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    I’m going to go with something fender tweedy. I tend to use MBritt profiles but it’s a broad church here and there are some good ones on the rig exchange. That clip is dynamite by the way.

    I think your interface has optical ins and outs so you’ll need converters, It looks like it’ll run SPDIF or ADAT so should be fine with the KPA. I have an Apollo twin and I bought a cheap converter from Amazon. It works really well.

    Personally I can't confirm this. When I dial the amp compressor (the one in the amp menu) to about 3-4 the profile cleans up in a great way, oftentimes better than the original amp does.

    Also crucial is that you have a good treble bleed installed in your guitar. This is what I'm missing from the example video above. When he dials back the volume and picks more lightly distortion goes away but the tone also gets darker and lacks transient information.

    Cool, my ears have had too much crash cymbal exposure . The odd thing is, I don’t use that technique much anyway, if I want a clean sound I use a clean profile. I just thought in the Kemper‘s ability to clean up was not represented well in the TJ video and didn’t match my experience. Good info about the compressor settings.

    Following a recent Tone Junkies video, I thought I'd do a quick exploration of the KPA cleaning up a driven tone. I find the dynamics and tube like qualities excellent. Guitar: Suhr standard, profile Mars Solo from the @MBritt Crank n Go pack. Bridge humbucker, neck SC and out of phase selections. The usual caveats of ignore clams and such are in place.


    Welcome, I started on the Digitech stuff too so I found the KPA quite straightforward to get my head round. Enjoy man

    that would do it