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    Morph I believe Roy is local to us and friends with Rowan J Parker and others around here. There is always something about his videos that looks off to me (like filmed half speed and played back normally). I have never seen him play live but Rowan and others swear he is really that fast so maybe he’s just too fast for the frame rate to capture.

    It’d be good to see a live performance when the curtain raises in a couple of months.

    I have Logic and a Scarlett 6i6. The Spdif inputs and outputs map to 5 and 6 so when recording I set the Kemper spdif outs to gtr and master mono, dry comes in on 5 and the amp is on 6, mute the dry input for recording. To reamp I set the Chanel output to 5, set the Kemper input to spdif in reamp and the spdif outputs back to master stereo (if I’m recording for myself). The spdif output is assigned per track. I’m not sure if that’s how things work in Reaper but it may help

    If the inputs on the focusrite software are not muted, you will hear your signal directly from the focusrite. I use the spdif inputs for my Kemper. If you also monitor through Logic, you will hear two signals slightly delayed and this sounds bad. In Logic you should set your audio settings buffer size to the smallest it will go without problems and also engage the low latency mode. This should help.

    It’s my understanding that the KPA uses a process similar to convolution reverb whereby a known signal is played into an amp and the output from the amp is then measured against the signal. Any differences are the amp sound and this is what forms the basis of the profile. A modeller uses a different mechanism whereby a variety of processors are used to ( very accurately) approximate what effect an amp has on an input signal. I’ve always thought of it like the difference between sampling and additive synthesis. I also understand that KPA coding is specific to a processor contained in the actual unit. Also as Chris Duncan mentions, hardware is much more difficult to pirate than software and I share his opinion that it is desirable for the Kemper company to continue to profit from their innovations and support their users.
    I stand to be corrected on any of my assertions here.

    The aux inputs are in the output section of rig manager underneath the spdif output. Make sure they’re all set to zero.
    I had accidentally turned mine on while trying to scroll up and down through the menus using the touchpad on my mac because the cursor was over the aux input controls when I scrolled.

    It sort of was. As I was scrolling through the output sections in rig manager on the mac, the cursor was over the aux settings and instead of scrolling down the outputs, I inadvertently turned on the auxes. I just had to roll them off again. Burkhard got back to my query really quickly. Thanks so much for your prompt responses as well

    Hi all, am on the public beta and have been using a boss synth in the effects loop. This stopped working this evening and it displays the message “Effect loop not possible! Aux input is used. Any ideas?

    So, with the caveat that I am not a high-gain player, I tried out about a dozen profiles from this pack. I jammed for about an hour trying out different rigs from about 0-3 or 4 bars of gain, occasionally straying into 5 (I know, heady territory...). So far, a huge thumbs up. More when I have more time.

    good enough for me man, to the Britt shop I go