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    Hi guys, apologies that I am an idiot. I have recorded nearly 80 songs in the 4 years since I got the Kemper. I always knew something was off, but it was not exposed till the engineer got back to me and said all of my guitar tracks are not usable? With the Kemper I noticed alot of strange high end stuff going on and I could never figure it out. I partially did right now. I dialed back the presence switch and that tamed most of it. I have a question for you brilliant folks that know what you are doing... I am running the Kemper direct into my interface. I am just using the main output. When you record a track with the Kemper is it best to basically have the presence nearly off and the effects off? What is a going starting point to dial in a good recording tone for the set-up I have. At this point I am devastated that 4 years of work is trashed! I wish I was 20 again, but that was 32 years ago. Thanks guys, I appreciate you all.

    Hi guys, I apologize in advance for not being the brightest guy on the planet. I bought a Kemper Profiler because my Marshall and Fender amps were too loud to record tracks in my apartment complex. Am I missing something? I thought if I just run the Kemper straight into the interface that be the perfect sound of the captured profile, without the hassle of setting up a mic and trying to get the perfect mic position? Is the main reason people don't use the Kemper this way because of saturation and breakup at higher recording volumes or are people actually doing what I am doing, but just not talking about it? I appreciate any insight to this.

    Thanks for the response. I currently have the Kemper Out going to the Orion 32 for the wet signal and then the dry I have the Kemper Direct/Out to the Orion 32. For some reason I have no sound recording from the Direct/Out and I can't figure it out. I don't do any re-amping, that's why I sold my amps, so I wouldn't have to do that... hahaha. I know everyone does it and I'm sure it sounds better. Thanks again.

    HI guys, probably a dumb question, but every guitar profile comes with different stomps and effects with gets the profile to the sound of choice. When recording is it good to record the finished profile or is it better to turn off all of the effects. Stomps I'd probably leave on? I'm just thinking... easier to deal with it in the mix, but then the actually profile is now not 100%? Any responses greatly appreciated!