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    Happy holidays to ALL.

    I need all the metal packs, but i need the other ones too, i would of never have known that the
    pack contains Slash + Bonamassa Settings and can be used for that. Thank you for this detail man
    and for explaining this to us.


    Thanks so much man, dam you now i am going to have to try it!!
    now i gotta save up for the 2nd head..going to try it in a Mission engineering FRFR gemini
    stereo cab , great advice , thank you for the response man.


    Thanks so much man, it really does help every one who has not the same experience and needs to learn from your good ear and tone bro, a lot of people really need the type of detail/tweaking that this is offering and appreciate your sincere efforts, ill pick these up soon before get my Gretch to support you my friend ;) whoa didn't expect that man. THANK YOU. What a great forum and bunch of people here man

    Ps picked up the single coil pack :D
    By the sounds of it, i bet when i get the hollow body Gretch it will make me neglect my other guitars.. ow well
    long as you get the good tone in the end right? :)


    Guys the modern pack kicks ass too, i cracked and robbed my wallet...there is a KILLER absolute KILLER SRV tone on the modern pack..
    you really have put some time into this my friend, i am going through the sinmixx AND its as extensive as this , top Jimi and the other profile i have.

    Really you guys are THE Standard for Kemper.
    you wont waste your money on this.
    end of story

    all respect

    I don't think you can go wrong with either Pack 1 or 2 for what you are after. I have had 2 for a while and just bought 1 and am really happy with both. Pick one or both, learn to set up the auto-wah for your reggae, ska and funk, and you should be good to go.

    Thank you so much man, your advice has been carried out, SOLD! :) I got the dumble pack too, that is truly amazing not just for cleans, you should check it out.

    Carl thanks brother, i really needed the single coil stuff, might try and play some country licks too :) I really appreciate the advice my friends, it helps us all out a lot.


    Hi Guys , can any one please recommend what packs to get for blues, blues rock, reggae, ska and funk?
    really appreciate it if you could guys , I trust your opinion ;)
    ill get the D pack later for cleans etc , have a Gibson ,fender and 9 string Agile.

    Thanks in Advance :D

    Guys /Bert

    I have to say if you own a fender or single coil and dont use these profiles you will be VERY sorry, i cant believe the variety of sounds , Fx, and presetup Rigs for this pack, i can go from Regaae, Blues Rock, mod Rock to funk INSTANTLY.... DOESN'T SOUND LIKE ANY THING ELSE...There is character in the gainman and much more, I challenge any one with a fender to get his this pack and to be disappointed , aint gonna happen my friends. For me this is as good as the Sinmix stuff and top jimi, there can be no doubt.

    ps yes its still up there and good for Humbuckers


    Bert bought your pack, the detail with strat and humbuckers AND PICK UP SELECTION really is the best way to help us!
    man where have you been all our lives????
    it cant be over stated!! it really helps us make a needed informed choice

    pick ups used, and guitar used plus you playing many styles man.

    for me i wanted to play funk, blues rock reggae and ska on strat, and also use my Gibson
    your sound sample and detail is my dream standard come true man

    well worth the money BTW
    ok enough of my praise for today my friends
    kudos to you brother and kemper ;)


    I was always thinking of getting a rack to go with my toaster to do that...what happens when some one does hook up 2 kempers and it sounds amazing???
    well we will all be depressed LOL!! or have to buy another kemper... either way we all get depressed! LOL.

    Thing is i was going to try and hook them up to the new Gemini 2 stereo FRFR cab, now i am going to need 2 of them too to do this?
    i am not sure if 2 kempers can go into one FRFR modeling cabinet.

    Man, i really gotta see just how it sounds, i hate that "just gotta see attitude". :D
    no cure once you put an idea into some ones head..... Dam you and this thread :thumbsup:

    My money (despite all will be gone lol) is on one toaster still kicks axx :thumbup: