission engineering gemini 2, OR TRY THE FRIEDMEN IN HIGH GAIN FIRST, you get stereo and a great sound with mission, i would save up, do not buy the friedmen until you try it , i would hate for you to waste that (at least try high gain through it) I think if its low volume in the bedroom?, you most likely not care or notice, but stereo is awesome :)


    Thats good advice, here is one more thing to consider, With all the CAB (and real CAB) scenarios and subtle differences that a FRFR speaker will produce verse a monitor, its going to come down to it being subjective, (i know that answer sucks) but bare with me.

    You can read that THERE ARE DIFFERENCES in some of the good FRFR's like the Mission engineering Gemini 2 (stereo) and some other good FRFR cabinets like the Atomix Amps WEDGE and the DXR10 Paults use for gigs. Are Monitors better? Well....

    Yes this is a pain in the you know what to decide, BUT A GOOD FRFR STEREO SPEAKER WILL PROBABLY SOUND BETTER TO YOU THEN can you tell if its worth it, this is the pain in the backside part, YOU HAVE TO TRY THEM.

    My bet is you will love the FRFR stereo speaker more...but if its tiny differences you can live with, then so be it, why not get the full Kemper experience, i realize my post probably doesn't make it easier but this is some thing to consider.

    would you be using mainly high gain??? one more thing to consider...REMEMBER A GOOD TONE AT HOME MAKES YOU WRITE MUSIC....its the truth!


    Guys i just got all the new packs, i put my Gibson through the GB Lemon RV50 Dirt TS9 (lemon pack) just put a confident boost on there and studio Eq, did not tweak the settings. I have been playing for days , its thick and chunky, i thought i was the dood out of the Cult LOL.

    Guido i dont know how you did it, but you have beaten the friedeman profiles I have with that, its thick and sustain on the Gibson standard.
    One day ill learn how to get these samples up guys, my sincere apologies for no sounds yet.

    Guido you have seriously done well man, you have a good ear, i cant believe i am paying that price for this man WTF.


    Picked up all the new packs, to my surprise i thought i would not find some thing else besides this sounding as good on my fender , Jimi you did a hell of a good job on the Ceriatone Expression (Trainwreck Express Clone) Profiles, this Marsh pack and that are really worth a shot if you own a fender. I suggest all check it out, Jimi really did a good job on this pack and the Ceriatone pack.